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Entrepreneurs at Twitter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Entrepreneurs at Twitter - Essay Example nalysts started arguing that the company lacks a sustainable future and many were of the opinion that Twitter does not have an efficient marketing strategy. This report has aimed analysing Twitter’s past and present records to map out its journey. Subsequently, its marketing strategy – which is largely undefined – has been evaluated and the future strategies have been recommended. The capability of Twitter to earn profits has also been touched upon while analysing how the company may capitalise on its popularity. Finally, an action plan has been recommended. The current topic necessitates an analysis of the business case of the popular microblogging service called Twitter. Headquartered in San Francisco, the organisation had commenced it business in 2006. It had an almost instantaneous success because of the fact that it shares numerous characteristics with most of the commonly used communication tools such as â€Å"email, IM, texting, blogging, RSS, social networks and so forth† (O’Reilly & Milstein, 2009, p.7). However, the uniqueness of this service lies in the fact that messages that are sent and received on it â€Å"are no more than 140 characters, or about the length of a news headline† (O’Reilly & Milstein, 2009, p.7), and hence, they can be easily read as well as written. Owing to the speed at which information is shared through it, it has been argued that companies must be present on Twitter as it is an invaluable platform that helps in bootstrapping marketing activities. On a more precise note, with Twitter, companies (especially start-ups and SMEs) â€Å"can help their search engine rankings and website traffic† (Thomases, 2010, p.90). In the light of the immense business potential that Twitter is capable to offer, this case analysis will aim at evaluating its current situation and part record. Simultaneously, attempts will be made to comprehend the marketing strategy of Twitter in order to recommend future strategies. In addition to these,

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Critical Response to Martin and Milway’s Editorial Essay Example for Free

Critical Response to Martin and Milway’s Editorial Essay In â€Å"A Productive Labour: The Only Limit to Productivity Growth is Human Ingenuity,† authors Martin and Milway present an argument for increasing productivity as a means of raising Canada’s economic health and living standards. Although Martin and Milway’s editorial on productivity present a piece that is rational and easily understood, its effort to convince that readers of its main argument is encumbered by weaknesses in the authors’ approach and reasoning that lead to more questions being raised than answered in the course of one’s reading. The editorial underlines the importance of improving Canada’s productivity in light of rising prices of manufactured goods and services that accompanied the strengthening of the Canadian dollar in 2001. The main argument put forth is that enhancing productivity is critical in ensuring improvements on the country’s living standards. The authors proceed to support their arguments by presenting two ways by which living standards can be raised, the first by increasing the number of working hours or using up more natural and physical resources for sustained wealth creation, and the second by improving productivity or raising the value created per working hour. After illustrating that the first way is not a viable alternative, the authors then concentrate on convincing the reader why the second way is better by defining the concept of productivity based on efficiency and innovation. The strength of Martin and Milway’s editorial lies in its ability to appeal to the rational side of its readers and their ability to tackle an otherwise complicated subject in simple terms. The authors attempt to defend their arguments by stating facts and carefully defining their subject, that is, productivity. As a result, the readers are compelled to view their argument in consideration of the definition that they present. Unfortunately, several weaknesses in Martin and Milway’s editorial in terms of their approach and in their reasoning reduce the effectivity of their argument. The biggest errors that exist in the editorial are faulty reasoning and the inability of the authors to substantiate their claim. As a consequence, the authors fail to persuade readers that â€Å"productivity is the surest way to raise our living standards. † (par. 4) The editorial was clearly written to convince readers that Canada needs to raise its productivity if it is to continue its economic growth and if it is to raise living standards. On the other hand, the authors fail to present evidence to substantiate this claim aside from the argument that it is the most cost-effective alternative in terms of labour, time, and natural resources. The authors automatically assumed that the readers of the editorial would readily accept that an increase in economic growth follows from an increase in productivity. Likewise, this argument raises several implications: first, that economic growth is not possible without an increased productivity; second, that productivity growth always leads to a raise in the living standards. It is here that the informed audience becomes wary as the authors’ bias shows through in their failure to consider countries with high productivity growth but low living standards. This shows a lack of forethought of the authors in answering the questions that would be inevitably raised by their argument. The main weakness of the editorial is that the authors commit fallacies in reasoning. For one, they are â€Å"begging the question† wherein the reader must already accept the conclusion in order to accept the evidence forwarded (Boyne, et. al. , 69). For instance, the authors enumerate the ways by which productivity can be improved to support their main contention. They state that â€Å"productivity increases in one of two ways: greater efficiency in how we employ labour and capital, or greater value creation per unit of these inputs. †(par. 8) This flow of the discussion reflects an assumption on the part of the authors that their main argument has already been accepted by the readers since discussing the ways by which productivity can be improved does not necessarily support the argument that productivity will improve the country’s economy. This circular reasoning makes the reader feel like the authors are trying to sound logical but cannot support their argument beyond the definition of the subject. Another obvious error in reasoning in the Martin and Milway’s editorial is superstition (Boyne, et. al. , 70) or hasty generalization. The authors attempt to prove the argument that â€Å"Productivity growth also benefits workers and consumers† (par. 14) by stating that â€Å"countries and regions with higher productivity pay higher wages† (par. 14) which assumes that higher wages automatically result from higher productivity. If one is to follow this argument, then it would imply that countries and regions that pay lower wages are not productive or low in productivity. In sum, a critical analysis of the piece reveals that the weaknesses outweigh the positive aspects in Martin and Milway’s editorial. Shortcomings in substantiating the editorial’s central argument with credible evidence as well as the inability to defend their argument in a logical manner renders the entire editorial ineffective in convincing the reader of the importance of improving productivity to improve their lives.

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The Poem, Woman, by Nikki Giovanni Essay -- Poetry Analysis

The poem â€Å"Woman†, written by Nikki Giovanni, uses several metaphors to describe the journey of a woman and what she feels the man should do but will not do. She describes in many different ways how she wants support from the man, but he is unwilling to give it. In the first stanza, she starts the poem with the woman being a simple, insignificant thing. â€Å"She wanted to be a blade of grass amid the fields† (lines 1-2). Grass grows under your feet. Blades of grass are plentiful and ordinary. She just wanted to be just like every other woman. â€Å"But he wouldn’t agree to be her dandelion† (line 3-4). A dandelion is a deeply rooted weed. If it is pulled up by the roots, one has to get every single root up or the dandelion will grow back. This signifies that the woman wanted the man to be the solace in her life. In the second stanza, the woman in the poem is now referring to herself as a robin. â€Å"She wanted to be a robin singing through the leaves† (lines 5-6). Robins mostly stay in their own climate during the winter, and feed off of the berries in the tree. When spring is coming the robin starts to sing. â€Å"But he refused to be her tree† (lines 7-8). She wanted the support when she needed, but she also wanted the freedom to fly away when she needed to. The tree signifies structure and stability. She needed that stability, but he did not want to give it. In the third stanza, the woman has progressed into a spider. â€Å"She spun herself into a web and looking for a place to rest turned to him but he stood straight declining to be her corner† (lines 10-14). Spiders are normally very independent by nature. However a spider’s most desired place for a web would be a corner. A corner allows the spider a safe haven and many exit routs to esc... ...endent, aggressive, and predatory. Then she tried to be a book, a great resource. In her final attempt to get a response from him, she turned herself into a bulb, his vital life source. However she was a woman the whole time. The author could have been using metaphors to show what she thought were the characteristics of men and women. The poem more likely shows the progression of women over time to find their place in society and the man’s struggle to deal with it. The woman in the poem was desperately trying to find her place of significance. She learned in the end, that being who she was in other people’s eyes was less important than being who she was in her own eyes. Work Cited Giovanni, Nikki. â€Å"Woman†. Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing.7th ed. Edgar V. Roberts and Henry E. Jacobs. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2004. 1098.

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Ethics and Morality Essay

â€Å"In philosophy we have a problem knowing the origin of right and wrong, there are various theories and ideas but we do not seem to have a definite answer to this question. † By Jamee Ford In life people are brought up in different homes, surrounded by different people and are taught different ways of life. As we grow up we are taught the difference between what is considered right and what is considered wrong, which is based on what is socially acceptable. We learn from a young age how we are expected to behave, the rules we have to abide by given from family and the morals we should have and grow up with. In this society it is difficult to find the origin of right and wrong for there are so many theories and ideas, but yet there is no definite answer. I believe morality comes from us citizens, the law, our feelings and our religion can give a certain indication to how we set our values, but I belive it is an objective fact that what is said to be wrong is wrong and what is said to be right is right. A minority of people believe that morality comes from God. These people have a lot of faith and get their morals and understanding of right and wrong from their belief in god and their bible. For example in the Bible, there are the 10 Commandments, a list of what is acceptable and unacceptable according to God. But what if we don’t believe in god, where would our sense of right and wrong come from? If we can’t change people’s options and feelings on what is right and wrong just by saying that it is acceptable or unacceptable, then why is it okay to say God can. Without god, would their still be morality? Because if god made it acceptable to kill other people, that still wouldn’t make it okay, so I believe this theory is unproven and morality and our right and wrongs can’t come from this theory. Another theory that has brought to the attention of the origin of right and wrong is The ‘Feeling Theory’ and the ‘Boo-hoorah’ theory. The feeling theory is an example of how morality does come from us. We make things right or wrong by approving or disproving of them. If a person has certain feelings about another person’s actions, it is saying something about them. If they disprove of an action, it is considered morally wrong to that person. This theory is people making a claim about what they think; they are claiming whether the action is right or wrong. The ‘Boo-Hoorah Theory’ is another example of how morality comes from us but involves expressing what we think is right or wrong rather than making a claim about it. Something is neither true nor false and according to this theory there is no fact of the matter just an expression of what the person observing thinks. The feeling theory and the boo-hoorah theory are both wrong for everyone is different and raised differently with different beliefs (everyone has different feelings). So technically one person can truly believe that it is okay to kill while another says it’s not okay, these two people are contradicting one another which rules out both theories. Some children are brought up in an abusive home environment; does this mean that morally they think its okay to treat people differently based on how they were raised? All people are raised in a different environment, under different circumstances so if morality comes from us then morality would have to include a whole lot of different views. Another important theory is that morality and our right and wrongs come from the law. Morality and the law often correspond, our morals are what we consider right and wrong, While the law is what has been decided as right and wrong for us. Both murder and stealing are things we consider morally wrong and are also against the law. In the perfect world we all want the law to coincide with morality, but in reality most likely will never be like that. For example drugs are illegal and the law will not accept any sort of behaviour involving drugs, but in some cases people justify that is morally acceptable to deal drugs use it for personal use because of financial situations and pleasure. So they morally justify it in their own head for it to be okay. Even though morality can be guided by the law, helping us understand the differences between right and wrong, morality can’t come from the law, for there are a lot of things the law accept but us civilians see it as wrong. As we can see morality cannot come from the above theories, for they all leave the question of the origin of right and wrong UN answered. I believe that morality comes from us and that things are right and wrong anyway. I believe G. E Moores theory of the extra fact (the six sense) that can detect wrongness. I truly believe this for it is true that there is that something inside of us, guiding us and helping us know what is right and wrong. We don’t necessarily have to be taught about all the wrongs in life to just get that gut feeling that mugging an elderly person is just wrong, why do we feel that? Why don’t we do it? It is because it is something that is just there. Also everyone in the world is different, we all come from different backgrounds and everyone has been brought up differently, in different environments. So therefore we all have different feelings and beliefs, for someone can truly believe that stealing is acceptable, when another thinks it is wrong. Morality is based on how you feel and how you treat people, expecting the same in return; you wouldn’t want someone to hurt you, so why would you want to hurt them. There are no proven facts to where right and wrong comes from but it is something that is just there. It changes over time, and things that were once believed as right are now seen as wrong. So therefore we cannot place judgements for we don’t know what morality and right and wrong will be seen as in ten years time, it’s based you as a person.

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Wireless Charging Of Mobile Using Microwaves

Abstract: In today’s modern era, mobile phones have become a basic need for people all over the world. The charging of mobile phone has become an arduous task. It is a hectic task to carry everywhere the charger of mobile phones or any electronic gadget while travelling or it is very cruel when your mobile phone getting off by the time you urgently need it. It is the major problem in today’s electronic gadgets. Though the world is leading with the developments in technology, but this technology is still incomplete because of certain limitations. Today’s world requires the complete technology and this purpose is solved using a technique called ‘Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones Using Microwaves’.INTRODUCTIONBASIC CONCEPTS:The technique mentioned has two basic concepts. They are:- Electromagnetic spectrum Microwave regionELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM:-When white light is shone through a prism it is separated out into all the colors of the rainbow this is c alled the visible spectrum. According to some physicians light consists of tiny particles called photons. Photons are bundle of energy. The speed of light is about 300,000,000 meters per second as light hit something that means it may be bounce off, go right through or get absorbed. If they bounce off something and then go into your eye you will see the thing they have bounced off. This is the cause of vision.MICROWAVE REGION:Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to as short as one millimeter, or equivalently, with frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. Microwave technology is extensively used for point-to-point telecommunications (i.e., non  broadcast uses).Microwaves are especially suitable for this use since they are more easily focused into narrower beams than radio waves, allowing frequency reuse; their comparatively higher frequencies allow broad bandwidth and high data transmission rates, and antenn a sizes are smaller than at lower frequencies because antenna size is inversely proportional to transmitted frequency. At high frequencies, atmosphere is less transparent to microwaves. Microwaves are used in applications where information has to travel long distances between ground stations and communications satellites. Microwaves are also employed in microwave ovens and radar technology.The frequency selection is another important aspect in GHz ISM band for the purpose of concern. As Indus-trial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) some bands are reserve for some specific purpose. So we can’t use it. Here S band 2.45 GHz is freely available band which can be used for experimentWIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSIONWireless power transmission works on the principle of Magnetic induction. As we put one coil carrying current through it, it creates a magnetic field near to it. And if we put other coil over there than it is induce by the first coil and it carry current from it. This is the princ iple of magnetic induction.WIRELESS POWER TRANSMITTING SYSTEM:This system gives the validity of principle of magnetic induction in wireless communication. The basic components of a wireless transmitting system are:- Transmitter: It consists of microwave generator and transmitting antenna(preferably, slotted waveguide antenna) ïÆ'ËœReceiver: It consists of a receiving antenna and a receiver. A receiver is major part in wireless mobile charging.SYSTEM DESIGNThe system designing of wireless charging of mobile phone using microwaves mainly consist of four parts asTransmitter design Receiver design The Process of Rectification Sensor CircuitryTRANSMITTER DESIGN:It mainly consists of a magnetron which is a diode vacuum tube with cathode filament. Magnetron is actually behaved as an oscillator to produce microwaves. It can be done by putting magnet between the resonating chambers which is the center of the oscillator. These resonating chambers are named as anode in the magnetron.When elec trons come out from the cathode and go direct towards the Anode, it passes through the magnetic field. It starts circulating in the resonating cavity and start producing waves according to its frequency. And the generated RF signal by this flow outside of the chamber.RECEIVER DESIGN:-The basic addition to the mobile phone is going to be type of antenna that is used to directly convert microwave energy into DC electricity. This is done by a component known as Rectenna. Actually the size of Rectenna can be reducing using the Nano technology.Rectenna system The elements of Rectenna are usually arranged in antennae. The current included by the microwaves in the antenna is rectified by the diode which powers a load connected across the diode. Scotty diodes are used because they have low voltage drop and high speed so that they have low power loss. Rectenna are highly efficient at converting microwave energy above 90% have been observed with regularity A sensor must be added at the receiv er side. Since the phone must be charged while a person is talking. So here sensor is used to detect wither the phone is using microwaves or not.PROCESS OF RECTIFICATION:-Microwave can easily travel through the media but it also loses some energy. So our key objective is to rectify the circuit and to rectify the waves at the low cost. And also we have to make the detection more sensitive. As we know that bridge rectification is more efficient than the single diode we use this for the better performance. We use the schottky diode to get the better impedance. The Schottky barrier diode is an ideal diode, such as for a 1 ampere limited current PN interface. Another advantage of the Schottky barrier diode is a very low noise index that is very important for a communication receiver; its working scope may reach20GHzSENSOR CIRCUITRY:-The sensor circuitry is a any message signal. This is very important as the phone has to be charged as long as the user is talking. . Thus a simple frequency to voltage converter would serve our purpose. And this converter would act as switches to trigger the rectenna circuit to on. So when our phone is receiving microwave signal it make the rectenna circuit on and charge the battery. Here in India the operating frequency of the GSM is 900 MHz to 1800 MHz. We can use LM2907 for F to V conversion.CONCLUSIONIt can be concluded from this technique, this usage of mobile phones is made simpler and leads to elimination of the need for separate chargers for mobile phones making charging universal. This improvisation in mobile phones allows the mobile phone users to carry their phones anywhere even if the place is devoid of facilities for charging. Thus the tagline the more you talk, the more your mobile phone is charged is perfectly implemented. With this proposal the manufacturers would be able to remove the talk time and battery standby from their phone specifications. A novel use of the rectenna and a sensor in a mobile phone could provide a new dimension in the revelation of mobile phone.

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Free Essays on Interpersonal Communications

are spoken. When trying to get a clear meaning of IC you have to break it down into smaller meanings. I’ve seen it broken into 14 different subheadings. Today I’ll mainly focus on Self-Disclosure, Listening and Conflict. Self-Disclosure is the process of revealing something about yourself to another, generally information you’d normally keep hidden. Information disclosed could be about your behaviors, values, beliefs, desires or self-qualities. Sometimes self-disclosure can be as simple as sharing a story with a stranager at a doctor’s office. Generally it’s a process that is developed over time with other person. Things like who we are, the culture you live in, gender, the listeners and topics being disclosed determines who, when, where and how much we disclose. Extrovert people are more likely to self-disclose then those who don’t like speaking. Depending on where you’re from, disclosing one’s feeling could be perceived as weak. No matter what culture or gender we are more like to disclose information on hobbies, attitudes, interest, and opinion on religion then we are on sex, personalities, or relationships. Research has supported the poplar stereotype that men and women disclose information differently. Women disclose more intimately with other women then with other men. Women are more likely to share such information like greatest fears, current or past relationship issues and likes or dislikes in a relationship. Men think that if they self-disclose they’ll be looked as not being in control. Whe... Free Essays on Interpersonal Communications Free Essays on Interpersonal Communications When people think about interpersonal communication they tend to only think about the words that are spoken. Interpersonal Communication (IC) as defined by the book is communication between two persons or among a small group of people who have an established relationship. IC is more then just the words spoken, it’s how the words are perceived, what the words are trying to tell you, and how the words are spoken. When trying to get a clear meaning of IC you have to break it down into smaller meanings. I’ve seen it broken into 14 different subheadings. Today I’ll mainly focus on Self-Disclosure, Listening and Conflict. Self-Disclosure is the process of revealing something about yourself to another, generally information you’d normally keep hidden. Information disclosed could be about your behaviors, values, beliefs, desires or self-qualities. Sometimes self-disclosure can be as simple as sharing a story with a stranager at a doctor’s office. Generally it’s a process that is developed over time with other person. Things like who we are, the culture you live in, gender, the listeners and topics being disclosed determines who, when, where and how much we disclose. Extrovert people are more likely to self-disclose then those who don’t like speaking. Depending on where you’re from, disclosing one’s feeling could be perceived as weak. No matter what culture or gender we are more like to disclose information on hobbies, attitudes, interest, and opinion on religion then we are on sex, personalities, or relationships. Research has supported the poplar stereotype that men and women disclose information differently. Women disclose more intimately with other women then with other men. Women are more likely to share such information like greatest fears, current or past relationship issues and likes or dislikes in a relationship. Men think that if they self-disclose they’ll be looked as not being in control. Whe... Free Essays on Interpersonal Communications Interpersonal Communications Applied Summary Paper The first communication concept that I want to discuss on this paper is ‘perceptual schema’. Adler & Towne (1999) describe this as the â€Å"framework that allow us to organize the raw data we have selected. Five types of schema help us classify ourselves and others (p.97).† The way we communicate with others is determined largely by the way we perceive others. One of the five constructs that Adler & Towne write about is psychological construct, that is, whether the other person is curious, nervous, shy, or anxious. Another construct in perception schema is classification of a person based upon their role, that is, is that person a doctor, lawyer, police person, salesperson. No doubt we immediately take into account the role a person plays socially and communicate in kind. So, if I were to speak with a lawyer I could use terms like onus or adjudicate. The other three constructs are just as important to determining perception and in turn communication. In reference to application of this principle I have used it all my life intuitively and now after class I am able to elucidate. I have applied this most recently at work because at work I am able to meet new people every day. The latest example, I was at work and speaking with a person who was undocumented, I was able to understand their anxiousness and feelings of helplessness, both, psychological constructs. In my communication with them I was able to allay their fear of me, of The Salvation Army and of the case work process of asking for personal information. I felt very aware of how I was relating to this person according to the perception process described in Adler & Towne. As I was relating to this person I perceived the person relating to me with increasing comfort and ease of communication. I believe that our communication was effective in that I was able to perceive his anxiety, not as an attempt to manipu...

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Share The Wealth †Economics Essay

Share The Wealth – Economics Essay Free Online Research Papers There is an old Nigerian quote that says, â€Å"If you won’t share your wealth with us, then we will share our poverty with you.† The fact of the matter is this, the United States and other rich countries need to lend a helping hand to the world’s hungry. According to statistics, 50% of the world’s hungry live in India, this is about 35% of India’s population. In addition, 38.2 million Americans suffer hunger and food insecurity. Instead of these people preoccupying themselves with getting a quality education and a decent paying job, they must worry more about where they will get their next meal. People need to recognize that they can do their part in helping to fight hunger and food insecurity. It does not take a whole lot to go to the grocery store and pick up canned foods, noodles, or even snacks that come in a box. There are many organizations that can help ship those foods to places like India and Africa. This has to start one person at a time. U.S. corporations seem to be looking after the self-interests of their CEO’s, rather than the people whom they are supposedly serving. Corporations need to take responsibility and be held accountable for what they do that kills or harms people. Many companies today are more worried about how much profit they can make, rather than how they can make a difference in the world that has been so good. These companies need to realize that power does not bring peace in the world. The main question that every individual should ask his or herself is whether they want another world than the one envisioned by the World Bank, Wal-Mart, W.T.O., Disney, and Monsanto, or do they want strong countries with a strong democracy? The time has come for people to step up and declare human rights. This is a challenge that people cannot back away from, it is about governance and self-determination. Most important, this is about being fearless for what they believe in. We as a nation cannot be afraid to step up to the challenge, or sink on the day of adversity. After all, â€Å"Fear is the cheapest room in the house,† as quoted by Hafiz. Research Papers on Share The Wealth - Economics EssayPETSTEL analysis of IndiaBringing Democracy to AfricaHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows EssayMarketing of Lifeboy Soap A Unilever ProductGenetic EngineeringNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This Nice19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraQuebec and CanadaAppeasement Policy Towards the Outbreak of World War 2Personal Experience with Teen Pregnancy

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++i and i++ Increment and Decrement Operators

++i and i++ Increment and Decrement Operators These increment operators and the corresponding decrement operators are perhaps a little confusing to anyone who hasnt come across them before. To start with there are several different ways to add or subtract one. i i 1;i 1;i;i; For subtracting one there are the same four choices with - substituted for each . So why exactly does JavaScript (and other languages) provide so many different ways to do the same thing? Well, for one thing, some of these alternatives are shorter than others and so involve less typing. Using easily allows any number and not just one to be added to a variable without having to enter the variable name twice. That still doesnt explain why both i and i exist since both can only be used to add one and both are the same length. The reason for the two alternatives is that these are not really intended to be used as stand alone statements but are really designed to be able to be incorporated into more complex statements where you actually update more than one variable in the one statement.statements where you actually update more than one variable in the one statement. Probably the simplest such statement is as follows: j i; This statement updates the values of both of the variables i and j in the one statement. The thing is that while i and i do the same thing as far as updating i is concerned they do different things with regard to updating other variables. The above statement can be written as two separate statements like this: j i;i 1; Note that combining them together means we have eight characters instead of 13. Of course, the longer version is much clearer where it comes to working out what value j will have. Now if we look at the alternative: j i; This statement is the equivalent of the following: i 1;j i; This, of course, means that j now has a different value to what it had in the first example. The position of the either before or after the variable name controls whether the variable gets incremented before or after it gets used in the statement that it is used in. Exactly the same applies when you consider the difference between i and i where the position of the determines whether one is subtracted before or after the value is used. So when you use it separately as a single statement it makes no difference whether you place it before or after the variable name (except for a microscopic speed difference that no one will ever notice). It is only once you combine it with another statement that it makes a difference to the value that gets assigned to some other variable or variables.

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Interpersonal communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Interpersonal communication - Essay Example There are several aspects regarding interpersonal communication skill and its characteristics can be learned through this essay. Moreover, the study will determine the link between Rizwan Khan’s characteristics and characteristics of interpersonal communication skill. It is important to identify the characteristics and importance of interpersonal communication before linking these aspects with the above mentioned character in the film. Interpersonal communication generally occurs between two different individuals. Interpersonal communication process generally takes place within a relationship and it generally evolves within the relationship. This particular communication process generally defines and negotiates the relationship between two individuals. Interpersonal communication process can be identified in everywhere. Most importantly it can improve the relationship between two individuals. Moreover, effective interpersonal communication process has the ability to improve the health of participated individuals. Ethics, adaptability, empathy, cognitive complexity and self-awareness can be considered as the competence of interpersonal communication process. Interpersonal communication can be categorized into two different types of communication processes, such as verbal communication process and non-verbal communication process. Rizwan Khan is the central character in the movie â€Å"My Name is Khan†. His communication process can be considered as appropriate example of an effective interpersonal communication skill of an individual. In this film, Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of Rizwan Khan. It is important to know the character before determining the interpersonal communication skills of Rizwan Khan. Rizwan Khan was suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. According to the characteristics of this syndrome, Rizwan Khan could not

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Managing and Leading Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Managing and Leading Change - Essay Example There are a lot of Machiavelli’s perception on organizational change that is not acceptable to other philosophers such as Plamenatz and Wolker (1992).1 Personally, I do not agree to Machiavelli when he stated that â€Å"people are inherently unchanging and essentially similar† because of the fact that people are often likely to follow the rule of domino effect. Let me give you an example of my personal analysis. When a manager practice good leadership, it is more likely that he could convince his subordinates to support him/her in the implementation of change within the organization. On the other hand, a manager who does not have the qualities of a good leader is more likely to fail when it comes to motivating and convincing the rest of the employees to participate in the manager’s plan. In other words, it only takes a manager with good leadership skill to change the employees’ mentally with regards to organizational change. Machiavelli stated that â€Å"fraud and force are two of the most necessary components of effective government.†2 I do not agree that fraud and the practice of authoritative power is always the best solution when it comes to implementing organizational change. Fraud alone is considered as an unethical business practice. On the other hand, the practice of authoritative power is not always the best solution when it comes to implementing change since it will only cause more employees to disrespect and will remain disloyal to the manager. According to Dessler (2001), leaders with a competent leadership skill are individuals who are capable of inspiring another person who often times have the â€Å"drive to achieve their goals; the desire to lead; self-confidence; cognitive ability; honesty and integrity; as well as having sufficient knowledge in doing business.†3 Machiavelli’s approach to organizational

Classroom-based Learning Experience Research Paper

Classroom-based Learning Experience - Research Paper Example e worst classroom-based learning experience has been in the form of my ability to differentiate between what I should have grabbed over a period of time, and what I was unable to do so within this time frame. I believe that when I lost out on the adoption of the technological basis, my classroom-based learning experience deteriorated immensely, which was something that I feel unhappy about (Michael, 2012). I detest the moments when I was unable to showcase my true abilities and skills, which were indeed some of the more strong points that I achieved ever since I took on the Internet technological basis within my folds. The things that made it a good experience included the hard work and conviction as well as the belief of our teachers in the students’ abilities. The things that made it a bad experience comprised my lack of intent to make sure that this process continued for a long period of time as well as my shortcomings in the wake of upgrading myself

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Ready to Die Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ready to Die - Essay Example I believe it is crucial for the living to use part of their health time and energy in preparing for death. There are various ways to prepare for death as exemplified by Nicholson and Freeman in the movie ‘Bucket List’ (Knox, 2007). One of the ways to prepare for oneself death is thinking about it. We should have brief moments possibly in a day and reflect on what can happen if death occurs. I do not mean we dwell on death but to appreciate the reality about it and live fully while knowing it will happen. People can embrace life after realizing they have limited time in the world. Nicholson and Freeman opted to enjoy life after accepting that the death is a reality. They believed that it was awaiting them, and as a result, stopped staying in the hospital beds with agony. I also think we should make a ‘bucket list’ as one way of preparing for our death. ‘Bucket list’ involves having a list of things we want to do, life experiences we want to achieve, and places we want to go. Nicholson and Freeman realized this very late; they had a long ‘bucket list’ despite having much wealth and less time (Knox, 2007). As evidenced by Nicholas and Freeman, we do not carry with us material possession and hence we should utilize the resources we have in meeting our objectives. We should not allow death to scare and bar us from enjoying life, instead, we are supposed to use it as a wake-up call to maximize our limited time in the world. In addition, people should write their last statement and will instead of fearing to think about death that may result from our cultural beliefs. The last statement and will are used to designate what will happen to our properties and guardianship of our children. Many properties get lost when one dies without leaving a documented will. Lack of a documented will may also lead to occurrence of conflicts among the left relatives. For

Contemporary issues in employment relations - topic EMPLOYEE Essay

Contemporary issues in employment relations - topic EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - Essay Example As part of organization, engagement of employees in the process line of production and running of organizations defines important tool in ensuring improved performance and institutional productivity. McLeod and Clarke (2011, pg. 1) define employee engagement as creation of opportunities for workers to interact with manager, colleagues and the wider organization. Engagement in employment setting also involves creation of environment that motivates employees and makes them want to link with work and care about performing their tasks appropriately. McLeod and Clarke elaborate that engaged employees are aware of the fundamentals of operation of a given business as well as its objectives and goals. Engaged employees also understand frameworks of practice prescribed by the given organization in ensuring achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. It is within these contexts that engaged employees work closely with their colleagues to improve job performance and maximize benefits for the given organization. According to McLeod and Clarke, it remains the responsibility of organization and its leadership to establish and nurture employee engagement that builds upon emplo yer-employee interrelationship. Effective employee engagement manifests through three items that include attitude, behavior and outcome. Attitude relates to feelings of loyalty and pride among employees that make them act responsibly and with great accountability. Behavior manifests when employees become great advocates of the individual organizations to clients or make extra efforts to complete a piece of task. Outcomes synonymous with effective employee engagement include low incidents of accident due to enhanced care when performing duties, higher productivity and reduced conflicts. In addition, outcomes also manifest through more innovativeness of employees, lower rates of sickness and few employee exits or resignations. McLeod and Clarke (2011, pg. 4) argue that

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Ready to Die Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ready to Die - Essay Example I believe it is crucial for the living to use part of their health time and energy in preparing for death. There are various ways to prepare for death as exemplified by Nicholson and Freeman in the movie ‘Bucket List’ (Knox, 2007). One of the ways to prepare for oneself death is thinking about it. We should have brief moments possibly in a day and reflect on what can happen if death occurs. I do not mean we dwell on death but to appreciate the reality about it and live fully while knowing it will happen. People can embrace life after realizing they have limited time in the world. Nicholson and Freeman opted to enjoy life after accepting that the death is a reality. They believed that it was awaiting them, and as a result, stopped staying in the hospital beds with agony. I also think we should make a ‘bucket list’ as one way of preparing for our death. ‘Bucket list’ involves having a list of things we want to do, life experiences we want to achieve, and places we want to go. Nicholson and Freeman realized this very late; they had a long ‘bucket list’ despite having much wealth and less time (Knox, 2007). As evidenced by Nicholas and Freeman, we do not carry with us material possession and hence we should utilize the resources we have in meeting our objectives. We should not allow death to scare and bar us from enjoying life, instead, we are supposed to use it as a wake-up call to maximize our limited time in the world. In addition, people should write their last statement and will instead of fearing to think about death that may result from our cultural beliefs. The last statement and will are used to designate what will happen to our properties and guardianship of our children. Many properties get lost when one dies without leaving a documented will. Lack of a documented will may also lead to occurrence of conflicts among the left relatives. For

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Equine Exercise Physiology, Fitness and Training Assignment

Equine Exercise Physiology, Fitness and Training - Assignment Example The pulse rates are highly depended on the level of stress experienced at a particular time. In this case, the heart pumps more than 1.5 litres of blood per beat. When responding to a race the horse increases its red blood cell count up to 65 per cent with more than half of it being stored in the spleen. These red blood cells lack nucleus and contains a component of haemoglobin protein that is responsible for transporting oxygen. The combination of the respiratory and cardiovascular system encourage a sustainable oxygen consumption potential .Thus, the horse’s heart has the ability to control the thickness of the blood that is redirected from internal organs to muscles that keep it in motion. The supply of oxygen to muscles facilitates the production of energy in the muscles. When running two or more furlongs, a horse derives more than half of its energy percentage anaerobically as it involves the heart rate of above 150 beats per minute. This involves volatile amounts of power characterized by very fast galloping, short sprints and acceleration. Anaerobic respiration in this case involves the breaking down of glycogen at the absence of oxygen (Hodgson, McKeever and McGowan 2013, p.20). The muscle cells of an over worked horse would contain a variety of fast-twitch muscle fibre types depending on its speed, pace and duration of exercise. These muscles will include the Type II A or B fibres. Type II A allows the muscles to contract fast and contain glycolytic fibres that propel the horse to more speed and endurance. The second type B contains low fast contracting oxidative fibres. The biopsy of endurance horses would reveal slow-twitch fibres (Type I fibres) that have the ability to contract slowly as they maintain posture and exercise at low levels of fatigue resistant (Hodgson et al. 2013, p.12). During endurance training, the heart rate of horses is maintained at 150 bpm, thus reducing the production of

Thesis on Classroom Management Essay Example for Free

Thesis on Classroom Management Essay This chapter presents the methods and procedures that are use in securing and translating the data needed in the study. Research Design We, the researchers will utilize the descriptive method of research since it is a fact-finding methodology with adequate interpretations. Descriptive includes the process of analysis, classification, enumeration, measurement and evaluation. Survey is an organized endeavor to gather data and information regarding present or current conditions prevailing in the social institution. Locale of the Study This study will be conducted in some selected public secondary schools in Taguig and Pateros which are located in Ricardo Papa National High School Main and Annex, Pateros National High School, Upper Bicutan National High School, Maria Concepcion Cruz High School. Sampling Procedures This study involves a representative sample of 100 secondary school teachers from the five public secondary schools in Taguig and Pateros. The number of samples will be determine using the sampling proportional to size, hence the school having bigger number of teachers have more respondents, while those with few teachers have smaller number of respondents. Data Gathering Instrument The questionnaire checklist is use in gathering data and information on the educational qualification, teaching experience, in-service training and teaching competencies of teachers in the implementation of innovative programs particularly the SEDP Curriculum which serve as baseline data and information for the teachers in Taguig and Pateros. Validation of the Instrument The questionnaire is adopted from Beltrans thesis, hence, validation was no longer necessary, however, other parts of the tools which are modify are pretested, until the desire validity and reliability is establish. Methods of Collecting Data Before the administration of the questionnaire, a permit is first secure from the Schools Division Superintendent of Taguig and Pateros through the school principals. And we will personally administer and retrieve the questionnaires. We, the researchers will also going to conduct structured and unstructured interviews to supplement the data gather through the questionnaire. Sources of Data Data are obtained from the questionnaire checklist and interviews. The Secondary Education Curriculum served as rich sources of data and information. Statistical Treatment of Data To determine the differential of the teaching competencies to implement the SEDP the teachers were grouped according to their educational qualification, teaching experienced and relevant in-service using the following scheme. Teachers who finished the baccalaureate degree required in the secondary level and who earned 3 to 9 units in the masters program were considered Moderately Qualified, those with 12 to 21 units, Highly Qualified. Teachers whose teaching experiences ranged from1 to 7 years, 8 to 15 years and 16 years and above were considered Less experience, More experience and Most experience, respective. Teachers who accumulated in-service training which ranged from 8 to 72 hours; 73 to 144 hours; and 145 and above of relevant in-service training attended were considered as: Less prepared, Moderately prepared, and Highly prepared, respectively. The responses in each category were multiplied by the weight and the products were added and the sum was divided by the total number of responses to obtain the weighted mean.

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The Computer Ethics | Essay

The Computer Ethics | Essay The computer and the Internet is probably the greatest tool that people rely on in the modern world today. However, they are the most unrestricted form of technology. Identity theft, stealing, fraud, and plagiarizing can now be done electronically and anonymously. There are people in the world that intend to hurt others through the computer. As such, it is important to not only understand a code of ethics to prevent harming yourself and others, but to also develop methods to protect yourself. Code of Ethics It is always important that when operating a computer that one does not harm other people. Unethical decisions in the use of the computer are as varying and harmful as acts committed directly against other people. The internet is very vast, and it does contain information and data, but it also provides dangers. There are as many dangerous activities through the internet as outside the computer and then some. Viruses, hacking, committing fraud, plagiarizing can all be done through a computer. Therefore, a code of honor should be established for anyone wishing to use the computer. Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics. The Computer Ethics Institute created the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics. 1. Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people. 2. Thou shalt not interfere with other peoples computer work. 3. Thou shalt not snoop around in other peoples computer files. 4. Thou shalt not use a computer to steal. 5. Thou shalt not use a computer to bear false witness. 6. Thou shalt not copy or use proprietary software for which you have not paid. 7. Thou shalt not use other peoples computer resources without authorization or proper compensation. 8. Thou shalt not appropriate other peoples intellectual output. 9. Thou shalt think about the social consequences of the program you are writing or the system you are designing. 10. Thou shalt always use a computer in ways that insure consideration and respect for your fellow humans. (Lee) Personal Care. A computer is personal property to the owner, and he or she may do as they wish with the computer. However, a computer is the same as any property such as a house or a car. It is important to take care of the computer so that it operates safely as long as possible. This means to avoid any behaviors that would harm the computer or that will harm you. An example is giving personal information to sites that should not be trusted and could result in identity theft. Maintain an anti-virus software program to prevent virus attacks and always maintain and update the Computer. If a computer was a car, the same rule applies. A car should regularly be checked and sent for a tune-up. Respect Property. As always, it is important to take care of your computer. However, it is just as important to respect and properly use other computers. The same old rule applies; treat others property as you want your property to be treated. There are several risky behaviors on the computer that can harm it, and should be avoided on another persons computer. As a general rule, treat another computer better than your own. Not only does this apply to a friends personal computer, but also to the computers at school or at the library that provide public access. Remember that access to these computers is a privilege and should be respected. There are several important behaviors to observe when operating a different computer than your own. First, never operate a computer without permission. There may be special circumstances that you may be unaware. Second, always take good care of the equipment; the keyboard, the mouse, CDs, and hard drive itself. Finally, never download material or do anything potentially harmful to the computer. An illegal act could cause trouble for the owner or harm the computer and information it contains. Intellectual Property Intellectual property is any creation of the mind. Certain property is protected under Copyright Law, such as: Scientific discoveries Works of art or literature Inventions Designs Films or television programs Trademarks and names Computer programs Entertainment The Internet and Intellectual Property. As mentioned several times, the Internet is a source of a vast amount of information. The Internet is not a library or book, the Internet is for the most part unmanaged, unedited, unsupervised; anyone can post information on Internet for all to see. (Emmans) Information or creative works are not limited to copyright protected companies or organizations. Anyone can place information or creative work on the Internet. There are no physical boundaries to protect against the infringement of copyright. With free access to the Internet, any user may steal information anonymously and claim it as their own and this makes Intellectual Property almost unenforceable on the Internet. Protecting Against Plagiarism. Fortunately, there are tools available on the Internet to ensure users that they properly give credit to the information on the Internet. First, many sites available assist students in creating the proper citations for their sources. Good examples of these include Easybib and Citationmachine. These sites allow the user to enter the information of the source that they used, from either the Internet or elsewhere, and the device creates the proper citation. Jus the same, there are websites available to check the authenticity of a source of information, either a website or another type of information. An example is, which allows teachers to analyze students work for plagiarized information. Other sites can be used to find if other website is credible or not. Finally, databases are an excellent tool for student or researchers. Databases contain well-documented articles from professional journals to even whole books, while also providing the sour ce information. Any student should take advantage of the tools available on the Internet to properly cite information and to find real sites. Placing Information on the Internet. When placing items on the Internet always make sure that the source of the information or media is cited. Also, when running a website, always include information to the ownership of the site and when it was updated. In this way, people can cite your website if they wish. Also, when maintaining a website, update regularly and maintain the site constantly. A website that has not been updated in years or does not have the proper links does not appear to be a good website. Limiting Access Free Speech. In American, everyone has a right to free speech, but where does this cross the line on the Internet? While people have a freedom of speech, there are limits in the physical world. For example, a person cannot slander or falsify against someone that will harm them. For example, claiming that a political opponent stole money from the treasury when this is not true is illegal. However, in the realm of the Internet, where there are no boundaries or enforcement, anything that can be said is said without punishment. The Internet is an excellent source of information, but as said before, websites should be evaluated before they are considered trustworthy or capable. An excellent example is Wikipedia, a free-access reference site. The site is well maintained and there is plenty of information with credible sources. However, anyone can edit a page on Wikipedia, and some of the facts may be false if not blatantly. In addition, on the Internet, there is a large amount of media, music, videos and images, even derogatory images and videos. Given that there is free-access, children may accidentally find these inappropriate images from innocent searches. Schools and Libraries. Schools and Libraries can help protect students and children from unrestricted access to the Internet. School and Library servers can now be fitted with restrictions that will block harmful or inappropriate websites. For students, this is very helpful in keeping them from exploring harmful sites while still having access to find information. In Libraries, it is important to protect the computers and restrictions on the internet help in this task, since many people come and go on the computers. (Emmans) Parental Control. Still the best protection for children is parental oversight. Children should not operate the computer or navigate the Internet themselves. This should also be applied to teenagers. Cindy Emman writes, A minor walking into a store to try to buy pornography can be stopped; a minor logging into the Internet can easily pose as an adult no one is the wiser. Parents should monitor teens use of the computer and teach their children proper use of the internet. (Emmans) Conclusion There are many concerns for the use of the computers. There are many harms that are created by others and there are harms created by the operator. Fortunately, there are methods developing to defend against harmful viruses, internet theft, and plagiarizing. The key for the prosperity of the computer is that each owner of the computer exhibits proper behavior, and anyone can turn to the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics as a guide. Remember; never do anything that would harm another.

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Anorexia Nervosa Essay -- essays research papers

Anorexia nervosa is a life threatening eating disorder defined by a refusal to maintain fifteen percent of a normal body weight through self-starvation (NAMI 1). Ninety-five percent of anorexics are women between the ages of twelve and eighteen, however, â€Å"†¦in the past twenty years, this disorder has become a growing threat to high school and college students†(Maloney and Kranz 60). Anorexia produces a multitude of symptoms, and if not treated, anorexia can lead to permanent physical damage or death. Anorexic behavior is complex because it is all about the need for control. Someone suffering from anorexia has a distorted body image of himself or herself. He/she believes to be overweight, even though twenty percent of the time he/she is not (Yancey 59). The image of being overweight causes a low self-esteem. Symptoms of low self-esteem are loneliness, inadequacy in talents, a lack of trust in people and themselves, insecurity, identification with a specific peer group, and sadness. The media displays the ideal human body as thin and beautiful. Anorexic’s lives are full of confusion and lack of control. To the anorexic, to be thin is to be in control. The state of control to the anorexic is the ideal life without confusion and difficulties. In most cases, the anorexic is intelligent; popular among his/her peers, athletic, talented, and viewed as a role model to most people he/she comes in contact with. In reality, the issues in daily living are too difficult for the anorexic resulting in a lack of control in his/her life. The anorexic’s answer to a confusing life is to starve the body. The behavioral symptoms of the anorexia are counting calories, eating little food, baking treats for everyone and giving them away in hope of controlling not only the anorexic’s intake of his/her food, but also others. â€Å"Playing† with food at meal times is common behavior of the anorexic. When the meal is complete, the anorexic has disguised food intake by pushing the food around on the plate and hiding food in napkins. To dress in layers to hide the distinct weight loss and to avoid social activities where eating is involved are common behavioral symptoms. Behavioral symptoms of the anorexic can go unnoticed by most people. These symptoms are very secretive and oblivious to outsiders because the behavior is not out of the ordinary. Although the behavioral symptoms of the anore... ...cising, reading, and establishing new friendships are encouraged when the anorexic’s mood rises to an unhealthy level. Voluntary self-starvation, anorexia nervosa, is physically and psychologically dangerous. Loss of the body fat from the severe weight loss can impair the body by putting stress on the bones from lack of calcium. Dehydration can be deadly because the body needs the correct water balance, and without this proper balance, the kidneys can shut down. Malnutrition can lead to brain damage. Amenorrhea can cause infertility and put stress on tiny bones making them prone to breakage. Amenorrhea can also produce an interference of the reproductive hormone that protects the body against heart failure and osteoporosis. Severe depression in anorexics occurs from hopelessness and shame and can lead to suicide. Even though the behavioral, nutritional, cognitive, interpersonal, and psychotherapy treatment for anorexia is a long-term process, it is crucial to the anorexic person to receive treatment, or the physical consequences and psychological consequences can lead to permanent damage and sometime s death. Notable research on the treatment of the anorexic continues worldwide.

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Diana in the Docks

Diana In the Dock : does privacy matter? ‘Diana' as used in the title is referring to the Former Princess of Wales ‘Princess Diana'. In November 1993 The mirror newspaper published photos of ‘princess Diana' while she was working out at a gym. These photo's were taken out of consent by Diana by the Gym owner Bryce Taylor who was paid over 100,000 pounds for the photos . Thus Princess Did had his assets frozen and sued him.Due to the fact Bryce Taylor was broke he seeded legal aid where he was provided with Geoffrey Robertson o defend him. Robertson describes this case through the use of a paradox in the opening paragraph â€Å"Diana had been the victim of a dirty trick which provided windfall profits to undeserving people† these undeserving people being ‘Bryce Taylor' and the mirror magazine. Donna's perspective is that her privacy was breached for common greed of monetary benefits by that of Bryce Taylor.However, Ironically for Bryce Taylor benefit his legal aid, lawyer Geoffrey Robertson â€Å"was the tutor of a textbook that analyses and deplored that absence of any privacy law In Britain† which represents to the reader Robertson's extents knowledge within the topic of privacy, Wealth Robertson's defense of Bryce Taylor he states when Diana places her self in the gym â€Å"It was like working out in a shop window† representing that her privacy was automatically violated and she's â€Å"nonetheless been inviting It to happen†.Thus puts us in a position to view Diana as someone who manipulates the Edie in order to suit her own ends. Robertson also states her relationship with the media as ‘a Faustian bargain' which refers to the story of Faust who sells his soul to the devil in order to gain greater power. This again supports Robertson's use of the disjunction of ‘bur In â€Å"but Diana wanted privacy only when It suited her†. Nonetheless as Robertson describes Donna's relationship with the media as ‘ a Faustian bargain' It shows that Diana had to sell her soul to the media in order to main good publicity and power.This is significantly supported by Robertson use of the metaphor In the concluding paragraph † In 1997 Diana was killed fleeing the flashbulbs† which has Robertson positions us to see Diana as someone who seeded the attention of the media and as this back fired she tried to ‘flee' where the consequence became death. Just like that of Faust who sold his soul to the devil , regretted it and was sent to hell. Therefore Robertson believes It's her own fault for her lack of privacy.

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Evolution of Gender Essay

The evolution of gender issues ever since man can remember, when most societies used to regard women as inferior to men. It is no secret that from the first century up to the 21st century women roles have changed with time although the change is minimal. In not long time ago, women were regarded by customary law as people who used to take up their roles as wives and matters subserviently and any deviation that a woman showed from these roles was unheard off and was considered an outcast in the society. After the world wars, education, politics, warfare, business and other form of violence were territories of men, a few women joined men in these venture. The society looked these women with amazement and wonder. Early the 1950’s and 60’s change started hitting the world especially in the Chinese environment where women became advocates of women empowerment. (Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana,2004). In the 1970’s and 80’s women started taking their roles seriously enabling them to evolve very fast. Women confronted men’s duties with a lot of courage and men started accepting the fact that women wanted to carry out the roles. Although some men gave women cruel attention but they have persevered and gone ahead with the quest for change in the roles. Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy (Tuana Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana,2004). The question about women regarded as wives and mothers who are incapable of bringing any change in the society have been brushed aside by many countries giving women top most jobs in the country. England and Pakistan have shown the way which shows that today in England and Pakistan women are almost equal to men in terms of respect and all aspects. Women are now free to take up riles which were previously considered a dominance by men. But one thing remains clear that total equality will not be achieved since it is not easy to kill the illusion that women are inferior to men (KateChopin. org. ,2008) Matters such as education, politics, warfare, business, and almost anything non-domestic were the territories of men where only a few and daring women ever ventured. However, as times changed more and more women became advocates of women empowerment. In relation to this, the writer wishes to state that the purpose of this paper is to present a work regarded as one of the pioneers in feminist literature. Women evolution is not only a core element of development in the world today but also a strong indication of strong families. Women empowerment puts wealth in the hands of women which enables these women to be able to succeed in ensuring their families are successive. The development of women in the societies is proving to be failing in some countries with backward leadership such as Zimbabwe and development will remain lagged behind. Statistics show an upward trend for change of roles of women in the society at a whole. Although change is not such effective it is felt. Statistics demonstrate that in Europe, Africa, Asia, America actually there is evolution in the way women are viewed. Although in some rural areas there are alarming number of domestic violence instances reported and they relate to ability or the demand for women to be empowered. In the late 1800 significant events occurred which changed the roles of women in the society. One of such event was first international women’s conference which was held in France in 1892 which highlighted the achievements of women and their rights. Since then women have achieved much in trying to change their lives. In the story of Silk Road of china relating to women capability of growth there has been change of women roles especially entry into the business world although some are being used into the business circles as objects. (,2008 and Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana,2004) Works Cited Chopin, Kate. â€Å"The Story of an Hour. † www. pbs. org Public Broadcasting Service. 14 Jun 2008 . Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana. â€Å"Topics in Feminism. † plato. stanford. edu 15 March 2004. Stanford University. 14 Jun 2008 . KateChopin. org, â€Å"Kate Chopin â€Å"The Story of an Hour†. † www. katechopin. org. 2008. Kate Chopin International Society. 14 Jun 2008 .

Fiedler’s Contingency Theory Essay

The contingency Theory shows the relationship between the leader’s orientation or style and group performance under differing situational conditions. The theory is based on determining the orientation of a leader ( relationship or task ), the elements of the situation ( leader-member relations, task structure and leader position power), and the leader orientation that was found to be most effective as the situation changed from low to moderate to high control. Fred Edward Fiedler in his landmark 1964 article, â€Å" A contingency of Leadership Effectiveness. studied and emphasized the importance of both the leader’s personality and the situation in which that leader operates. Fiedler found that task oriented leaders were more effective in low and moderate control situations and relationship oriented managers were more effective in moderate control situations. Fiedler and his associates studied leaders in a variety of contexts but mostly in military context and their mo del is based on their research findings. They outlined two styles of leadership namely task-motivated and relationship-motivated. Task refers to task accomplishment, and relationship-motivation refers to interpersonal relationships. He measured leadership style leadership style with the Least Preferred Co-Worker scale (LPC scale ). According to Northouse ( 2007 ), the leaders scoring high on this scale are relationship motivated and those scoring low are task motivated. Northhouse further indicated that, central to contingency theory is the concept of the situation, which is characterized by three factors. One, leader-member relations which deals with the general atmosphere of the group and the feelings such as trust, loyalty and confidence that the group has for its leader. Two, task structure, which is related to task clarity and the means to task accomplishment. Three, the position power, which relates to the amount of reward-punishment authority the leader has over members of the group. These three factors determine the favorableness of various situations in the organization. Definitions of factors in Contingency Theory Situational elements One, is the leader-member relations. The regard with which the leader and the group members hold one another determines in part, the ability of the leader to influence the group and the conditions under which he or she can do so. It therefore follows that a leader who is accepted by the group members is in a more favorable situation than one who is not. Two, is the task structure which is determined by the following questions in mind; can a decision be demonstrated as correct? , are the the requirements of the task of the task understood by everyone? , is there more than one correct solution?. If the group’s task is not structured, and if the leader is no more knowledgeable than the group about how to accomplish the task, the situation definitely becomes unfavorable. The third factor is the leader position power. This is determined by the rewards and punishments which the leader officially has at his or her disposal for either rewarding or punishing the group members based on how they perform. The more power the leader has, the more favorable the situation. Leader Orientation Fiedler used the Least Preferred Co-worker scale commonly known as LPC scale to measure leadership style. LPC helps management identify the human relations orientation and task orientation of possible leaders. He analyses leader orientation as follows. One of the factors is relationship orientation in which he said that high LPC leaders are more concerned with personal relations, more sensitive to the feelings of others, and better of heading off conflict. Such leaders use their good relations with others to get a job done. This also enables them to deal with complex issues when making decisions. These leaders tend to have an LPC score of 73 and above. In high control situations, these leaders tend to become bored and are no longer challenged. They tend to seek approval from their superiors ignoring their subordinates or they may decide to reorganize he task. They often become inconsiderate toward their subordinates as a result, become more punishing and more concerned with performance of the task. In moderate control situations, they focus on group relations. They reduce the anxiety and tension of group members and thus reduce conflict. They handle creative decision making groups well. They see this situation as challenging and interesting and perform it well in it. Lastly, in low control situations, they always try to obtain group support often at the expense of the task. In fact under extremely stressful situations, they may also withdraw from leadership role, failing to direct the group’s work. The second factor is task oriented. According to Fiedler, the LPC score for leaders here is 64 and below. Low LPC leaders are more concerned with the task, and less dependent on group support. They tend to be eager and impatient to get on with work. They quickly organize the job and have a no-nonsense attitude about getting the work done. In moderate control situations, they are anxious and less effective. They become absorbed in the task and pay little attention to personal relations in the group. They tend to be insensitive to the feelings of their group members, and the group resents the lack of concern. However, in high control situations, these leaders are relaxed and develop pleasant relations with subordinates and they are easy to get along with. As work gets done, they do not interfere with the group or expect interference from their superiors. And lastly in low control situations, the leaders devote themselves to their challenging task. They organize and drive the group to task completion. They also tend to control the group tightly and maintain strict discipline. Fiedler and associates concluded that if a leader’s LPC scores fall between 65 and 72, then the leader must carefully analyze their leadership style as they learn more about the relationship oriented and task oriented styles. However, it is important to note that there is no single leadership style that is effective in all situations. Rather, certain leadership styles are better suited for some situations than for others. Fiedler further pointed out that the effectiveness of the leader is contingent upon the orientation of the leader and the favorableness of the situation.

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The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries Thesis Proposal

The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries - Thesis Proposal Example This essay analyzes that UAE is considered as one of the advancing economies globally in a list that has India and China. While UAE enjoys close ties with nations such as the EU and the U.S. the nation’s still maintain close trade ties with Iran and other nations in the Middle East. It is known that the Western nations have placed trade sanctions on some nations that are considered to have violated human rights as well as being led by authoritarian administrations. It is from this context that it remains to be seen how the U.S. and the EU will precede in terms of the trade relations with UAE and other nations in the Gulf Region. The decision by GCC nations to form a regional economic block and by extension a free trade area is seen as one of the greatest step by the nations in the region. It is also significant Middle East states to take control of international trade, not just in the region but other regions such as Europe and Southern parts of the world. However, the strateg ies put in place can be said to be working as trade activities appear to be on the rise in the said regions. It is often assumed that the formation of trading blocs is aimed at creating some form of monopoly, particularly when the nations involved have some common characteristics. GCC nations are primarily oil producing countries. It can, therefore, be argued that the major motivation of the GCC was to try and monopolize oil prices and by extension the oil industry. Despite the numerous challenges, the general economic prospects in this region remain positive.

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Project Sponsorship and Leadership Research Paper

Project Sponsorship and Leadership - Research Paper Example Invigilation means the keeping watch over an individual with a sole purpose of preventing him or her from committing a fraud or crime (Singleton, 2010). The difference between interrogation and interviewing is that whereas suspects undergo interrogation witnesses are interviewed in order to gather relevant information. The other difference is that interviewing is done in a friendly environment whereas interrogation is conducted in a tense and uncomfortable environment which compels the suspect to give full truth he or she knows concerning a particular case. In addition interrogation is an art to be learnt but interviewing is not an art. In a fraud documents can be altered through modification, replacement of figure or other characters in order to change the particular script to convey different information. Alteration can also be done by crossing of characters in a voucher or any other document in order to deceive any reader of a particular document (Singleton, 2010). Hiding of assets can be in form of stashing cash in safes within residential homes, it can be in the form of giving extra payments to the creditors, reporting of less income especially on taxes due and buying of items that do not attract much attention. The forensic examiners and the accountant’s cal obtain needed data from the back-up database of particular information in case the hard copy has been destroyed or the soft copy hacked (Singleton, 2010). One of the benefits of strong interviewing and interrogating is that the interviewee and suspect are compelled to give the required facts within a short –span of time. The other advantage is that quality information is given to the interrogator and interviewer. The interviews involving frauds in financial statements and tax returns are handled differently because they involve huge amounts of cash and they are usually of hi-tech nature. Interviews c on be done on phone, through the virtual system especially when the interviewer and

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Unilever's participation in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Essay

Unilever's participation in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - Essay Example For the past years usage of palm oil has significantly increased and continues to grow. Today consumption of palm oil became 10 times more than it was in 1980. The World Wide Fund for Nature predicts that in 5 years the consumption of palm oil will double, thus making this industry very profitable and beneficial (What is palm oil? n.d.). Palm oil industry, being a profitable business and contributing to the economy of the producers' countries, makes negative impact on environment. The main results of such impact are deforestation (the forests are cut to increase the number of palm oil plantations), climate change (as a result of deforestation), air and water pollution, soil erosion (as fire is usually a mean of deforestation, and palm oil mills produce significant amounts of effluents), species extinction (as a result of climate change and environmental pollution), human health worsening (as a result of climate change and pollution) (What is palm oil? n.d., Sustainable and responsibl e palm oil n.d., Palm oil n.d., Basiron 2014). Because of the negative impact of palm oil industry, the world community started to talk about the necessity to attract attention of this business to the problems, make it sustainable and encourage the corporations, which deal with palm oil industry, to be responsible for their actions. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be viewed as a concept, according to which enterprises take into account interests of society, where they operate, and take responsibility for the influence of their activity on environment, society, workers and other stakeholders.

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Internal and External Factors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Internal and External Factors - Essay Example In order to understand the importance of management functions, it is vital to consider a specific organization in today’s business environment. The organization of choice is Walmart. This organization operates retail stores around the world. Retail markets are dynamic in nature, an aspect that makes it essential to examine how management in this organization undertakes its functions. On the same note, the fact that Walmart operates retail stores globally makes management a critical factor in the global business setting. Planning is the first major function of management. The formulation and realization of an organization’s goals depend on this role of management. In Walmart, planning encompasses the process of strategizing on how to achieve the firm’s short-term and long-term goals. The successful positioning of the retailer in both domestic and international markets is driven by the implementation of strategies that inform the realization of the set goals. The management decides on their retailing approach and the best ways to meet consumer needs. In this respect, planning is an ongoing practice that requires change or alterations if need be. In planning, Walmart’s management engages vibrant advertising and feedback collection practices that solely focus on the customer. This practice takes into account the firm’s marketing, sales, and supply chain management needs. In addition, the organization runs promotional projects that seek to capture consumer attention and convince them to buy. In essence, planning seeks to mobilize organizational processes and strategies that best address the goals and objectives set by the organization. The management cannot achieve the desired organizational outcomes without being organized. In the organizational context, organizing encompasses the mobilization of resources and personnel to ensure that the firm remains in the right business path. Organizing requires the management to allocate

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Why Sudanese are seeking Asylum in the United States Research Paper

Why Sudanese are seeking Asylum in the United States - Research Paper Example For instance, some seek political asylum based on their political opinions. Others are seeking for asylum to regain their freedom, while others are in need of seeking for better lives for them and their families (Tim and Ibrahim 23). It is evident that most Sudanese are seeking asylum from the United States for the sake of their protection from their governments, seek desired freedom, and leads better lives. As a result, the US government is determined to ensure that the well-being of these Sudanese is maintained (Huang 63). With the various types of asylum that the US government is offering to them, the Sudanese are able to lead better lives, with a peace of mind and thus they are able to maximize on their potential (Refugee Council USA 1). This is because with the current level of political unrest in their country, realizing their full potential becomes difficult due to the various shortcomings present (Suess 45). However, the successful ones who gain the asylum in the United States are protected from all the negativities that arise in their

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Tennessee Technological University Essay Example for Free

Tennessee Technological University Essay In choosing the right kind of University that mold and hone one person’s talents and skills to survive the â€Å"real world†, one must not only consider the academic quality given by the university, rather all aspects that the university can contribute to the individual. With my aspiration to become a computer science specialist, I chose TTU for the same reason as every one has, it has a strong credibility in terms of its different fields of study, and other curricular activities that promote the well-being of the individual. I can not demise the fact that it was named as one of America’s 100 Best College Buys, which implies that the money invested in the education of a student is very worth it for the quality of education TTU has given. It has remained atop of public schools nationwide, and regarded by the Princeton Review as the Best Southeastern College. With all the qualifications and strength of the school in terms of quality education and instructor, one is only left with the impression that in TTU, the foundation of true college academic attainment is indeed felt. The application process at TTU requires an accomplished application form that is readily made available in pdf format online. A $15 application fee must also be paid. The university’s admission also requires official transcripts of high school record be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. To ensure a healthy well-being of its students, TTU also requires applicants to submit an accomplished Student Health Form, also made available online, and a form for meningitis or hepatitis. I chose TTU as my university not only for the qualification it has in its Department of Computer Science at the College of Arts and Sciences, but also how it maintains an environment that is safe and convenient for its students to enjoy. Aside from the different activities laid out by the school, the campus grounds alone speaks of how dedicated the university is in maintaining a healthy environment for its students to enjoy. I entrust TTU to mold me into someone better and fulfilled, I chose TTU to help me fulfill my dreams.

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Hobbess Theory Of Sovereignty Philosophy Essay

Hobbess Theory Of Sovereignty Philosophy Essay Thomas Hobbess Leviathan is a very influential book on the politics and government written during the turmoil of the English Civil War in the 17th century. The book is important in itself that in it Hobbes aims to formulate the essence of the power of the sovereign. Indeed, Hobbess political philosophy is based on royalism and absolutism in governance. Moreover, Hobbess political philosophy is concerned about the supremacy of the absolute power of the monarchy in both legislation and government. On the other hand, Hobbess doctrine of the absolute power and sovereignty is a political view which is based on the idea that the power of the monarch is stronger by making agreement between the kings and the subjects. And within this social contract everything is ruled and formulated by the absolute power or the sovereign with the aim of preserving the peace and order in the society. Therefore, Hobbes claims that the king or the sovereign is right when he punishes the subject for their committing crime against the state and the king. Accordingly Hobbes defends the deeds of the king against the subjects and preserves kings orders and ideas that king is right every time for his the chosen person by the society. Hobbes thinks that the subjects should the obey the rules and orders of the sovereign under every conditions, and the sovereign is right and just in his decisions, ideas and rules for the sake of the goodness of the society. Therefore the aim of the paper is to justify Hobbess argument for the claim that he thinks that it is impossible for a sovereign to harm or act unjustly towards his subjects. Moreover, Hobbes this idea of sovereignity means that there are no any contraints on a sovereign as to how he treats his subjects. Hobbes defends, first of all, this view due to the fact that for securing self-preservation, the main aim of the law of nature, which Hobbes set, is to enforce the subjects or the people to seek peace and order and to defend himself against the dangers of the dangerous commitment of the society. Thus, Hobbess theory of political philosophy requires that people should give all their rights to the sovereign. Thus, it is clear from these statements and writings by H obbes, it is only the king who has the authority and power to decide what will be necessary for the defense and preservation of the security of the people. Therore, it is also clear from the statements that while the subjects in the society are lack of all their rights for the sake of the freedom and the order of the state, the sovereigns power and authority become unlimited with his will which is above everything including the law itself. According to the twelve principles of the rights, Hobbes states that he rejects the idea of Separation of Powers. All of the powers are given to one man, the sovereign, and people are bound to the orders of the sovereign. According to the twelve principles, the subjects cannot change the form of government; the subjects give to the sovereign the right to act for them; the selection of sovereign is by majority vote; every subject is author of the acts of the sovereign, thus the sovereign cannot injure any of his subjects, and he cannot be accused of injustice; the sovereign cannot justly be put to death by the subjects; the sovereign has the right to do whatever he thinks necessary for the preserving of peace and security and prevention of discord; the sovereign prescribes the rules of civil law and property; the sovereign is judge in all cases; the sovereign makes war and peace as he sees fit; and he command the army; the sovereign choose counselors, ministers, magistrates and office rs; the sovereign rewards and punishes the people; and the sovereign establishes laws of honor and a scale of worth. This governmental structure leads to absolutism, which is contrary to the separation of powers in state. This kind of ruling and state has more disadvantages than the advantages. Hobbes states that in the state of nature men were at war against each other. In the nature and condition of war every one is in war against every one. Here Hobbes claims that there are three principal causes of war which are competition, diffidence, and glory. Hobbes idea is that men were at war with each other as a result of chaos which is arisen from the lack of a ruler and a sovereign. Therefore Hobbes describes the problem of condition of human life as the absence of government before there were not any laws and rules to control people. Hobbes claims that people who act appetitive and brutally created a chaotic and war like situation. Therefore, according to Hobbes, life before the construction of the civil society and law was considered as continuous and total war. Thus, for Hobbes the good is the commonwealth in which a sovereign saves people from the warring condition. While according to Hobbes, evil is located in the primitive society where is not ruled in accordance to laws by a sovereign. The interests of people are in warring state in such a state. However, when people give their rights to a sovereign, a sovereign prevents the warring nature among people. Thus Hobbes locates good in the peoples giving their rights to a sovereign.

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The Path of Jacob Roberts :: essays research papers

The Path of Jacob Roberts It was a beautiful day, as far as beauty goes in Juneau, and it was a rare event for a mid March afternoon. Jacob Roberts lived in a small house on the Back Loop Road, surrounded by trees. It was a blue house with a two car garage and a wooden patio that jetted out from the north face, which made the house seem content in the atmosphere of tall pine and towering spruce. The property line encompassed nine-tenths of an acre, which included the front yard and a two minute walk into the woods. The trees in the yard were positioned to only permit the entrance of sunlight for about three hours a day. As a result, the structure was tinged with lime green mold and moss on every inch. The backyard was a thick forest that punished weary travelers with a constant shadow. Even on the brightest of days, in the forest, it looked like dusk. Running parallel to the north face of the house was an old road turned path used to cut through the trees and pop out near the Episcopal Church. From the church one could reach the road via a long winding gravel parking lot, and then head south for about a mile and a half to reach Floyd Dryden Middle School. This was the path of Jacob Roberts.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   He was a quiet boy, but not by choice. He was quiet as the consequence of an abusive, alcoholic father who preferred the drink over the love of his family. Jacob was smart. Smart in many ways. Not only did he have an extensive knowledge of physics, chemistry, math and even politics, but he was well versed in more practical intelligence as well. This expertise involved how to take a punch, how to run without looking back, and how to slam shut a bedroom door and hold it against a lumbering drunk whose purpose was to destroy. The trick was to stay low and brace yourself. These things became more useful as time went by.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Jacob loved his father, he loved him very much, but as strong as his love was, he wished his dad would fall off the face of the Earth. Jacob understood that alcohol was a destructive substance and this, he told himself, is why his father should perish.

The Spotted Bat Essay -- Animal Biology

Picture a small delicate creature with a contrasting patch on each shoulder, white at the base of the ears and two huge pink ears. This creature is the spotted bat, also known as the pinto bat. It usually weighs sixteen to twenty grams with a total length of one hundred seven to one hundred fifteen millimeters. Its classification is Animalia Craniata Mammalia Chiroptera Vespertilionidae Euderma maculatum. ( The spotted bat can be found in western North America: southern California east to New Mexico and from Montana south to Mexico. It?s most commonly found in habitats dominated by Utah juniper and sagebrush, sometimes intermixed with limber pine or Douglas-fir, or in grassy meadows in ponderosa pine savannah. Cliffs, rocky outcrops, and water are other attributes of sites where spotted bats have been located. Spotted bats roost in caves, and in cracks in cliffs and canyons, with which this species is consistently associated. The spotted bat can crawl with ease on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. There is a possibility that these bats migrate south...

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Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights – the authors personal experiences in the play

Critiques say that Emily Bronte overshadowed her sister, although when compared to her more outgoing sisters, Emily was a seemingly trapped young woman. She expressed her wildest dreams through her writing. Emily, born on July 30th, 1818 in Thorton, Yorkshire, had four sisters and one brother. (Encyclopedia Americana PG 596. ) The female authors of the family included Charlotte, Anne, and Emily. Charlotte's most famous novel The Professor, along with Jane Eyre were highly praised. Anne wrote Agnes Gray. The Bronte family lived in Haworth. Mrs. Bronte died during Emily's third year. She first attended Cowan Bridge School, where she received a fairly good education, although her time there broke of early, she returned home due to her sister's death. After returning home focused more on her writing. She focused on her poetry. The imaginary village of Gondal influenced her poems. Her sister Anne co wrote some of these poems with her. She later attended a school by the name of Roe Head, but became deeply home sick and returned home. (Stapleton, Michael PG 99. Her final attempt to go to school was at Law Hill, where her and Charlotte taught. Later their brother Branwell tried influencing them to begin publishing novels because it promised a lot of money. The three sisters formed a publishing company of their own. (Encyclopedia Americana PG 597. ) Then Emily began her work on the famous well-known novel of Wuthering Heights. At first, her novel received little praise compared to her sister's books. But its acknowledgment came later. Soon Emily no longer focused on her family, writing, or school. She withdrew herself from the world around her. Her brother Branwell died on October 1st 1848, after drunken rages, that same year Emily became diagnosed with inflammation of the lungs. She died that same year on December 19th. (Www. lang. nagoya-u. ac. jp. ) Although Emily is gone, her novel Wuthering Heights will always be a legend, with its twisted passion, and compelling opposites of Emily's own life. The story begins in 1801, with a man named Lockwood who comes to rent a room at Thrushcross Grange. Lockwood then meets the master of the Grange and of Wuthering Heights. On his journey to the heights he sees the haunting ghost of Catherine, Heathcliff's long lost love. While lying in bed, he hears branches tapping the window, to put them to a halt he reaches to grab them, but to his surprise he grabs the hand of a person instead! â€Å"†¦ Instead of which my fingers closed on the fingers of a little, ice cold hand! † (Emily Bronte PG 30. ) After this astonishment and returning to Thrushcross Grange, Lockwood asks the housekeeper, Nelly to tell him the tale of Heathcliff. The story begins when Mr. Earnshaw, Catherine and Hindley's father returns home with an orphan. The boys name is Heathcliff. Hindley hates him, but Catherine comes to love him. With the death of both Mr. nd Mrs. Earnshaw, Hindley inherits Wuthering Heights. On one evening Heathcliff and Catherine go to Thrushcross Grange to pick on Edgar and Isabella, the rich children that live there. Catherine is forced to stay there after a dog bites her. After a month or so she returns and has lost her love for Heathcliff. Hindley has a son named Hareton, who he calls upon Nelly to take care of since his wife, Frances, died giving the birth. Heathcliff over hears Catherine telling Nelly about her engagement to Edgar, and runs away. He returns some years later as a young man. He plans to seek revenge on Hindley and Edgar. He soon inherits Wuthering Heights after Hindley dies, and marries Isabella to insure his ownership of Thrushcross Grange. Catherine becomes unhappy with Edgar and her love for Heathcliff returns with his arrival, although her pride will not allow her to follow her heat. She dies giving birth to her daughter Cathy. The story with Cathy begins when Edgar takes Linton, Heathcliff and Isabella's son, into their home. Heathcliff soon claims him and forces a marriage between Cathy and Linton. Edgar and Linton soon die, one right after the other, and then Heathcliff takes control of Thrushcross Grange. Which is then rented to Lockwood. Shortly after Lockwood returns to London. On returning to Wuthering Heights he sees that Heathcliff has become obsessed with the ghost of Catherine and soon dies. Cathy and Hareton, Hindley's son, are in love and plan a wedding. The story ends with Lockwood at Heathcliff and Catherine's graves. Emily's life and experiences had much to do with the writing of Wuthering Heights. Emily used her own life to fuel the writing of Wuthering Heights. Her family, her experiences, her religion, and her bottled up, neglected personality all contributed to her writing of Wuthering Heights. First of all, Emily's religion played a huge part in the story of Wuthering Heights. Emily did not limit her religion to one particular form, but when asked how she worshiped, she replied, â€Å"That is between me and god. † (Critical Essays on Emily Bronte PG 8. ) Emily beheld three main beliefs. One; that Hell exists only on earth, and no souls suffer torments after death, two; A soul that has suffered sufficiently on earth attains its heaven, Three; A soul that has not suffered is in limbo for a time, but is redeemed by others' sufferings if not by its own, after enduring the poena damni, deprivation of the desired heaven. Critical Essays on Emily Bronte PG 9. ) These â€Å"rules† are often reflected in Wuthering Heights. With Catherine, she does not go to either Heaven nor Hell, but remains on earth by the wish of Heathcliff, and states herself in the novel she deserves no Heaven. The only time she achieves heaven is when Heathcliff dies and they are once again united, even if it may not be in actual heaven. Emily also refers to Heathcliff as the devil. (Critical Essays on Emily Bronte pg13. ) When Mr. Earnshaw returns home from a trip, he brings with him a boy, â€Å"†¦ you must e'en take it as a gift from God, though it's as dark almost as if it came from the devil. (Pg 40 of Wuthering Heights) Referring to him, as a devil, but yet a gift from God is actually quite complex. It utters Heathcliff's two personalities, as God, his undying love for Catherine and his ability to control people. With his ability to manipulate a situation, he also portrays devil like qualities. Also, in the book, there is a part where Cathy and Linton are comparing their perfect ideas of a hot summer day in July. Linton's idea was a more peaceful one, while Catherine only wanted to dance and sparkle. † I said his heaven would only be half alive, and he said mine would be drunk. (Pg 237 of Wuthering Heights) Emily immediately relates the differences in their ideas of summer evenings to Heaven. Which implies that Cathy and Linton are not meant for each other. Like every one of us, family holds very important quality. Emily's family played an important role in Wuthering Heights. Influences for character mainly included her family. Emily was brought up in a large family, which was not uncommon for that day and age. As in the story, all the children were close in age. But, in Wuthering Heights, there were only two or three children in each family. Maybe this distinguishes an idea that Emily wished she had so she put it into her novel. Emily's brother Branwell fell victim to drugs, alcohol, and sex. This notes a direct portrayal to Catherine's brother Hindley. Hindley has more evil to him than Branwell, but takes on drinking and gambling. He soon blows all of his money and dies when he has no place in the world. Exactly like Branwell. Patrick Branwell, Emily's father, and an Irish man, took care of his family and loved his children. He also died early on in Emily's life, as did Mr. Earnshaw. Mr. Earnshaw devoted himself to his children. I am going to Liverpool today, what shall I bring you? You may choose what you like† (Wuthering Heights pg 40. ) With the death of Mr. Earnshaw turmoil boils among the family; it brings Hindley's hatred toward Heathcliff to the surface, similar to the Mrs. Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights. At the age of two, Emily's mom died. Mrs. Earnshaw is also not noted in the book for more than one or two pages before her death. Emily gave both the Earnshaw's and the Linton's lives with out parents. Probably because she would not of known how to write parents into there lives not knowing hers very well at all. Other factors that have affected Wuthering Heights are her family history, the novel Bridegroom and Barna, and her experiences at Law Hill School. One even her father was telling his children about their ancestors. One of the stories must have connected with Emily because she used it as an outline for her novel. The story goes that his uncle Welsh abused Patrick's father Hugh Branty, who happened to be adopted. Welsh, a representative of Heathcliff, was found on a boat and adopted by Hugh's Grandpa. Welsh later took over the household, and married the daughter of the house. Pyckett, Lyn PG 3-9. ) The Bridegroom and Barna is a story of Emily's time about two star-crossed lovers from rivaled families. Who are only united in death. Just like the Earnshaw's and the Linton's, their children fell in love and only found peace after death. While Emily attended Law Hill School, the owner of the school had two sons, one adopted and one by birth. The son by birth constantly argued and was jealous of the adopted son. This relates directly to Hindley and Heathcliff, two sons arguing for the love of their own father. (Pyckett, Lyn pg10-15. ) The last found influences towards Wuthering Heights are the traits of Emily herself. She was the only child out of six to be given a middle name. It seems as if her parents knew she would be different. She was a very quiet person who kept to her self. And when her own sister came upon her poems she was furious. (Pyckett, Lyn PG 8. ) During her life she experienced a lot of death. Death is also a main factor dealt with in Wuthering Heights. The amount of characters was cut in half by the end of the book. It also reflects the time period where people all died much earlier than they do today. Wuthering Heights was written towards the end of Emily's life. Which may be the reason the story has no theme of hope. Emily knew she was going to die, and did not want a doctor to be called in her last hours. (Critical Essays on Emily Bronte PG 51. ) She was also in a state of delusion. Probably living out the lives of her characters in her dreams. Wuthering Heights only has two main settings, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. This portrays an example of how Emily felt trapped in her own home. She wrote to venture out. She had no love of her life yet wrote one the most passionate stories ever. In conclusion Emily's experiences, her feelings of being alone, the characteristics of her family members, and her relationship with God, all affected the outcome of Wuthering Heights. Using her religion in her novel allows you to connect with her. It could not have been written the same by any other person; because only she beheld these imaginative believes. The story is extremely personal, using references to her family member, not caring if it affected them, which may exemplify why it was written in the last stage of her life. Instead of writing about a tremendous love she had experienced, this way she has no boundaries, she may write whatever her mind will let her. Being an outsider, she enabled herself to express how she really felt, how she wished she could be. All in all, Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights will always be remembered for their originality, and their unique qualities, not for their popular, common traits. Emily's legend lives on just like Catherine's. Lingering on Earth even after death.