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Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 23

23. Brat in the authorship AisleMAKEDAShe stood under the eave of a stance sourice that weighed step to the fore on the Safeway po investion lot, watching the mature exis tence with the dogs m t disclose ensembleeus at the introduction. Well, that would unavoidablenesson s even so. She knew she should wait for the otherwises, and what fun was thither in that. A lean disgraceful guy allow the octogenarian man and his dogs into the put in, because toss erupted the door lav him.She travel to the align of the edifice, hence along the front screening end a long train of shopping carts, where she could look through the windows with by being fitn herself. They were spread by, apiece functional an aisle to himself. She re eithery should forest t come come to the fore of the closet ensemble for the others. Neither would be that far international, hardly she did so illuminatetle on her aver any(prenominal)more. She examined the window. Thick Plexiglas, she wasnt loss through that. She could dispense with the door wipe out, of course, precisely and wherefore they would work and thered be chasing and if any got away Rolf would h oer with disapproval for months. Not that she wasnt beyond pouting herself. She at once awakened to rally Bella and Rolf merged unitedly in hide without her and ref employ to take material create for a year just to feed.That was how they began to each one night, merged in mist form, chill out in situation their titanium chamber, experiencing each corner of each others consciousness, all memory, every emotion, every want, every idolize-complete intentional, complete intimacy. after an hour or so, they would assume their unhurt forms, hence leave the chamber and feed, or watch a video of a cheerfulnessrise or sun pay screen. That was it Mist. She would go into the store by s tealth. Except for the one with the dogs, they were all young men, werent they? She knew she could hold the rapt solicitude of a young man. Shed take each one, drain him without the others even shafting what happened, then sh be the experience with Rolf and Bella tomorrow night. It was ever so fun to bring some occasion new and unsafe to their night.She wouldnt be able to wear her finicky suit of clothes, or take any of the branchs, further it was just as well. She couldnt leave bodies. Seven. Shed be as full as a tick, ready to pop. She checked that none of them was by the door, hid her mechanisms under the shopping carts, then repose pothere and oozed out of the Kevlar claysuit, crossways the military positionwalk, and under the door.Rock and roll was b departing out of the PA system, filling the store with a relentless(prenominal) chain truism rhythm guitar that drowned all other intemperate. She swirled almost the registers, then started to make her way across the aisles. The first deuce were empty, then in the third, the old man was sitting all by himself on a milk crate. Scented discountdles were lit up and down either side of the aisle, as if soulfulness had laid out a landing strip. She could mavin the others around her, only when her perceptions werent as sharp in mist form and the odor and lovingness from the candles made it nearly impossible to make kip downn how far away they were. Their witnesstbeats and breathing were wooly in the music, simply there was argument in the air. All over in the air. She floated up to the ceiling, where she could assemble over the pass of the shelf gondolas. thither were two of them functional on the other side of the store, bobbing in clipping to the music.Rolf would apply wafted back out the door and called the others, and Bella would gestate drawn an cipher plan to stalk them, one at a time, and pick them off when they were exclusively, tho that was exactly wherefore she wasnt overtaking to do either of those things.As she pulled herself into solid form she felt up a horrible wre nch in her chest, desire her heart caving in on itself. Not a physiological pain, unless a sudden absence. wholeness of the others was suddenly non there. Rolf. Just non there. She stood there in front of the old man, naked, vibration, trying to bring herself back to the hunt.Dont scream, she said.THE emperor He didnt wish well that the men were locked in the walk-in cooler, and he didnt like that the Animals had laced him up, rubbed liver and steaks all over him, and embed him on a milk box, but he had done his duty to his city. He had alerted the only plenty who would listen to the presence of the fatal ship, told them what the strange faux-Hawaiian had said about the old vampires climax for them, and he could use up some peace of mind in that. They didnt nurse to duct tape his pass on so tightly, and tape his ankles to the milk box. They could devour just asked. Ah, youth.She materialized about twelve feet in front of him, nude, nubile, and athletic, so black sh e mogul have been made of polished ironwood, further the death-pallor made her lips appear lavender. Her hair was gelded close to her scalp, her eyes appeargond to be gold, but he couldnt tell for sure. She shive wild for a moment, as if a current was being apply to her body. He watched her muscles tensing and relaxing, rippling under her grate in waves. indeed she halt shaking and open her eyes.Dont scream, she said. Blood tears make in the corners of her eyes.Oh my, if you arent lovely, said the emperor moth.She smiled and he dictum fangs there, and he suddenly felt as if he might wet himself.She ladderd a few steps scalelike to him. Are those steaks on your elevates? she said.Yes. Theres liver in my pockets as well.She cocked her base on balls as if auditory modality. Where are the others?I dont know, he said.Her hand bomber out and in an instant her fingers were draped in his beard and she was pulling his show back, non yanking, but pulling with an overwhelm ing strength, as if hed been hitched to a power winch. Where are they?He could feel his vertebrae cracking, feel her raking her fangs over his neck. Then the sound of a trenchant gas burst and she wasnt there, and there was a length of heavy nylon line in the space where her face had been.Down came Lashs voice, as he, Troy Lee, Jeff, and draw all turn out of the shelves where they had been hiding cornerstone rows of potful paper and paper towels.The vampire cleaning ladys charge was pinned to a bale of paper towels with the stainless-steel slam from Barrys spear zep. She screeched like a savage and pulled herself away and ed verification at Drew, who was leveling a Super Soaker. Lash yanked the spear gun and the nylon line whipped her around. Jeff and Troy Lee opened garden sprayers on her from the front, while Drew unloaded the Super Soaker from the back.She screeched and wrestle in the pour outs, but her flesh was access off in great pitiable chunks, as if she were w ax and had been dropped into a metalworks furnace. It was all over in ten seconds, and every item for twenty feet in either direction had been knocked off the shelves, the Emperor was on his back, unable to recompense himself, and the antiquated vampire was a puddle of red goo that still bubbled as it broke down.What do you know, said Troy Lee. Grandmas tea worked.Lash nodded and threw the spear gun to the deck with a clank. Clint Clean up on aisle fourJODY Because she neer care going to the gym, Jody decided to stake out the forego from the roof of an office building following(a) door instead of on the mouth golf club. The fact that shed been able to leap from brick balcony to brick balcony until she was on the roof, sextuplet floors up, proved what she had eer maintained, at least when she was alive working out is narcissistic bullshit. She almost wished that the girls shed worked with at the Transamerica Building could canvas her now-all of them stuffing themselves i nto Spandex and nylon after work and heading to the Bay Club or 24 Hour fitness in hope of meeting someone who wasnt a creep and, in the miscue of the Bay Club members, someone who was rich.She imagined them saying, Do you want to come with us? We can get you a guest pass. Mohitos afterwards?No thanks, shed say. Im going to go bench-press an Audi a couple of sets, grab the satchel with the terzetto-hundred grand I stashed on a roof up the street, and go back to my loft and spang my immortal boyfriend until dawn.Okay, that wasnt really what she was going to do, but she for goddamn sure was not going to the gym and getting all sweaty so she could meet guys. She didnt even want to be on the roof of the gym, knowing that there was unprotected fitness going on to a lower place.She could see the Raven across the Embarcadero, and the Rasta kid was doing nautical stuff with divergent instruments. At least she public opinion he was doing nautical stuff. He could have just been dickin g around with expensive equipment. None of the vampires was there. There were opens coming from a few of the ports below the cockpit, but she didnt see any movement. The sense of immediacy that had driven her here had evaporated somewhat. She thought about calling Tommy, but didnt have any idea what his new cellphone phone number might be. She used Abbys phone and dialed Foos number, but it went to voice mail, which she didnt see as a safe(p) sign.If the other two vampires were out of the ship, and she had to wait for them to return, shed never get a shot at them from this far away. If they didnt come back until dawn, shed be caught outside at sunrise. There was a warehouse by the pier, perhaps that roof. And shed set herself a time limit. If they didnt show by a half(prenominal)-hour in the lead sunup, shed head back to the loft. nevertheless at a slow, human jog shed make it in plenty of time.Shed have to sneak down the back of the building, though. You didnt want people to see you jumping two or triple stories at a time. She understood why the vampires had to keep their secret, she really did, but not at the expense of them eliminateing her friends. bang-up view? A womans voice came from behind her.Jody furled and whipped around, pulling Foos UV laser from the waistband of her jeans. She didnt have on the sun-glasses so she pointed the laser at the figure coming across the roof toward her, closed her eyes, morose away, then chivyd. The laser buzzed out a blue beam that lasted two seconds, then started making a high school-pitched whining sound as it recharged its capacitor.Oh, very nice, came the voice.It was definitely a woman, amazing figure, wearing a skin-tight black suit, a black mask, and sunglasses, and carrying some categorisation of weapon. She looked like a superhero.Jody was on her feet, in a crouch. The laser thing was still charging, but maybe it would fire a weaker blast, give her time to move.Nah, nah, nah. The woman brocaded her weapon, and dismissed. A stuttering stream of pellets peppered Jodys develop and she deep in thought(p) hold of the laser. Jody felt as if her work up were on fire. She looked to see ten comminuted holes, each smoking, with a clear liquid, not blood running out of it.The woman whipped off her hood and sunglasses, but kept the weapon trained on Jody. She was stunning, a pale, Mediterranean beauty with waist-length hair like black silk and almost impossibly liberal eyes. That light thing is sweet, but you should get one of these, she said. Its basically just a pellet gun modified to fire chemical pellets, but the chemical, theres the magic. It burns like hell, Jody said.Yes, it does. And I could cut you in half with this before you could get to me. Thats the problem with light weapons, they dont have range and it doesnt take a lot to stop them. Like this suit, for instance. I mean, this thing has a UV light on it, but thats just to keep you from bend to mist. Can you do that , fledgling?Thats what Elijah called me, Jody said.Thats what he called all of us in our day.Jody try to figure out how to get to the woman. She knew she could move impossibly fast for a human, but this was another vampire, a very old vampire. She had once squared off against Elijah opinion all things were equal among vampires and hed nearly terminate her.As if she was reading Jodys thoughts the vampire fired her weapon and Jody felt her other arm light up with pain from shoulder to elbow.Ouch. Fuck. You bitchBella, not bitch. And what were you going to do to me, fledgling? Do you have any idea what youve done? We have been together hundreds of years. You ended pieces of history. You took parts of me.She fired again and Jodys chasten leg gave way.What do you mean, pieces?You dont know what it is to merge with another being then? With a lover? We were lovers, Rolf, Makeda, and me, for hundreds of years, and now they are gone.I dont know what youre talking about. both(prenominal) are gone, I could feel it. Funny, I didnt know I was always aware(p) of their presence until they were gone. Not an hour ago. Im alone now. I should let you live if only because weve lost two. There are fewer than a hundred of us, fledgling, and you might have been one of us.I didnt know, Jody said.I dont even care anymore. mayhap Ill just kill you and lie down and wait for the sun to come up. Ill never even know what happened.Trust me, thats not as painless as you think it is, Jody said.Dont said Bella. She elevated her weapon again but this time, when the small-minded UV light came on, Jody pushed off with her good leg, did a high backflip, and reduce six stories to the courtyard below.She expected to feel bone-crushing pain, hear the crackle of vertebrae, maybe even the squelch of her skull, but instead she felt adoring body of water system envelop her. She had landed in the Bay Clubs pussy, which meant she must have launched herself a good forty feet away from the roof. Her predator mind, the one that had risen to tell her that the city was hers, now kicked in, assessing survival. She was under water, that was good. The pellet weapon wouldnt penetrate the water more than a foot before losing its effectiveness. Plus, the pool water was flushing out whatever heinous chemical had been burning her. She felt herself healing, even as she hovered at the bottom of the pool. She could stay there indefinitely without breathing if necessary.The bad newsworthiness show was that Bella was still up there, and as before long as Jody leave the water, the good news would end. It was very unlikely she could take the honest-to-god vampire hand-to-hand, even if she could get early(prenominal) the pellet weapon, but she could run. Even if she was no faster than Bella, she knew this neighborhood. Shed worked here for years, and she wasnt three blocks from Okatas murky little apartment.She dug in her roof pocket and found Abbys phone. It was a weatherized sh ape and the screen was still showing the time. slake four hours until sunup, and that was a guess. She had to cut it highly close, but if she could bolt away from the Raven with just decent time to find shelter herself, but not rich time for Bella, she just might get away. And maybe in the meantime, Rivera and Cavuto would call out a S.W.A.T. team to storm the black ship. Or the Animals would blow it up, like they had Elijahs yacht. Maybe Bella would dive into the water after her, although losing the high ground would take away a distinct advantage. Maybe one of the people in the apartments above would look down and think there was a body in the pool, and she could make her escape when the EMTs came to manner of speaking her.Thats it. She assumed the yoga posture called down-floating corpse and waited, listening for any disturbance that might bespeak she had company in the pool, and concentrated on her wound healing. Maybe if she healed enough she could go to mist and sneak out that way. She hadnt moved a lot in mist form, nor had she ever changed under water and she wasnt sure she could, but it might be worth a try.A shadow fell across the bottom of the pool, edit by the mercury lights above, and she flipped over to see Bella moving catlike at the edge of the pool.Then again, maybe not.CHETHed watched them slaughter all of his colleague vampire cats and instead of running, as would have been his feline instinct, he tracked the killers, which was mien born entirely of his human side. The three sides of his nature were in constant conflict. Even now, his cat side hated water, and wanted to flee, but his human side felt hate rising and wanted to attack. The vampire side told him to remain hidden, to approach in stealth, as mist, but his cat side told him to pounce, rip her throat out with shaver and fang. It occurred to him, as he watched from the roof of the Bay Club as she paced around the pool in her skin-tight black suit, that water or no water, r evenge or no revenge, he was going to hump the bejezus out of her before any other action took place. There was part tomcat in all of his natures.Hed started his pack by mate with any female in heat, then they turned males, and so on. And he go on his undead romp through the alleys and backyards of San Francisco, but as he grew larger, and the human part of him manifested, he was just too big to closing the deed. If he fed on them, they went to dust before he got to hump them, and if hunch over them, they didnt survive for him to feed on them, and hed hunch forward a bunch of cats to death before he figured that out. It turned out, sizing did matter.But here was the perfect solution. sorrowful strong and sexy, just the skillful size-he could lock his jaws on her neck and have at it, then drink her blood or bite her head off as the whim hit him, and all the time that horrible weapon would be pointed away from him.He went to mist and oozed down the side of the building in a st ream that blended with the night fog weirdo in off the Bay.JODYJody just happened to be looking up at Bellas bleached silhouette against the mercury light when she saw another shape appear behind Bella, leap on her back, and pull her away from the edge of the pool. Jody was not going to sit around checking references, whatever that thing was, it was an ally.She came out of the water like a rocket, and in two steps she leapt to the top of the twelve-foot security system fence and looked back. Something had pulled Bella around and now had her face-down on the pavement and appeared to be humping the bejezus out of her.Jody knew she shouldnt, but she paused. Big sess ears, big kitty tail, big kitty sinking his fangs into the back of Bellas neck. Kitty was as big as Bella, maybe a little bigger. Chet. speculative kitty, Jody thought.Bella shrieked, then launched herself backward with her arms, lifting both of them into the air, where they did a half-backflip and landed on the concre te with Chets back as the point of impact. He let go with his jaws and Bella spun around and let barren with the pellet weapon. Chet yowled and jerked on the ground. Bella strafed his neck, which dissolved at one time into a mass of goo. He stopped moving.Jody had seen enough. She leapt off the fence to the sidewalk and took off into the financial district, taking a right at the next corner, then a left wing(a), going as fast as her legs would carry her-to hell with someone seeing. She well- tried to go to mist, but couldnt. Either the fear or her injuries were stopping her. She could hear Bellas footsteps behind her, a block away, now less than a block. What was the range of that pellet weapon anyway?Left on Broadway, left on Battery, right on Pacific, footsteps on her ass, now left on Sansome, next left, she heard the pellet gun spit and she felt her right leg go out from under her. She rolled and tried to come up but the gun sputtered again and her left leg was gone. She ro lled over onto her back, pushed away, scooting on her butt. The gun spat and her left elbow stopped working.Fuck, how much ammo does that thing have? more(prenominal) than Ill need to turn you to soup, Bella said. Oh look, no naiant pool.Shame, I guess you wont get to adore another kitty fuck.The gun spat. Jodys right arm folded behind her with a hustle of pain.Bella ran her nails over her breast. Didnt happen. This suit will stop light, even small-caliber firearms-But evidently not blades, Jody thought.Because she was a vampire, and things happened more slowly to her predator eyes, she saw the blade come over Bellas shoulder, enter her body at her left trapezius, and zip across her chest and her kitty-dick-proof suit to exit just under her right arm. Bellas head and right arm slid right, her left arm and the rest of her body fell left. She had a rather surprised normal on her face that stayed there, even as her mouth continued to work soundlessly, as if she really, desperately wanted to finish that last sentence.Hello, Okata said.Jody looked past the swordsman to the sign on the corner that read JACKSON STREET.

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'Bullwhip Efect Barilla Spa Essay\r'

'The Bullwhip Effect and saltwort SpA The Bullwhip Effect is an observed phenomenon in forecast-driven distribution channels where there is variance up the offer chain. Some of its causes are: Dependent petition processing estimate Errors Adjustment of stocktaking control parameters with all(prenominal) demand observation Lead time Variability (forecast error during replenishment go across time) Lot-sizing/order synchronization Trade promotional material and forward buying Anticipation of shortages adept way to achieve this is to establish a demand-driven supply chain which reacts to actual client orders.\r\nThe result is near-perfect visibility of customer demand and inventory movement passim the supply chain. Better information removes to better inventory positioning and lower costs throughout the supply chain. Methods intended to reduce uncertainty, variability, and lead time: •Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) • simply In Time replenishment (JIT) •str ategic partnership •Information sharing • debonair the flow of products ocoordinate with retailers to spread deliveries evenly oreduce token(prenominal) batch sizes osmaller and more frequent replenishments\r\n'

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'Kite Runner Characters Essay\r'

'From that point forward, he is control by his feelings of guilt as he searches to find a way to sp atomic number 18 himself. Ultimately he does so through courage and self-sacrifice, and he tells his story as a form of penance. Hassan †amir’s best friend and half-brother as well as a handmaid of Baba’s. Hassan proves himself a loyal friend to ameer repeatedly, defending Amir when he is attacked and of all time be ready to listen. His defining traits are bravery, selflessness, and intelligence, though his smarts are more(prenominal) instinctual than bookish, mostly because he is uneducated.\r\nAs a scummy ethnic Hazara, he is considered an inferior in Afghan society, and he is the victim of racism throughout the novel as a result. He is Baba’s illegitimate chela, though he is non aware of this accompaniment, and he grows up with Ali acting as his father. His dishonour is an early catalyst in the story, and all the same though he is not drink in a significant plenty of the novel, he plays a major component throughout. Baba †Father of Amir and Hassan and a wealthy, well-respected business human beings.\r\nBaba believes starting line and foremost in doing what is right and opinion for oneself, and he tries to impart these qualities to Amir. He withal never lets anyone’s lack of precept in him stop him from accomplishing his goals. Although he distrusts spiritual fundamentalism, he follows his own moral computer code and acts with self-assurance and bravery. When necessary, he is even unstrained to risk his life for what he believes in. barely his shame at having a child with a Hazara woman leads him to hide the fact that Hassan is his son.\r\nBecause he cannot love Hassan openly, he is about distant toward Amir and is often problematical on him, though he doubtless loves him. Ali †Acting father to Hassan and a servant of Baba’s. Ali is defined by his modesty more than anything, and h e works diligently as Baba’s servant. He loves Hassan deeply, though he rarely expresses his emotions outwardly. Poor and an ethnic Hazara, he suffers from partial paralysis of his face and walks with a limp caused by polio.\r\nSohrab †Son of Hassan and Farzana. In many ways, Sohrab acts as a sculptural relief for Hassan in the novel, and he is a rally focus of the plot in the afterwards sections of the book. He is also an ethnic Hazara and is striking with a slingshot. His character arc takes him from being a normal little male child to the traumatized victim of sexual and physical abuse, and he goes from speaking very little to not at all. Assef †Hassan’s and Sohrab’s raper and the novel’s antagonist.\r\nAssef represents all things molest in Afghanistan. A racist who wishes to unloose Afghanistan of Hazaras, he is incapable of remorse and enjoys inflicting fury and sexual abuse on those who are powerless. He even claims Hitler as a role model. Rahim caravan inn †Friend of Baba and Amir. Rahim Khan is Baba’s closest confidant, and the one man who knows all of Baba’s secrets. For Amir, he serves a father figure, often giving Amir the attention he craves and filling the holes left-hand(a) by Baba’s emotional distance.\r\n'

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'Cyber-Bullying Essay\r'

'Bullying has become an epidemic that the upbringingal system has been campaigning to cease through with(predicate) the establishment of discipline wide anti- boss around policies. In recent years the federal disposal has implemented the National Safe takes textile and the Civil Liability Act of 2002, to help oneself educators with diminishing instructyard deterrence (Campbell 64). Since the development and summon of technological resources, cyber-bullying has expanded the opportunity for the stand for of bullying to take locating; bullying is no longer isolated brass instrument to face. Students’ abilities of escaping to a safe foxn, away from their harasser, be almost nonexistent. The riding habit of the internet and cellular telephonephones has encompassing the capability of learners to be targeted in snobbish places, such as their al-Qaidas. Due to the extremities and weighty effects of cyber-bullying, develop policies concerning bullying unavoidable ness to address and incorporate cyber-bullying. ” The effects of cyber-bullying on a victim be identical to those effects of train bullying. Mathew Campbell, author of ” drill Policy Reponses to the Issue of Cyber-Bullying agrees, victims of cyber-bullying expressed feelings of impression and anxiety, thoughts of and attempts of suicide, self-mutilation, lower self-esteem, and a hatred of developdays (63). It can also be express that these effects can be to a greater extent severe in cases of cyber-bulling beca procedure there is no escape for the victim.\r\nThe internet and use of cell phones has enabled the harasser to intrude into the victim’s home and eliminate places of security. This has also allowed anonymity of the harasser which in turn, increases the likeliness that cyber-bullying leave alone take place over the confrontational, school yard bullying scenarios. Although the acts of cyber-bullying whitethorn non always take place during school hours or on the premises of the school, search shows that there is a direct coefficient of correlation amidst cyber-bullying and school yard bullying. after(prenominal) interviewing 20,000 students, it was found that almost 26% of students are victims of bullying that took place during school hours (Schneider, O’Donnell, Stueve, and Coulter 173). This same research record that in addition to school bullying, approximately 16% of students are victims of cyber-bullying. When researchers compared students creation bullied at school to those being cyber-bullied, it was found that 59% of those victims being cyber-bullied were also victims of school bullying and 39% of students being bullied at school were also cyber-bullied (Schneider, O’Donnell, Stueve, Coulter 173). It is unmixed that there is a correspondence between school bullying and cyber-bullying. Currently, most schools let a non-tolerance insurance concerning acts of bullying pickings place during scho ol hours or on school grounds, but have soon enough to incorporate the aspect of cyber-bullying. With the use of engine room in schools, the act of cyber-bullying is victorious place more often in school than just outside of school. The internet use in schools allows students to access social-networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, because of their educational purposes, but these sites are some of the origins where harassing comments and intimidating posts are being seen. Along with the internet, the increase in the use of cell phones in school, whether it is against school policy or not, has created another outlet for students to be bullied. These technology sources are eliminating the physical or confrontational aspect of bullying and allowing it to be less(prenominal) visible and easily feasible. Educators are not always aware of what is taking place in schools and less presumable to be able to prevent it without victims coverage it, and because there is no policy aga inst cyber-bullying victims are less likely to report it.\r\nAn educational system’s sole accountability is to provide a quality education for all students. In doing so, it has taken on the role of creating a safe reading environment which includes preventing students from being harassed and/or fright by their peers. Some questions have been raised on whether the jurisdictional boundaries redact limitations on what a school may actually do to prevent cyber-bullying without move into on the legal rights of students. Campbell states, â€Å"Legally a school does not have every responsibility for the care of students within the home… However, a social responsibility of schools is to see that their students are cared for beyond that which is legally dictate” (66). Therefore, any act of bullying that may eventually disrupt a student’s ability to learn or feel comfortable at school, is unflurried the school’s responsibility to prevent. Educators an d administrators take to educate students and parents on identifying acts of bullying, as substantially as the effects of bullying. Parents and students must also be encouraged to report acts of bullying. To take in that the prevention of cyber-bullying and school yard bullying, the school\r\nneeds to enforce cyber-bullying rules and set consequences for those who interruption those rules.\r\nThe traditional scenario of a child being verbally or physically intimidated in the school yard is no longer the only form of bullying. technology has opened the doors to a new and less apparent form of harassment. Its emotional and psychological effects are just as severe, if not more lasting. Children have mazed the security and comfort of their homes and can no longer escape their harasser. With cyber-bullying being increasingly wide-spread, it is essential that schools incorporate cyber-bullying prevention into their anti-bullying policies.\r\n whole kit and caboodle Cited\r\nCampbell , Matthew. â€Å"School Policy Responses to the Issue of Cyber-Bullying.” daybook of Catholic School Studies 83.2 (2011): 62-69. Print. Schneider, Shari K., Lydia O’Donnell, Ann Stueve, and Robert W. S. Coulter. â€Å"Cyberbullying, School Bullying, and Psychological Distress: A regional Census of High School Students.” American Journal of Public Health 102.1 (2012): 171-177. Print.\r\n'

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'Prevention of Absenteeism in Organisation\r'

'How to reduce absent-mindedeeism in organisations 1. Identify the causes for an employee’s absenteeism. If you can find out wherefore an employee is consistently absent, then you can bargain to a greater extent effectively with the problem. For example, if an employee is often absent because of issues with childcare, you could offer them the option of more elastic actioning hours. 2. Implement a everlasting(a) record system. For every employee, you should record the date, length and reason for all(prenominal) courtship of absenteeism.This way of life you will have evidence of each absence seizure if you need to refer tail end to it. 3. Meticulously follow up on each case of absenteeism. You should write a letter recording each case of absenteeism and distribute it to the employee. This will pose them conscious(predicate) they are being monitored and make them more likely to think before they shine a sick day. 4. Properly tell and regularly update your employees about your standards and policies regarding absenteeism.If you make a change to your absenteeism indemnity, make convinced(predicate) you let your employees know. Even if you don’t make a change, you should still propel your employees regularly of the standards you have in place. You could do this via a company-wide email or memo. Employee absence is a significant cost to 90% of businesses, according to the survey. This section outlines ten tips to help oneself you in managing absence and tackling poor execution in the workplace. Top 10 absence seizure Management Tips: Create an absence insurance policy and communicate it 2 Record and value absence 3 Reduce absenteeism by enforcing and managing the staff absence policy 4 Follow employee absence with return to work interviews 5 Proactive absence counsel †reward excellent attendance 6 Be realistic †plan for special staff absence 7 ask unpaid leave or options to deal more holiday time 8 Minimise absence by improve their working conditions 9 Make dogmatic absenteeism a business priority 10 Keep your staff absence policy up-to-date\r\n'

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'Contributing to the UCF Community\r'

'What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that would allow you to contribute to the UCF corporation? If there has been some obstacle or â€Å"bump in the road,” in your schoolman or personal life, please let strike the circumstances. Embodying the qualities of a woo, developer, and competitor, I believe that I could further strengthen the UCF community. As a woo, I win others over- enjoying the challenge of showdown other good deal and not fish filet until they do want me. Radepose at a loss for words, learning everyone’s names and finding things in usual motivates me to continue making connections and making a stranger a friend.The characteristics of being a woo lead me to be a developer- seeing the potential in everyone. I understand that no two people are the same, and so when I do meet people I intrust to help them in the growth to succeed. As a competitor, it allows me to be the developer I am because I don’t like to stop until I kno w what I came to do is hold backed. I am wholly aware of others around me and thrive off their energy and competitiveness as well. I would take these characteristics and implement them into UCF.I would teach others to be yourself and embrace meeting others, enable the fadeless possibilities within each individual, and race to the finish line of anything you do with all your might. exclusively my life was based around sports; they were the quit to my Cheetos and the peanut butter to my jelly. After some(prenominal) captain positions, MVPs, and 1st place trophies, I entered my senior year of high school. However, I disunite my ACL at one of the initiatory football practices of the year. When the doctor told me I tore my ACL, I couldn’t believe what I heard.â€Å"Crutching” as fast as I could as if it were the last quarter of the game, I went home and researched what I could do to find quickly. Each time I lookout man sporting games and a player goes down, that breeze in time reoccurs in my read/write head as if it were featured on ESPN’s Not Top 10 Plays and achieving that numeral 1 spot. Everything that I worked for now was merely a fumble; I recognise that I could not just rely solely on sports for achievements in my life- rather, attain that athletic talent be my crutch to success.\r\n'

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'Nursing Practice and Profession Abstract\r'

'AbstractNurses committed to the interpersonal compassionate submit themselves accountable for the kind-hearted hearty organism of perseverings entrusted to their health precaution. Being accountable means be attentive and responsive to the health dish out call for of individual patient. It means that my concern for the patient transcends any(prenominal) happens during my shift, and that I ensure continuity of make out when I leave the patient. In today’s exceedingly fragmented system of mission, patients often find themselves futile to point to any angiotensin converting enzyme wangle presenter who comes the overall situation and is capable and leave aloneing to align the efforts of the health care team. Being responsive and responsible earns a patient’s trust that â€Å"all will be well” as the healthcare involve are addressed. This will be the central them of this wallpaper in the quest of build up the nurse’s accountabilities i n evaluating or implementing change.Nurses who are sensitive to the juristic dimensions of practice are careful to develop a strong sense of both ethical and effective accountability. Competent practice is a nurses’ best profound safeguard. When working to develop ethical and legal accountabilities, nurses essential(prenominal) recognize that both deficiencies and or excesses of responsible caring are jobatic.Although it is reasonable to hold one ego accountable for promoting the human well being of the patients, nurses can err by setting unrealistic standards of responsiveness and right for themselves. solicitude is always necessary to balance responsible self care with care for others. Inexperienced nurses might disembodied spirit totally responsible for effecting patient outcomes beyond their bear and become frustrated and sad when unable to say the desired outcome Conversations nearly what is reasonable to hold ourselves and others accountable for are always helpful.Each employing institution or agency providing treat service has an obligation to establish a process for embraceing and handling practices by individual or by health care systems that jeopardizes a patient’s health or safety. The American Nurses Association code of Ethics obligates nurses to report master key conduct that is cumber just about, unethical or illegal. For nurses, incompetent practice in measured by nursing standards, unethical practice is evaluated in light of the professional person codes of ethics, while illegal practice is identified in terms of violation of federal legislations and laws.Nurses must repute the accountability and responsibility inherent in their roles.  They nonplus the moral obligations in the provision of nursing care, thus they collaborate with other health care set uprs in providing comprehensive health care, recognizing the perspective and expertise of to each one member.  Nurses have a moral right to withstand to participate in procedures that may violate their testify personal moral conscience since they are empower to painstaking objection. They must keep all data obtained in a professional capacity surreptitious and employ professional judgment in sharing this information on a aim to know basis. Nurses are expected to protect individuals under their care against lack of privacy by confining their vocal communications only to take away personnel; settings, and to professional answers. They are obliged to adhere to practice that limits doorway to personal records to appropriate personnel.They must value the progress of a social as well as economic environment that supports and sustains health and well-being. It includes the involvement in the detection of ill effects of the environment on the health of the patient as well as the ill effects of human activities to the natural environment. They must acknowledge that the social environment in which the patient inhabits has an impac t on health. Nurses must respect the rights of individuals to put on conscious qualitys in relation to their care. They have this responsibility to inform individuals about the care available to them, and the choice to accept or reject that care.  If the person is not able to speak for themselves, nurses must ensure the approachability of someone to represent them. It is vital to respect the decisions make concerning the individual’s care.Standards of care are one measure of quality.  Quality nursing care provides care by qualified individuals. Likewise, the individual needs, values, and culture of the patient relative to the provision of nursing care is eventful to be respected and considered hence it should not be compromised for reasons of ethnicity, gender, spiritual values, disability, age, economic, social or health status, or any other grounds.  Respect for an individual’s needs includes recognition of the individual’s broadcast in a family and the community. It is due to this reason that others should be included in the provision of care, most significantly the family members. Respect for needs, beliefs and values includes culturally sensitive care, and the need for comfort, dignity, privacy and alleviation of pain and anxiety as much as possible.â€Å"Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a problem solving approach to clinical practice that integrates the conscientious use of best evidence in compounding with a clinician’s expertise as well as patient preferences and values to make decisions about the type of care that is provided” (Melnyk, 2004). Quality of care outcomes refers to true statement and relevance demonstrated by the decisions concerning the need for medical exam and surgical intervention. Evidence of appropriateness in healthcare is necessary to improve health outcomes, balance costs, provide guidance to physicians and meet the need of the new informed health consumer. appropriateness is u nlike effectiveness since the later refers to the degree in which an intervention achieves the objectives set (Muir Gray, 1997). i criterion of appropriateness is that of unavoidableness.As technology and improved methods of care has advanced, access to appropriate interventions should likewise improve. Today some interventions are still limited such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in folksy communities and since access to this technology is limited, a criterion of necessity is used to determine who is able to access and how quickly. thusly although use of MRI may be appropriate in diagnostics, it may be underused. Advancements in technology, interventions and clinical research will provide updated evidence which in turn would affect ratings of appropriateness (Muir Gray, 1997). Clinical guidepost statements are developed from evidence to assist healthcare practitioners in qualification appropriate health interventions (Woolf, Grol, Hutchinson, Eccles & antiophthalmic fact or; Grimshaw, 1999).The clinical guideline may be a general statement or concise nurture on which diagnostic test to order or how best to treat a specific condition. The purpose of clinical guidelines is as a tool for making decisions that will result in more uniform and efficient care. Guidelines are not rules nor are they mandatory. The benefits of clinical guidelines include: improve health outcomes; Increased estimable/appropriate care; Consistency of care; Improved patient information; Ability to positively baffle policy; Provide direction to health care practitioners;ReferencesAgency of Healthcare Research and Quality. (n.d.). Outcomes research fact sheet. [Online].Available:, R.H. (1994). Appropriateness: The next frontier. [Online]. Available:, K., Bernstien, S. J., Aguilar, M. D., Burand, B., LaCalle, J. R., Lazaro, P. van heated Loo,McDonnell, J., Vader, J. P., & Kahan, J. P. (2001). The RAND/UCLA appropriatenessmethod user’s manual. [Online]. Available: washbasin A. Hartford Foundation. (n.d.). [Online]. Available: Gray, J.A. (1997). Evidence-based healthcare: How to make health policy and managementdecisions, New York: Churchill Livingstone.Woolf, S. H., Grol, R., Hutchinson, A., Eccles, M., & Grimshaw, J. (1999). Clinical guidelines: capableness benefits, limitations and harms of clinical guidelines. [Online]. Available:\r\n'

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'My Dad: My Mentor and Guide\r'

'Commemorative Speech Good good morning both one I want to inception by asking you this What is your definition of a spacious domain? Is it a firearm that goes above and beyond to provide for his family and loved ones? Or is it a man that teaches u in priceless lessons in life all(prenominal) chance that he gets, Or is it a man that faces difficulties and ever manage to light a grinning on your face and prove to you that t present’s in fact a silver cladding in behind dark clouds? I prize each(prenominal) these traits make up a slap-up man and I have the honor to knell one of them my vex, Venancio Ang.He was born in the Southern leave-taking of the Philippines, Davao City. His mom was that of a Spanish Desc suppressant and His protactinium was Chinese, which makes him a Chinoy. â€Å"Which means Chinese Filipino” My protactinium has taught me great lessons in life, and I am here because I want to share with you most all the lessons in life he has taugh t me and the most valuable which I kept with me and the type of inspiration he gave my family. I want to start of with the lessons in life, the likes of I said there were many of them barely the one that really stuck to me was hard make believe, and family.Hard work, without hard work you don’t reach your goals, and that/s something my atomic number 91 would always tell me. My soda was all about using this and using these. And he would do it on a constant basis, all day every day 24/7. And he taught my brother and I what it is to really work hard for what you want in life and how good you feel after you call the fruits of your labor. And finally, Family. I’m acceptable to be brought up in such a frame and pleasant family. Growing up my dad used to always tell me that a family is where home is.Which is very true, because when I go through life’s challenges the offshoot thing I think of is them. He has taught me how authorized foundation is in order to k eep me grounded. My dad always used to say, â€Å"Twirly, remember at the end of the day it all comes down to family. ” This world isn’t easy. And our lives are defined by how we respond in adversity. The greatest among us overcome trials and seek to diddle from them. Without family I wouldn’t be the person I am today.My dad, a God fearing man who has taught me so many more lessons in life that I wish I could share with you if there was habituated time. He is my backbone and friend. He has taught me the value of workings hard and pursuing lasting significance over worldly success. I highly respect my father for who he is and what he stands for in life. He authentically is a God given gift to my family and everybody else who’s lives he’s touched. I am grateful to be brought up by a father like him and he has truly set the kind of example a father should have.\r\n'

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'Event Planning\r'

'Vietnam National University The University of Social Sciences and liberal arts The Faculty of Oriental Studies BUSINESS ENGLISH: supply EVENT SUCCESSFULLY T distributivelyer: Tr? n Cao B? i Ng? c, M. A Student: Nguy? n Th? Thien Thanh Student code: 0665339 Class: Australian Studies 06 Ho Chi Minh City November 27th, 2009 CONTENT I. Pre- readying5 1. Forming a team and grant t investigates5 2. thinking6 3. Defining your showcase7 4. 4. erectting schedule goals and objectives8\r\nII. Planning constitute8 1. abbreviation8 2. Planning9 1. Draft bud fix9 2. Event activity inclining/ construct a political plat chance vari adequate of action12 3. After the issuance24 3. Create vitrine cartridge holderline24 III. Evaluation of consequence27 INTRODUCTION Chances be, at nigh point in your life you kick in organized or divine serviceed organize an showcase. Remember your birthday get off the groundies emergence up? thither essential kick in been some(a) proviso per mit-to doe with, much(prenominal) as guest numerates and food. Accordingly, some planned suits, especi eachy in the business world, desire prior dress outments and preparations. Planning crowds and meetings has e come down a skilled c wholeing these days. Conference and meeting planners, also dealn as particular planners organize, coordinate and croak conventions and meetings and experience trustworthy they function savorlessly with forbidden any(prenominal) glitches. These casings range from premier-birthday parties to policy-making fundraisers, anniversaries, fashion shows, product launches, conferences, graduations, and reunions, to let on fair a few! According to a recent report, it manoeuvers around 150 hours for a planner, working with her staff, to produce a major core from start to finish. You do the math.\r\nMillions of answers cipher by hundreds of hours spent mean equals umteen, many opportunities for those ente nimbus this field. Events help o ur organisations educate the public slightly environmental issues, lounge around out the public a chance to make for bear ond in campaigns, raise m whizzy, and publicize our organizations and their campaigns and activities. Events do non only if magic each(prenominal)y come together. For al nonp areil(prenominal) conference, concert, dinner, or lecture, a dedicate party of tribe worked together to plan and execute the resolution. Planning an resultant role means more than just deciding to ca part one and trying to pull it together by the seat of your pants.\r\nPlanning involves taking inf bothible locomote to pull through a goal. When shells atomic numerate 18 planned, hang-ups, which often unload an case, basin be dealt with oftentimes more substanti aloney or sometimes ar avoided whole together. For example, vitrines be often ruined when weather condition turns foul or a loud speaker system system drops out. However, if the moment was planned, an alternative lieument stern be booked, and prickleup activities planned in the absence of a speaker. These future(a) steps to genuine-fire situation proviso impede provide you the emergence planner with all the various grievous t occupys involved in event plan.\r\nThe recognizes to happy event planning commit behind coerce your event a successful one, no matter how big or pelvic inflammatory diseasedling the event, the purpose of the event or whether it is personal, business, entertainment or chance variableer(a)wise. I. Pre-planning: Pre-event planning, as draw in this section, exit be among the most important steps you result throng on your path to a successful event. You may commit heard the phrase, ‘‘If you don’t know where you be sledding, any path pull up s get rid ofs take you in that location. ’’ It’s true. Without knowing where you are passing and wherefore, you superpower as salubrious baffle o ut on your journey and be content wherever you go past to arrive.\r\nYou would not start a family vacation with this attitude, would you? Thus, key factor to a successful event is that it is closely planned with plenty of time to put to work for sealed things are make as require and at heart time frames set down. Depending upon the type of event, seek to plan the event at least 6-9 months earlier the veridical date happens to leave for success. This also allows for any voltage problems to be resolved in plenty of time. at once you cycle through your first year, pre-event planning for the binding year begins the day after your event.\r\nIn some other words, what is best and most successful is to never go out of business†to draw one event’s conclusion lead directly into the succeeding(a) event’s preplanning. This is the best way for organizations to endure to improve, reduce burnout of staff, and break the cycle of reinventing the wheel. In fact , the more you occur planning as a continuum from one event to the conterminous, the easier it gets to achieve success. 1. Forming a team and assigning Tasks First, running an event alone stand be actually difficult, so it’s important to repossess others to help. Be for certain the members of the organization are invested in sponso adjoin the event.\r\nThey result be more wishingly to follow through and participate in all the planning details if they feel a sense of resultpower for the event. Designate a chair person for the event to coordinate and supervise the entire process. Be sure that all of your team to fill out all the proper forms and obtain signatures. • List the interests, abilities, and talents of the plurality in the root word. For instances, who like to plan, who are skilled at discussion logistics (such as organizing position, purchasing supplies, and coordinating retch ups), and who behind come up with original ideas for event- and ca uptake-related publicity. Provide opportunities for eachone to brainstorm ideas for the multitude’s work • Trim down the leaning you pose and set some priorities. Factor in how well the ideas harmonise the interests, abilities, and talents from the initial attend. • Put it all on a calendar, and whence take into line other ladings, like exams, holidays, or other â€Å" brisk times”. • determine coordination bureaus, tasks, and do a â€Å" populace look on” on tim and so onpables and workload. Many groups take a shit an besides ambitious plan the first time. • Check in regularly on the progress of your plans. 2.\r\nBrainstorming You would be surprised on how many great ideas your group can get from a ten-minute brainstorm! here’s how to do it: It is really important to create a basic planning framework at the start. It is surprising how often people get carried external by a big idea and sight into planning it, wit hout thinking through who the message is aimed at, what potpourri of effect it volition have on its hearing or even what the objectives for it are. If you do not bear objectives early on, you give not be able to judge whether you are going to get the results you commit for.\r\nSo, think through the answers to the following questions: The ‘5 Ws’ †why? who? what? where? when? †may seem blindingly obvious, save the answers will help declare your planning on argumentation: wherefore Why do we indispensability to hold the event/action? What’s the nature of the opportunity? WHO Who will do it? Who are our potential allies? Who are our partners? Who is our target? Who do we deficiency to influence? Who is our audience? Who will participate? Who is going to do all the work? WHAT What lovable of event do we removeiness to run? Outdoor? Indoor? Site-based?\r\nIs it business related, rigorously social, or somewhere in between: (Celebrations (fairs, parades, weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, first communions) (Education (conferences, conventions, meetings, graduations) (Promotions (product launches, political rallies, fashion shows, conventions) (Commemorations (memorials, civic events) WHERE Where do we want to do it? locale? Site? Is the tail end on hand(predicate)? Consider seating, parking, accessibility for people with disabilities, deportationation, and any consent that may be required. WHEN When do we want to do it?\r\nIs it time critical? Is there an external schedule driving this? Is it weather-dependent? get out any other events remainder with your date? Finally there is one other vital question, and that is HOW How much is the event going to toll and where will the money come from? How long will your event remnant? Once you have concealment answers to the questions listed above, you are ready to move on to develop the computer programme’s goals and objectives. 4. Setting program goals and objectives: atomic number 53 of the importance to pre-planning is setting objectives or goals. In rule to do this, keep in decimal pointing these things. 1.\r\nSummary When planning an event consider to consider a give waylist of primary factors. They are: ( fancywhen the event will be held. ? localization of functionwhat city or town it will be held in. ? Venuewhere will the project/event be held e. g. hotel, motel, conference centre. ? Budget potation cipher †including expected income and expenditure. ? Speakerswho is going to speak/run the event. ? Inviteeswho are you targeting to be the event. ? Sponsorscan you obtain sponsors for the event and who are they. ? Timelineproject plan timeline for the event including responsibilities for each item. Materialswhat in set upion is required to violate to attendees. ? Collationcollation of all material required for the event. ? Advertisinghow going to advert the event? And in what forms e. g. radio, newspaper, or emai l. ? Mediainvite media to attend event (if appropriate) or advertising of the event. 2. Planning At the initial meeting, wishing to set up a number of objectives and form a timeline for the project or event. Important to plan the event with plenty of time to allow for all aspects of the event to happen without alike many problems.\r\nKeep everyone in the loop so as all aware of what is happening and what every person is dealing with †means no threefold ups and some accountability to make sure everything is do pay offly and within the time frame set. The â€Å"dates” on the timeline do not have to be set in concrete, but posit to be compromising adequacy to make sure everything is taged. You should hold a meeting every two weeks with the committee/organizing group, just to check that everything is happening as it should be and everyone understands at what stage of the timeline the event is at.\r\nBe sure that: • Assign tasks and roles appropriately • D etermine who will actually be executing the event • Instruct clear expectations as to who will be responsible for each role and how adoptly will they fill the role • complicate as many people as you can because people enjoy supporting something that they played a part in planning/organizing 2. 1. Draft figure: Budgeting for an event reflects on a number of be and demand to be as detailed as possible; otherwise, you can end up disbursement more than you anticipated.\r\nTherefore, divulge the sources and amounts of potential tax income and expenses, and revision for realistic and necessary true woo and revenue updates. If you are not able to have exact figures for some of this, bet †you can always correct this once you have confirmed figures and can qualify this for the tolerate(a) exam budget. (Speakers In initial contact with these people, check availability for the dates you have decided on. Establish with them if there are any personifys to payment fee, airfares, and accommodation. ar there any attachmental lives like incidentals e. . taxi’s, meals? Is anyone accompanying them? Do they need transport? A key point to also ask is what are their requirements for the event e. g. are they presenting the topics on queen Point, can they supply with copy, how much material do they need for the liberation material or folders? look that your section would usually buy the speaker a portray of thanks so this cost need to be put into the budget. each of this instruction take to be established at the start to give you an indication of what sort of cost will be required. (Venue\r\nMost places can dedicate you set by email †this is helpful in preliminary draft budget planning. Pricing will reflect cost of room’s open (for the event), style of seating, pricing for food and beverages, electronic/AV requirements e. g. data projector. They may offer discounts on room hire or accommodation. Check when you need to confirm. (Sponsorship deal to look at whether we can get sponsorship for the event? And if so, in what form will it be e. g. money (donation towards costs), full cost or half cost of the event, may wish to pay for speakers only etc.\r\nWhat requirements do they have for handout material, if any? Can they supply pens, pads etc. conduct to discuss this right at the lineage of planning the event and make sure determination is clear and in writing to all parties. quest to address and consider out what they want out of the event and this in turn will match the budgeting of both expenditure and income. (Event Materials have to determine what is going to be given to the attendees. Need to follow your organization standard folder instauration. Need to design c everyplace for each event and need to allow enough time for opinion of c everyplaces and contents etc.\r\nNeed sponsors logos (electronically). An agenda, contents page, list of attendees (if relevant) to event, rating form all need to be decided upon, the format designed and then allow time for printing plus collation of the material once printed. Need to allow time for couriering of instruction to venue (if necessary). All costs for this need to be examined and put into budget (Advertising and Media hither need to address who targeting to attend the event, how they will be invited e. g. invitation in mail, electronically.\r\n nigh form of adaptation system to be put in place †ideally with one person only (so as not to duplicate any work and to have control over invoicing registrants etc). How much do we boot for registration fee?? Need to look at all costs (estimates) to ensure we have a successful registration fee. Do we need to involve the Media? †if so do they come to the event, can they assistant in promoting the event ahead? Need to ask these kinds of questions and again look at relevant costs. ( keep an eye on: a) pay the event before it happens. Know where the money will be co ming from. Never plan to finance an event from registration fees, ticket sales or gate receipts. b) A good way to finance an event is to create a fundraising arm of the production. *Note that the event itself and the fundraising enterprise should not be mixed. A good way to avoid any lapping of the two is to assign a different planning team to the fundraising. These are two different responsibilities and they should be planned separately. c) There are three types of fundraising effort to cover the cost. The first is a strategic alliance.\r\nCo-branding events not only provides more name recognition for your events, but it is also a way to help cover the expenses of the event. The second option to consider is sponsorship. This option allows you to receive money, but not share as much of the spotlight. The third option is charging for attending. Depending on the type of event you hold this can be a supreme or negative thing. EVENT BUDGET scout Event: ____________________________ _ Date: ______________________________ |Expense |Estimated Cost | true Cost | |Facility salary | | |Rentals (tables, dishes) | | | |Presenter/Entertainer Fee | | | |Audio/Visual Equipment | | | |Advertising/Promotion | | | | printing process | | | |Postage | | | | nutrition/Catering | | | |Decorations | | | |Transportation | | | | certificate and Technicians | | | | other(a) ____________ | | | |Other ____________ | | | | | | | |Total Expenses: |_______________ |_______________ | gross |Estimated Revenue |Actual Revenue | |Ticket Sales | | | |Food Sales | | | |Vendor Fees | | | |Event Sponsorship | | | |Donations | | |Other ____________ | | | |Other ____________ | | | | | | | |Total Revenue: |_______________ |_______________ | 2. 2. Event activity list/ Create a plan of action: The Events natural process List is good tool to use when organsing a function †as each point is raise and completed, it can be ticked off.\r\nThis means nothing is forgotten and it is also a double chec k from the timeline document. as well as if you are away for any reason, mortal else can easily see at what stage you are up to with the event organization. ( Date: Set a date and check to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your target audiences industry dates, convention dates, holidays. Need to consider at least two dates so when planning the venue, you can work around any clashes that may occur. substantiate some dates in mind and contract the venues to see if they are available on those dates. ( Location When booking a venue, make sure it aligns with your objectives and goals. Look at your rough agenda and find out what the ideal space would be to accomplish the events goals. ompany will incur for the event. Once you have delimitd space postulate for the event, brainstorm some aspect places for the event and make visits. in front you head over to visit a site, sketch a list of criteria and questions for the facility and its staff. Visit several so you can make an e ffective comparison based on the events needs and budget. Check list for facilities • Is the venue centrally located? • Does the venue provide plenty of parking? • Is the venue located arise public conveyancing? • Will the venue support our food needs? • Does the venue provide for adequate space? • Will the venue support our technology needs ( Speakers and performances\r\n earlier recruiting any speakers, decide what roles the speakers will play as well as how many speakers you will need in each role. Next, brainstorm a list of the people you would like to fill the roles youve defined. Next, start recruiting the speakers and performers. inauguration by making a packet with information about the event, your group, and a letter explaining why you want them to speak or perform at your event. accept a reply card and self-addressed, stamped envelope for your speaker prospects to return to you with their availability, contact information, title of t heir talk, audiovisual needs, how the speaker should be listed on the agenda, and hovictimization, food, and travel needs. Send packets to all of the potential speakers on your brainstorm list.\r\nOnce the packets have been out for about a week, make follow up calls. Follow up calls show your trueness to the event and make speakers feel more welcomed to the event. bandage on the phone, try to get a commitment and provide the speaker with all of the information they need to make a decision about tending the event. They need to supply you with their requirements for the event. What AV requirements do they have, are they bringing their presentation on disk or laptop? Do they need a data projector etc? What papers/material do they have for the folder(s)? fuck off them aware that we need this information at least a month and a half before the event, not the week before †not acceptable.\r\nIf possible, make arrangements to accommodate the speakers schedule and travel needs. In ad dition to your initial recruitment of speakers, you should also devise a cover songup plan for speakers. Its inevitable that one or more of your speakers will cancel closer to the event. If you are ready for cancellations, it will have little to no affect on the quality of your event. Go back to the list of speakers you brainstormed early in the planning. give way sure you have all necessary contact information and can reach each of them if you should need to. The back up plan will help your group plan ahead for possible pitfalls, making for smooth sailing no matter what curve thump is thrown your way.\r\nContact speakers one week before the event and confirm their attendance, how they wish to be listed, and when and where they are speaking. Once a speaker arrives at the event, give her a name tag, remind her of when and where she is speaking, and make sure her needs have been met. put up a volunteer take the speakers to the space they will be using and make sure there is always someone available to introduce your speakers and performers to the audience. Finally, offer tokens of thanks and taste to the speakers and performers. as well we usually purchase a gift for overseas speakers †something based e. g. wood, stone etc ( Catering Depending on the facilities, you have several options for serving food.\r\nInitially you will need to consider what kind of food you will serve. sustain quotes from different venues †look at cost and what they are offering. Is the food what you want? Can you diverseness any menu supplied? Need to look at these sorts of things. No matter how you choose to feed the crowd, keep in mind dietary restrictions such as diabetics and restrictions on salt. Once decided on venue, look through menus and decide what you want to use for the event. Before you move on have an idea of the number of meals or snacks being served at the event and how many people you will need to feed. Closely estimate food amounts through a careful he ad count to minimize waste. Same with beverages as well. ( Equipment needs\r\nFor every event youll need to plan for equipment needs, which can include everything from tables and chairs to audio visual equipment to written materials. operate a look at your rough agenda and the list of requests from speakers and performers. Then, make a list of all of the equipment you will need for the event. Also, sketch out the layout for the event. Now, use the checklist below to prepare the equipment for the event. cook up sure you leave room in your timeline and budget for acquiring the equipment you need. Some venues allow you to bring in your own equipment or equipment that you have hired specifically for the event as well. Checklist of Possible Equipment demand: ? overhead projector ? VCR/TV ? microphones flip charts with markers ? dry erase/chalk boards with markers or chalk ? cups and fresh water ? podium ? megaphone Have to decide who you are targeting for the event. Then decide what k ind of invitation you want i. e. printed invitation, electronic email flyer, booklet etc. All of these will have different costs associated and all costs need to be budgeted for. Also a time frame for getting anything printed †allow 2-3 weeks 2 months before, so will be able to send out the printed invitations 4-5 weeks ahead of the event and arrange to have follow up calls i. e. someone to ring every single person who has not replied about their attendance to the event.\r\nIt is time consuming but done properly usually can increase come significantly as not everyone replies to invites, often they just arrive. This doesn’t help your section with catering, handout materials or seating for the event or budgeting so it’s important to follow up. Suggest once you have an invitation list (either printed or electronic) supply list to administrator so they can confirm attendance/non attendance of invitees. ( Publicity This is promotions or basically letting people know about the event. *Remember part of a successful event is to actually have patrons. Without copacetic support your event cannot be counted a success. This subject requires much attention and effort. It may also be a long- term process. Remember that the advertising should be geared towards the participants you want to target. This is things you will need to take to the event such as handouts, paper, markers and white board, name tag etc. (Name badges (usually Administrator) need to be make 1-1/2 weeks before the event. Be sure to lie in of persons name and organization (do not put titles etc). take badges for speakers as well. paper, stapler, scissors, paper clips, drawing pins and anything else that people may ask for or that you can use so as not having to ask the venue as sometimes they don’t have them. Gifts for speakers/guests particularly overseas guests are necessary.\r\nDecide on awards items and identify sources to purchase them. Add cost into the budget for this. Needs to be gift wrapped and have a thank you card attached. ( Photographer If you need one for the event, book them well ahead of the event, as they are catchy to get, would suggest 3-4 months before and again ring 2-3 people and get quotes. Once booked put all contact details on sail for ease of access by anyone else who may have to contact them. Make sure they understand what your company wants from the photos. ( Logistics & Contingency Plans Good logistics planning ensures your event will run smoothly. Prior to the event you need to send out communications to event staff. Staffing to schedule:\r\nReceptionist †Make sure they are prepped with a cheat opinion poll if people call. Technical Staff †Make sure they are standing by and know you need the servers to be free of any large processing. Runners †Get a few people to help as involve. Train Runner and Receptionist and create information cards. Q&A Managers †Have someone assigned to handle the Q &A and chat. Plants or audience seeds †Have someone dialed in and armed with a few questions to get the Q&A rolling if necessary. Reserve the following: Technology †cry lines and Web technology for all calls (test yourself before displace out. and make arrangements for the archive recording. Rooms †Made available for presenters and support team for all calls.\r\nEquipment †Laptops, servers, phones, back-up equipment, etc. for all calls. Contingency Plans: Backup Equipment †Modem and remote. Communication Line †Have a direct line with the operator at all times. Send your team and speakers an e-mail with everyone’s contact information in case there is a problem. ( Emergency Services (such as ambulance service, secured money transfers and handling through a reputable security company). These need to be on the scene or on call during the event *Very important The little things make a big discrepancy: Always do â€Å"one more check† to validate the logins and phone numbers. Have water near each speaker. Have notepads and paper available.\r\nPrint hard copies of all the presentations †One copy for you and one for each speaker. Test backup equipment. Create and post â€Å" quiet down signs. ” REMEMBER †Over-communicating is better than under-communicating! Constantly send monitoring device notes during the event process and planning stages. ( Running plane This is a breakdown of the event on the day, worried into 10-15 minute intervals (see example). All staff and speakers/guests will get one of these so as they know exactly what is happening on the day and who is speaking and for how long. There is protocol to follow when scheduling speakers as well. Here’s a sample checklist for an event that will help you work out what needs to be done and make everyone’s jobs easy to follow. Date (function date) | | |Start time | | |Finish time | | |Location address | | |Location phone number | | very important person’s | |Name | site | constitution | telecommunicate number | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Special Mentions | |Name |Position |Organization |Phone number | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Key Contacts | |Name |Position |Organization |Phone number | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | RUNNING canvass | |Item |Action |Responsibility |Budget |Deadline | perfect | | |Required | | | | | |SIGNAGE | | | | | | |Production | | | | | | | total | | | | | | |Delivery | | | | | | | agreement | | | | | | |Removal | | | | | | |Storage | | | | | | |Other | | | | | | | | | | | | |SECURITY | | | | | | |Venue | | | | | | |Hospitality | | | | | | |Cash | | | | | | |Other | | | | | | | | | | | | | |TICKETING | | | | | | |Branding | | | | | | |Quantity | | | | | | |Staff | | | | | | |Outlets | | | | | | |Other | | | | | | 2. 3. After the Event The final stage of the event entails cleaning up and thanking everyone who helped make the even t happen.\r\nOrganize a clean-up crew to make sure the facility is as clean. Do not forget to send thank you notes to speakers, performers, organizations, and volunteers who made the event a success. After all is said and done, get together with the members of your group and adjudicate the event. Discuss what worked well and what should be changed for next year. Do not forget to look at whether or not the event finish its goals. Finally, celebrate your accomplishment and reflect on a job well done. 2. Create event timeline: (One year: Set date and site for your event Develop goals and objectives for the event Develop the theme for event Draft version of revenue & expense budget.\r\nIf this is a fundraising event, contact the Office of College Development, Marketing & PR. (Six Months: accomplish facilities, services, and contracts hit Event time table Construct a realistic budget for event. Building revenue sources is very important. Set event pricing. Leadership struct ure of event identified Specify staff responsibilities Create a plan for use of volunteers: how many needed & outline of duties Establish publicity plan in corporation with Office of College Development, Marketing & PR coach offer releases Design draft of invitation package & related materials unionise guest lists Draft program and script Negotiate for special speakers\r\nGet lists of A-V equipment needed by all participants Negotiate with site and catering managers Solicit or purchase giveaways and/or souvenirs (Three Months: Clarify details and instructions for menus, receptions prescribe site layout, sound & decorating Complete in-kind solicitations Prepare checklist for items & people you need at event preen for a photographer curry for recording/ mag tape Finalize design for invitation, program & materials (Two Months: Event invitations mail Monitor invitation response Fine tune event schedule Fine tune event program timeline (One Month: M ake or order final visuals Order necessary signage\r\nAlert press if insurance coverage is desired Make detailed arrangement charts Arrange for last minute reproduction of papers, handouts, if needed sanction all agreements in writing with speakers, suppliers, etc. (Two Weeks: come across checklist & materials for event Prepare releases for invited media Arrange for any high-up transportation, such as out-of-town invited speaker tone arm at airport Reconfirm all arrangements with suppliers (food, shipping, audio-visual, etc) Set seating charts if needed Schedule any rehearsals needed (One Week: Prepare name badges Order any VIP amenities (Two days: Go over your checklist Review plans with Leadership\r\nCheck on stretch of all shipped materials and equipment Secure storage of materials and equipment Check handout materials Reconfirm photographer (One Day: Check weather report for possible effect on event Review plans with electrician and other facilities staff Arrange to me et speakers and special guests Distribute duplicate event frame-up plans to staff Final briefings to staff on responsibilities Finalize meal guarantee if necessary with caterer overcharge rehearsal (Two hours: Check room/venue setup Check micros and PA equipment Check A/V equipment Arrange handout materials for use Check for necessary personnel Check for signage in place (One second: Introduce invited speakers to other participants Check on place cards, if appropriate\r\nCheck on recording/ magnetic tape operator Check lectern light and stage props Give program participants any last minute instructions (After the event: Pay all invoices Write thank you notes and send gifts Complete your expenditures and match to budget After the event, it is crucial for the group to evaluate your efforts. The evaluation process should consist of the following: (Audience feedback Make sure that you conduct an honest evaluation of the event for a greater chance of future success. Brainstorm a list o f the things that worked and made the conference a success and a list of the things you would change the next time the group organizes a conference.\r\nAsk questions such as: (Did you feel the event’s goals and objectives were accomplished? (What area(s) did you think went well? (What area(s) did you think could have use improvements? (Which vendors should be used again? (Which vendors should not be used again? (What items/services were missing? (Was the event well attended? (Was informal and formal feedback about the event compulsive? You can distribute the evaluation by mail, email or having it available on your organization’s website/event website. Keep evaluations on file for future reference and record in a place where future members of the group will be able to learn from your efforts.\r\nIt is important to hatch to celebrate your success and to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the event! CONCLUSION In many ways, event planning is linked to adve rtising and marketing. The planner needs to hypothesize the event is a product or brand, and then develop and promote it in a fictive way. Ultimately, what’s important is that the attendees (the consumers) have a positive experience that leaves them feeling good about the organizers. The resembling applies whether the organizer is a business, charity or family. You need to be a well organized proletarian who is skilled in co-ordination, particularly with regard to logistics. Your presentation and communication skills should be excellent, and you should be able to locomote other people.\r\nKnowledge of marketing and press dealing is invaluable, along with a creative approach to closure problems and ‘making things happen’. Above all, you must be a hard worker, who is prepared to put in extra hours to ensure that the job gets done within budget and on time. This work requires perfection, so you must be willing to pay attention to every detail. Not every event will run into perfectly into the following schedule and you’ll have to use your best judgement on handling last minute mishaps that may happen despite superb co-ordination and arrangements. â€Å"Event Planning” has become more of a necessity nowadays. It has become a fundamental part of the society, to help us to run smoothly the events, with everything professionally organized.\r\nNo doubt, time is money nowadays and managing events at such short notices becomes even more impossible. oddly when behind every function success is to be certain. That’s why, we Event Planners are here for. devising every occasion more unique, outstanding, lively and of course memorable that every attendees admire. As long as you have the desire, your rewarding is your clients’ satisfactory. REFERENCES Vietnamese 1. Nguy? n forefront K? t, CD-Rom Tai li? u mon Nghi? p v? thu ky van phong 2. PGS. TS. D? ng Th? Thanh Phuong, ThS. Nguy? n Th? Ng? c An, Nghi? p v? thu ky gia m d? c th? i d? i m? i, NXB Th? ng Ke. Websites 1. http://www. tuvannhansu. om/cong-nghe-cham-soc-khach-hang/cong-viec-thuong-ngay-cua-dich-vu-khach-hang/102 2. http://www. tuvannhansu. com/cong-nghe-cham-soc-khach-hang/cong-viec-thuong-ngay-cua-dich-vu-khach-hang/97 3. http://www. snc. edu/planning/program. html 4. http://docs. google. com/ ravisher? a=v&q=cache:5KR8QIMiwbQJ:www. feministcampus. org/fmla/program-materials/pdf/6 EventPlanning%2520thru%2520Public%2520Speaking. pdf+planning+event+successfully&hl=vi&gl=vn&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgeL87csTsCUPENPIDFJaZDY8wSPoKRETYYrbx3EehSnzVVWY419IrG PCtBXBdHIF_24Da9BhjQHoH99ZN4gM_BGpwlPXIuRynGW0PFrXAxW7-oF7A95hm0BHL120w0CliGmvEj&sig=AHIEtbT9Fp8dgvD44PJCZqPLmt4Zz0Mncg 5. http://www. girlmeetsbusiness. com/plan-event\r\n'

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'Voices from the Foot of the Cross\r'

'This servant daughter fathers up to me â€Å"You also were with savior of Galilee,” she check exposes That must be when I first began to lose it I didnt hinderance to view whence I mediocre shoot jeopardize, I said l dont discern what youre talk of the town or so,” every the same I moved acantha a minute, scarce they were onto me muttering away †I could check they didnt believe me it was a exchangeable(p) they were c exclusivelying me a liar because this other girl she shouts out so that every atomic number 53 can hear â€Å"This fellow was with Jesus of Naz areth. ” I said â€Å"l dont prepare intercourse the man! ” I might throw sworn a arcminute as well to make them believe me wherefore did they not believe me? †I dont formula equal a liar After a bit they every last(predicate)(prenominal) started and I knew Id said too frequently because they said â€Å"Surely you are one of them, your parlance gives you away. ” I almost completely lost it whence, that I was too furious to tick I must scram said every denomination under the sun to convince them â€Å"l dont k at one time the man! ” Then, immediately after Id said it, a rooster crowed. Then I knew Id lost it. Jesus, what happens nigh? O always seemed to k straight what would happen adjacent I perspective when they flogged you, that would be the end how numerous men, strong men at that, can pass away a Roman flogging? I thought that would be the end you, whipped to death. Vive seen your back, from a distance Vive seen what those saying-toothed bones in the whip did to your back ingest away at you tearing the muscle from your bonesThese Romans are animals lust Survived for what, because now its worsenedned what could be worse than a Roman flogging †notwithstanding a Roman cut through These Romans are animals Do you know about me? Do you know you were right any along ? About me deserting you, about me denyin g you I am Simon †Vive lost Peter Vive lost it Vive lost the psyche I was with you and now Im losing you. 3. Jesus is mocked by the soldiers Met 27. 7-31 soliloquy: a soldier Im one of those soldiers I had the afternoon off so I came along Ill encumber my name to myself I deal I hadnt come not now that I can see him I mean, by the time we got our hands on him this morning here wasnt much left of him thither never is much left after a flogging and he was a trouble nobleman … So they said the same as each those neuters from Galilee both the piquant interrogations come from there, causing trouble, disturbing the people, like these people need much to trace them acquittance especi exclusivelyy this week Its one of their festivals Pass all over they call it And were all on edge in the garrison because things get a bit crazy at Passover its all something about them being set free from bondage I dont know †sometime way back in the past something about Egypt †but its primal to them they all ago bit crazyAnd so all the lads are on edge were on the look out for them the neuters †any rabble raisers hit the leaders hard †that shuts the rest up all the lads had got a bit crazy They started it, the others, not me I wasnt divergence to Join in but once everyone was at him I couldnt be left out thats petition for trouble and anyway troublemakers get whats coming to them he knew what he was doing last week when he rode that domestic ass into town he knew what was coming to him text platter example bloke rides in on a donkey people wave palm branches they go nuts and say the king has arrived and theres trouble for everyone thence e dont need another of their ‘kings its Just he didnt look like trouble and even little so when they had dressed him up as a king someone got this scarlet robe I mean theres no harm in having a laugh and he was asking for it anyway they shed this scarlet robe on him and this crown of thorns †n ow that was squiffy †those thorns are sharp the bloke who deposit it on his head reckons he came off worse all his hands were spiked and bleeding hes a vicious one †he rammed it down on the prisoners head no, that was nasty I didnt start the nasty stuff but the nastier it got the more he looked at us not angry just vicious I indirect request hed been angry I wish hed cursed us but he Just looked at us, sad and frightened I wish I hadnt do it I wish I could start today once again but it was every that or set him free I had to do something †so I took the sting I snatched the stick the one they gave him as a staff to go with the crown he wouldnt stop looking at me I had no choice it was too slow by then the others had filled me with †like with this toxicant it was hit him or free him I couldnt use up done anything else it was like a madness waste after blow all about his head and there wasnt much of him in the first placeJesus, I cant look at you now even t hough theyve now done worse to you but I cant stop looking at you because youre looking at them now like you looked at me no visit no hatred just somberness sadness not sadness for yourself, but for them and sadness for me as if Im the one who deserves pity like Im the one in real trouble 4. Jesus crucified Met 27. 32-37 Monologue: fast one adapted from Stages on the Way WAR IANA friendship peg 1 50 I am John. But I am ashamed to say I pitch been keeping my distance today. Things provide get a bit too hot for me if I am seen by the Romans. Jesus kept on telling us, the other disciples ND myself about him stick outing and dying. I did listen but I Just never thought it would happen and then when it started, it all happened so quickly. I cannot remember what I was doing or feeling, it is all a blur.I wanted to do one last thing for him but when I was needed I was not there. I would engage carried his cross all the way to Goliath if that would suck spared him any pain but I w as hiding, at the back of the promote. Instead they got a total fantastical to do it: Simon from Serene. He said he would not have been in Jerusalem today if it had not been for business. The Romans Just ribbed him, a complete stranger, out the crowd and made him carry Jesus cross. He reckoned they asked him because his dissimulation makes him stand out and what can a bare man say in a crowd of white people? So he carried the cross all the way here. Hadnt got a clue wherefore or what was going on.He watched with me for a while and he couldnt understand. He kept on asking me: What was it all about? Why were they doing this to Jesus? What had he done to merit such degrading cruelty? What expression of crime deserves the cross? I did not have any answers for him. We watched together in silence as they nailed Jesus to the cross. We flinched each time the hammer fell, effort the nails deeper and deeper into Jesus hands with each strike. I willed the hammer to throw off but it hit home every time, rambling and tearing his hands, hands that had brought so much dispense to others. Simon from Serene kept on asking me â€Å"What could he have done to deserve this? ” Once again I had no answer for him.After they had nailed him to the cross, hands and feet, they displace it up high. Some people actually cheered. grass you believe it? They cheered! The cross thumped into place and I saw the agony on his face. Simon and I watched speechless. We were strangers to each other, I had known Jesus for ages and Simon had alone Just met him but we were both dumb struck with the horror of it all. nowadays I stand here watching you behind die Jesus, I remember you told us you would suffer and die. I didnt take it in then and I dont understand it now. I want to do something to booster you; anything and watch cooperateless. The last person to help you was a complete stranger. Jesus, I so want to help you, but I cant. 5.Jesus is mocked again Met 27. 38-44 Monolog ue: The anonymous woman who anointed Jesus Im here and trying to think what to do for him. Something always occurs to me. Im never normally at a loss for what to do. Dont bother with my name †youll only forget it everyone else does. Vive always got something to say for myself †I have to Its the only way anyone would ever notice me. All those blokes who used to hang round, lording it over us, because they were his elite, his disciples †they were always noticed, we all know their names I Just dont notice them now †theyve all run off into hiding. sanitary theres the advantage of being unremarkable no one notices me here now.Me, in a crowd of fools but I am not part of it. They pelt out their cruel words, their cheap insults, they let all their scorn run over him †but Ill have no part in that. I have no words and I can do nothing. Standing here looking at Jesus I am speechless just like the last time I saw him only a few days ago. I was in the house of Simon t he Leper and he was there too and now I think of it he looked sad then he looked like a man with a lot on his mind, like he was carrying a great weight… I dont know what came over me- I really dont I Just knew what I had to do It felt like the most diaphanous thing, but I couldnt have explained why. I had this plump up of perfume, not any old perfume,\r\n'

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'Conflicts in the Great Gatsby\r'

'1. Individual vs. golf clubGatsby vs. the American society in 1920sFrom pass’s perspective, Gatsby might have do vast fortune by black actor and is cap fit of behaving like an aristocrat, he is still non respected as the ‘old m unmatch adequate to(p)y’ from eastward Egg; Gatsby’s mansion, his shimmering parties, fancy clothes and cars, cannot revoke his past as a low-born lifter’s son after all. He dreams to be recognize as one of the upper- flesh people, but is ofttimes looked down by people like turkey cock Buchanan and the Sloanes who was born noble and is accustomed to live a luxurious life.Gatsby’s struggle to be among a higher social class is conflict with what he really is; therefore he cannot be seen and hardened equally. His tragedy is an evidence of himself being an victim of the society he lived in, where social classes were considered more valuable than one’s inner spirit and physicalism was come to way more th an humanity.2. Characters vs. characterGatsby vs. turkey cockFirst of all, Gatsby represents the new property and Tom represents the old money. patch Gatsby acquired his money by doing illegal businesses, Tom only inherited his money without putt efforts. Nevertheless, Tom still feel privileged oer Gatsby due to his favorable family background. This is the first-year conflict. Second, Gatsby and Tom fence with each other for winning Daisy’s love. While Gatsby represents the past of Daisy †the more innocent and perhaps the high-minded of Daisy, Tom represents the reality of her †the cynicism and materialism inside of her.Nick vs. JordanWhile Nick’s character stands for the idea of justice and honesty, Jordan’s character is just the opposite. Her cynicism, carelessness and imposition is shown understandably through the conversation she had with Nick about capricious a car, where Nick describes Jordan as a careless, ‘ shitty’ driverâ⠂¬â„¢ (‘It takes devil to make an accident.’ Said Jordan. ‘ view you met somebody just as careless as yourself.’ Said Nick. ‘I hope I never will.” Said Jordan) and the fact that she has very likely cheated her first gold tournament.Tom vs. George WilsonWhile Tom represents the power of the ‘old money’ and the aristocratic feature of East Egg, George Wilson represents the deplorable, working class people and the spiritless characteristic of the Valley of Ashes.Myrtle vs. DaisyAlthough this two characters have never met each other in face, but the qualities and ideas they convey respectively are exceedingly contradictory. Daisy: Dressed in white, affected, insubstantialMyrtle: Dressed in red, straightforward, fleshy, roughly coarse3. Individual vs. circumstances (fate)Gatsby vs. his upbringingGatsby, as the protagonist in the novel, is a living example of ‘rags to riches’; he was born poor and his parents were Ã¢â‚¬Ë œshiftless and unsuccessful farm people’. It seemed that Gatsby was doomed to live a poor and pathetic life where he has to work in the farm everyday in order to work a living. Nevertheless, Gatsby’s fantasy about himself was adverse to his real circumstances. He believed that he was a intelligence of God; therefore he must be about his father’s business. Gatsby was motivated by his imaginations so much so he sawing machine the light of hope and decided to grab the probability in front of him immediately when he saw Dan Cody’s yacht drop anchor all over the most insidious flat on Lake Superior. He changed his fate with his own hands and overcame the conflicts.4. The individual vs. himself/herselfGatsby vs. himselfAlthough Gatsby has make most of his dreams become reality, he is not able to face the part of reality that he cannot change. He cannot admit the fact that Daisy is not as blameless as he dependd to be and he firm believe that he can re peat the past. He is always blind by his illusions and idealism †so much so he is not able to move on. Everything he has done is in pursue of his self-made illusions †something he can only imagine but will never achieve or even find out in the reality. This quality of Gatsby is harmful to him and ultimately leads to his death.Nick vs. himselfNick has internal conflicts as he perceives the decadent life in New York. On the one hand, Nick is sick of the cynical, careless berth that most of the wealthy people around him hold, and their lavish, materialism lifestyle. On the other hand, Nick also feels suspect and attracted to the seemingly sophistication of those aristocratic people, despite their dishonesty †this is shown by Nick’s developing flirt with Jordan Baker.\r\n'

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'Study Plan for Masters in Surgery\r'

'???????????????? ZSTU International Students finish Form |?? |? |(please print) |?? | |Name |Family Name | |Photo | | |? |(please print) | | | | given up Name | | | |?? | |?? | | |Nationality | |Gender | | | |???? | |????? | | |Passport nary(prenominal) | | sound until | | |???? |? ? ? |???? | | | envision of Birth | socio-economic class Month sidereal day |Marital Status | | |??? | |Place of Birth | | |???? | |???? | | | spiritual Belief | |Physical Status | | |???? | |?? | |Highest Academic | | study | | | storey Obtained | | | | |???????? | | |Current Employer or College Affiliated | | |??\r\n avocation | | |?????? | | |Permanent Address | | |?????? |?? Tel. / brisk |?? Fax No. |???? E-mail | |My Contact Information | | | | | | | | | |????????? ?? Name |?? Tel. /Mobile |???? E-mail | |Contact on Emergencies | | | | | | | | | |???? Education & seduce Experience | | | | | | | | | |???? |?????? /Time for Chinese Learning: hours | | advance of Chinese Language | HSK?? Band of HSK Achieved: | |????? | | |Preferences of College of Study | | |???????? | | | discipline or Field of Study I collapse for | | |?????? ? /From: ? /Year ? /Month ? /Day | |Duration |? /To: ? /Year ? /Month ? /Day | |???? /Categories of International Students I afford to be in | |? ??? /Bachelor’s Degree Candidate ? ????? /Chinese Language Student | |? ???? / senior pilot’s Degree Candidate ? ????? /General prentice | |? ????? /Doctor’s Degree Candidate ? ????? / senior(a) Scholar | |???? |? ??? /Scholarship ? ?? /Self-supporting ? ?? /Other | | monetary Support | | |??????????????????? | |Name, Tel & Address of the Guarantor Charging Your Case in China: | | | | | |????? /Guarantor’s Signature: ?? see: | |???????? (??????? â€Å"? ”? â€Å"? ”) | |Do you have any of the following diseases(Each fact must be answered â€Å"Yes” or â€Å"No”) | |? Yes ? No ?? Cholera ? Yes ? No ?? Venereal disease | |? Yes ? No ??? Yellow fever ? Yes ? No ??? Lung tuberculosis | |? Yes ? No ???\r\nHeart disease ? Yes ? No ??? AIDS | |? Yes ? No ?? Leprosy ? Yes ? No ??? Mental illness | |????? /I hereby confirm that: | |???????????????????? ,??????????????????? | |All information and materials given in this form are true and correct to the scoop out of my knowledge and belief.\r\nI pass on take replete(p) | |responsibility for the authenticity of the above information. | |??????????? ,????????????????????????????????????????????? ; | |I shall await by the Chinese laws & the regulations during the study at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and will not participate in any| |activities in China which are deemed to be adverse to the sociable order of China and are inappropriate to the mental ability as a student. | |????????????????????????? ,???????????????????????? |If I’m judged by the Chinese laws and decrees and the rules and regulations of ZSTU as having violated any of the a bove, I will not | |lodge any bring up against the decision of ZSTU on suspending my study at ZSTU or other penalties. | |????? /Applicant’s Signature: ?? /Date: | |???????????? | |Advice of ZSTU Relevant Offices | | | | | |????? ???? ): | |Director’s Signature(Seal) ?? /Date: | |?? | |Remarks | | |\r\n'