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The Effects of Environmental Policy on the Italian Economy, and Population :: Environment Italy Ecology Essays Papers

The Effects of Environmental Policy on the Italian Economy, and PopulationIntroduction.The tale of Italy is storied with rich traditions of emperors conquering land andbuilding great empires. The culture of this great time period can still be enjoyed in themany infamous artworks and architectural masterpieces to this day. The pride of theItalian people can be seen in the many expert craftsmanship works in addition to blusterthe sixth largest economy in the world. The balance of preserving the many pricelessartworks of ages gone by with the byproduct of current economic expansion bodes achallenge to the environmental policies agreed upon by the Italian people. In my paper Iwill talk about the many aspects of how environmental policies impacts the macrocosm,economy and Italys natural resources. rootage I will provide background knowledge of theItalian people then I relate environmental topics such as air pollution, population trendsand water management to one another. These topics are relevant to this course becausethey relate population and economics to the environment.Italy is a nation of 56, 735,130 million people strongwww.ex One aspect of the new global Italian economy is drivenby the artisanship and entrepreneurship of its people. The craftsmanship is renownedworldwide and one specific example of that was when the impertinent York Financial Centerwas built, Italian marble and its stonemasons were explicitly used. Italians also aregenerally more business minded with the household savings rate of Italians shown to3average 18.3% almost three times higher than of Americans. Also over 85% of Italiansown two or more homes. Although differences are apparent mingled with the north and southregions as many Italians live significantly better in the north region. Italy like many othernations is driven by capitalistic efforts to maximize profits and capital. www.floria of the interesting differences abou t Italy compared to other various countriesis the way government and its people perceive one another. As money is a maincomponent in global markets, Italy crisis over tax obligations remain high. Up torecently higher taxes top the income rate of 51% and the public debt amounts to 124% ofthe GNP. Higher employment rates around 11% are misleading due to the large amountof so-called minatory market and under the put over paid by cash only workers. Social securitytaxes are seldom reported and pension problems do exist. The lack of reporting or noreporting can supposedly add 19% of the value added taxes go uncollected andunnoticed. The police largely look the other way and known black markets go on. Therole of money is the fuel that drives the goods and services being bought and sold in the

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Where Are You? Essay -- Creative Writing Essays

I ran down the stairs, separate outing to catch my breath. My heart was pumping itself out of place. I leaped to the lowest step and threw myself into the kitchen. I found my sister clutching her ears and bashing her head against the wall. Chris, honey stop it, Im here now, Sshh be quiet, I cried to her trying to make her permit go of her ears in order for her to hear me.NO, GET AWAY she threw me across the room and I smashed myself into the wall. She started to go bright red, shaking so aphonic I could see her from three metres away. Her eye were pouring tears out. I sprinted over to her and hugged her so firmly, it appal me. She then stopped she relaxed hugged me back and whisperedIm sorry Ashley, Im really sorry, its - I cut her sentence off.Just shush Chrissie, just be quiet, I demanded. She whimpered in my harness and was still shaking. She whispered Im sorry again.* * *I lay her in bed, sitting beside her, stroking her silky blonde hair.Sweetie its three in the morning, you have school tomorrow, I want you to go to sleep, and no matter what dont wake up. Okay ? I assured her.Ill try she replied back. I smiled at her and switched her light off. I crept out of the room, trying my best not to distract her.Slowly, I made my way to my room and let myself join to the floor and word. This was the second time it had happened. I had been through a lot of things but nothing had effected me this much. I didnt know what it was, but it hurt me so much and I dont think I could take it anymore.Gradually, I got back up and gazed around at the state of my room. It was 0318a.m at that place was roughly five hours to get ready. Too much time. I lay in bed wondering if perhaps I should ask for help. Theyd probably... ...floor. My eyes watched the little girl lay deadlocked on the floor.Chrissie? I didnt have the strength to say mum but I did. Mum? I glared towards the motionless body that lay on the floor. Outside was a helpless little girl that meant no harm to a nyone inside was a horrifying dickens tearing her apart. Her eyes opened once more, a colour I couldnt describe, something I hadnt seen before.I love youI ran over to the paralytic body. I stroked the little girls hair. She lay in my arms and I didnt bother to check if she was alive or not. Because I knew I had lost her. Chrissie and Mum. Forever.Moderately, I stretched up and strolled to Chrissies room. I curled up into a ball on her bedroom floor. My arms were wrapped around my legs and I was shivering.Who was I to cry for? Could this have happened? But I knew one thingThey had goneThe End

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The Scarlet Letter 10 :: essays research papers

Among many morals which press upon us from the poor ministers miserable experience, we put only this into a sentence Be true Be true Be true Show freely to the world, if not your worst, yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred(Ch.24 236) Hawthorne expresses the purpose of writing this novel in that short sentence. He creates characters who have sin and disguise these sins for their own salvation. Slowly these sins evolve the characters, it strengthens Hester, humanizes Dimmesdale, and turns Chillingworth into a demon. The yarn is Hawthornes depiction of the effects of sin on the hearts and minds of humanity during the prude society by dint of the characters Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth.Hesters sin is that her passion and love were of more importance to her than the Puritan moral code, but she learns the error of her ways and slowly regains the adoration of the community. For instance, What we did had a consecration of its own. We felt it so We said so to each oth er Hast thou disregarded it?(Ch.17 179). Hester fully acknowledges her guilt and displays it with pride to the world. This was obvious by the way she displays the scarlet letter with elaborate designs showing that she is proud. Furthermore, she does not want to live a bread and butter of lies anymore when she states forgive me In all things else, I have striven to be true Truth was the one virtue which I might have held fast, and did hold fast, through all extremity save when thy good--the life--they fame--were put in question Then I consented a deception. But a lie is never good, even though death threaten the other side(Ch.17 177). Hester learns from her sin, and grows strong, a direct result from her punishment. The scarlet letter A was as if a blessing to Hester changing her into an honest soul with good virtues. Fittingly, she chooses to preventive in Boston with Pearl although Hawthorne admits, &8230that this woman should still call that place her home, where, and where on ly, she must needs be the type of shame(Ch.5 73). She is trying to stay and face her consequences instead of running in the other direction. Most people would leave a town where they are looked upon as trash the scum of society. Finally, the colonists get on to think of the scarlet letter as &8230the cross on a nuns bosom(Ch.

The Always Present Mother Essay -- essays research papers fc

The Always Present MotherThis is now b hotshot of my mug up and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man (Gen. 223). History has shown us that the Great Mother pilot film has been with society since the beginning of time. by dint of stories, songs, poems and thoughts, man has always found the need for the Mother and the women that make this archetype possible. Some atomic number 18 consider myths and legends, while others have been documented in history. unheeding of what they have done or thought to have done, they have made an impact on the way man foresees woman. I will discuss triple women characters that play a role in the mother archetype, and explain why these rolls are central to their culture. Demeter will be the first goddess in this exami solid ground on the mother archetype, followed by Isis. These women are man made stories, to try and help explain why certain things are the way they are. The last mother archetype I will discu ss was a woman that is still worshipped today, and with the help of man made stories, she has become immortal. This woman is the Virgin Mary. Before this is discussed, I will explain what an archetype is and what traits and similarities one must have to become a Mother Archetype.The mother archetype is a term derived from a man by the name of Carl Gustav Jung. Jung was a predecessor of Sigmund Freud. According to Jungian psychology the archetypes of the collective unconscious are manifested in similar mythological musical themes which are universal(Trachy and Hopkins 166). Jung defines a archetype in many ways.Archetypes appear in conscious as a universal and recurring image, pattern or motif representing a typical human experience. Archetypal images come from the collective unconscious and are the basic concepts of religions, mythologies, legends and Artsthey emerge through dreams and visionsthey convey a experience of transpersonal power which transcend the ego. (Jung 46)The ego is the center of the consciousness and the base of the individuals experience of subjective identity. The mother archetype has definite qualities of her own, such as, demeanor giving, wisdom, and nurturing traits. Not all the traits of the mother archetype are good. There is the evil side of the mother archetype as well, such as, darkness, witchery and death. All these aspect... ...left at the realization that they are thoughts. These goddess or mother archetypes are brought into our societies to teach man and woman the values in each other. To restore balance in ones lives. Demeter, she helped to explain strange occurrences in Greece as well as reveal the importance of womans traits to give life. Isis, she kept the Egyptian nation strong and united during her reign by being everything at once. Mary, she has had mercy brought into the Christian beliefs against the sometimes stern male God. All three characters are important throughout history, and have managed to keep their legen ds alive. Works CitedEngelsman, Joan C. The Feminine Dimension of the Divine. Pennsylvania Westminster Press, 1997.Epiphanius, Heresies. In Mary In The Document of the Church. Palmer, P.F. ed. London Burns Oats, 1953.Holy Bible. newfound King James Version. Nashville Thomas Nelson, 1997.Hopkins, P., & Trachy, C.L. The Study of Story. North Carolina Hunter Textbooks Inc., 1996.Jung, C.G. Collected Works, Volume 9, Part1, Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious.London Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1968 (1933)

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Elder abuse Essay -- Health Care

Elder AbuseElder abuse has been present in our society in the past times however, it has been the hidden problem and under recognized by our community. It is re ally challenging for people to understand the severity of this problem unless one encountered it in ones life. Society began to really acknowledge this fare because of the cases that have been reported. There are varieties of categories of elder abuse that are reportable to a healthcare provider however, many cases are still left unreported and elder victims continue to suffer from mistreatment. The seniors that surround us have contributed to our community and to the great things that we now have. These people should be recognized and protected in all areas of life instead of being mistreated and left behind. Elder abuse is a social problem because it violates the ethical principles, standards of practice, and the legislature.In our society we have been taught from a young age to respect our elders and treat them with dig nity and respect. Those who should be the most honored end up being one of the most vulnerable populations and a group of people that require special attention and care. These people require skilled nursing care and support from family and friends. Regardless of the abuse, it would lead to the needless suffering, pain, and violations of humanity rights. Elder abuse violates the principles of ethics some of them are justice, autonomy, and nonmalificence. When dealing with older adults the caregivers are required to provide a fair treatment. The caregiver who stands in want relationship to the resident cannot intentionally cause any harm or neglect. For the residents to be treated in a fair way, health providers must fitly provide care to... ...aveman, B. (2006). Perceptions of elder abuse voices of professionals and volunteers in Sweden -- an exploratory study. Scandinavian Journal Of Caring Sciences, 20(2), 151-159American Nurses Association. (November 15, 2010). Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements. In care for World. Retrieved March 30, 2012, from http// (2011). About Elder Abuse. In Colorado Coalition for Elder Rights and Abuse Prevention. Retrieved March 27, 2012, from http// wreak of Justice. (Novembeer 6, 2007). Elder Abuse. In National Institute of Justice. Retrieved April 1, 2012, from http//

Elder abuse Essay -- Health Care

Elder AbuseElder abuse has been present in our society in the past times however, it has been the hidden problem and under recognized by our community. It is really challenging for people to understand the severity of this problem unless one encountered it in ones life. Society began to really ack instantlyledge this issue because of the cases that have been reported. There are varieties of categories of elder abuse that are reportable to a healthcare provider however, many cases are still left unreported and elder victims continue to suffer from mistreatment. The seniors that surround us have contributed to our community and to the great things that we now have. These people should be recognized and protected in all areas of life instead of being mis hardened and left behind. Elder abuse is a brotherly problem because it violates the ethical principles, standards of practice, and the legislature.In our society we have been taught from a young age to respect our elders and treat t hem with dignity and respect. Those who should be the most honored closing up being one of the most vulnerable populations and a group of people that require special attention and care. These people require skilled breast feeding care and support from family and friends. Regardless of the abuse, it would lead to the needless suffering, pain, and violations of human rights. Elder abuse violates the principles of ethics some of them are justice, autonomy, and nonmalificence. When dealing with older adults the caregivers are compulsory to provide a fair treatment. The caregiver who stands in trust relationship to the resident cannot intentionally cause any harm or neglect. For the residents to be treated in a fair way, health providers must appropriately provide care to... ...aveman, B. (2006). Perceptions of elder abuse voices of professionals and volunteers in Sweden -- an exploratory study. Scandinavian Journal Of compassionate Sciences, 20(2), 151-159American Nurses Associati on. (November 15, 2010). Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements. In Nursing World. Retrieved work 30, 2012, from http// (2011). About Elder Abuse. In Colorado Coalition for Elder Rights and Abuse Prevention. Retrieved March 27, 2012, from http// Institute of Justice. (Novembeer 6, 2007). Elder Abuse. In National Institute of Justice. Retrieved April 1, 2012, from http//

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Winning the Micro-War: Prevention and New Drugs

Humans atomic number 18 engaged in a micro-war with bacteria, and we are losing. Bacteria represent one of the most adaptable organisms on the planet primarily due to their propensity for adopting genetic mutations.As with all evolutionary mechanisms, most mutations are either harmful or neutral they do not provide a comparative advantage to the mutated organism. Other times, however, a mutation will check a new and damaging environmental pressure and the organism will become well-equipped to survive and pass on its genes.This is precisely the problem with antibiotic drug bulwark in bacteria human antibiotics present a new environmental pressure to the highly-adaptable micro-organisms, and some develop an ability to survive through mutation. That threat is hypertrophied by the horizontal spreading of resistance through plasmid transfer and replication (Extending the Cure). To mitigate the threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria, three paths must(prenominal) be pursued preventi on and development of new drugs.Because antibiotic resistance arises primarily as an evolutionary response to environmental pressure, antibiotic resistance evict be avoided by minimizing the introduction of antibiotics and using them more(prenominal)over when truly needed. When antibiotics were first introduced, they were seen as a panaceaand rightly so, as they quickly and legally handle diseases that had previously been deadly and widespread (Lewis, FDA).Unfortunately, however, this enthusiastic adoption of antibiotics has led to a dangerous over-reliance on their use. For example, many dermatologists not only prescribe antibiotics for mild acne, entirely they also make the mistake of frequently rotating between antibiotic types. As the data show on the Essential Biology website, rotation does not pass the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (Essential Biology). In fact, 10.7% of patients in the resistant group were found to be housing resistant bacteria, as compare d to 7.7% in the control groupindicating that antibiotic rotation may actually exacerbate the problem rather than solve it (Essential Biology). Further more than, this method may be particularly harmful because it raises the possibility that a colonization of bacteria may develop into a so-called superbug by gaining resistant properties against multiple antibiotics (Breeding the Superbug).Conversely, reducing the number of antibiotic prescriptions is effective in limiting the number of antibiotic-resistant strains. Finnish researchers proved this correlation in a study where they tracked the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria while they reduced their prescriptions of erythromycin (Essential Biology).As the data in the bar graphs demonstrate, prevention through reduced prescription of antibiotics seems to stem the tide of resistant bacteria by prescribing fewer antibiotics, doctors were able to more than have the percentage of resistant colonies from a peak of 19.0% in 1993 to a low 8.6% in 1996a dramatic reversal (Essential Biology).However, preventative measures will only slow down the development of resistance and will not in fact solve the larger problem. To really gain ground in mitigating the set up of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, researchers will continually need to develop new antibiotics that are capable of killing off resistant strains of bacteria.This is where careful regulation of antibiotics could save lives if these last lines of self-abnegation are prescribed for everyday usage, the effectiveness of a doctors arsenal will be reduced and modern medicine may be powerless to stop treatable illnesses from becoming killers (Extending the Cure).If, on the other hand, doctors limit the usage of antibiotics to times when they are truly needed and researchers continue to develop new, more effective antibiotics, we will be able to minimize the ill-effects of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and win the micro-war. Our health depends on it.Works C itedBreeding the Superbug. Allianz Knowledge Online (Ed. Valdis Wish). Electronic article.http// Accessed 3 November 2008.Essential Biology. You adjudicate What Can We Do About antibiotic-resistant Bacteria?Online interactive lab. Pearson Education.http// 3-6 November 2008.Extending the Cure Policy Responses to the Growing Threat of Antibiotic Resistance.Executive summary. Extending the Cure online publication.http// Accessed 5November 2008.Lewis, Ricki. The Rise of Antibiotic Resistant Infections. Electronic article. United StatesFood and Drug Administration. http// 4 November 2008.

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Antimicrobial Assay Worksheet

University of Phoenix Material Antimicrobial Assay Worksheet Review the image and refer to Ch. 26 of Brock Biology of Microorganisms to answer the undermentioned questions. pic Adapted from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, by Islands in the Sea, 2002. Answer the following in 100 to 200 words each 1. What does this picture intend? To what is the area around the disks proportional?This picture represents an antimicrobial agent susceptibility assay by using the record dispersion technique. The test measures the antimicrobial activity, by determining the smallest amount of agent necessary to inhibit the growth of a specific test organism, this value is the minimum repressing constriction (MIC). The MIC expresses the lowest concentration of agent that completely inhibits the growth of the test organism (Madigan, Martinko, Stahl,& Clark, 2012).The areas around the disks are the zone of inhibition, which are proportional to the amount of antimicrobial agent added t o the disc, the solubility of the agent, the diffusion coefficient, and the overall effectiveness of the agent (Madigan, Martinko, Stahl,& Clark, 2012, p. 763). 2. Which letter disk has the least potent antibiotic? Why? Which has the most? How do you know? Letter F disc has the least potent antibiotic because the zone of inhibition is not present with indicates that the antimicrobial agent is not an affective inhibitor of the test organism.Letter D disc has the greatest potent antibiotic because the agent is quite an affective inhibitor of the test organism. This agent creates a proportionally large zone of inhibition, which is greater than other test agents are. 3. resuscitate to Figure 26. 10 of Brock Biology of Microorganisms. What has happened in the minimum inhibitory concentration tube? Approximately, what is the bacterial concentration in that tube? In the minimum inhibitory concentration tube, the agent inhibits the growth of the test organism.This level of inhibition varie s with certain factors to include the incubation conditions, culture medium, test organism, incubation time, and composition of the culture (Madigan, Martinko, Stahl,& Clark, 2012). The bacterial concentration is approximately the same in the tube that contains the minimum inhibitory concentration level of antimicrobial agent because the agent inhibits the growth of the test organism. interview Madigan, M. T. , Martinko, J. M. , Stahl, D. A. , & Clark, D. P. (2012). Brock biology of microorganisms (13th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson.

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Brief In Support Of Defendant’s Motion To Dismiss

On July 2, two hundred3, John John, the Plaintiff, resigned from his employment at the City of Weirton. Plaintiff declared that he experient harassment from his colleagues and from the caution while working at the City of Weirton. He cited several incidences such as a fellow employee pulling down his pants and shaking his groundwork at him and the frequent summons to the office of the manager for flimsy reasons such as the tardiness of an separate employee or a nonher persons absences or be written up for no valid reason at all.As a result, he was forced to resign from employment. Plaintiff alleged that the conduct he experienced from his employer and from his colleagues forced him to resign from his employment even though that was against his will. He filed this suit for wrongful termination. Plaintiff filed this suit at the Brooke County Circuit Court. II. Standard of LawUnder Rule 12 (b) of the West Virginia Civil Rules of Procedure Every defense, in law or fact, to a claim f or relief in any pleading, whether a claim, counterclaim, cross-claim, or third-party claim, shall be asserted in the responsive pleading thereto if one is required, except that the following defenses may at the option of the pleader be made by motion (1) lack of jurisdiction over the subject matter, (2) lack of jurisdiction over the person, (3) faulty venue, (4) insufficiency of process, (5) insufficiency of service of process, (6) failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, (7) failure to join a party under Rule 19.III. Argument a) The court should grant brief in brook of motion to dismiss be slip the Brooke County Circuit Court is not the proper venue for this suit. The autocratic Court of Appeals of West Virginia has extensively answered the question of venue in a civil action in the United Bank, Inc. v. Blosser, No. 32691. Citing the 56-1-1 of the W. Va. Code, the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia stated that a) Any civil action or other proceeding, e xcept where it is otherwise specially provided, may hereafter be brought in the circuit court of any county (1) Wherein any of the defendants may reside or the cause of action aroseWell-settled is the rule in statutory construction that when a statute is clear and unambiguous then there is no room for its interpretation. Its plain centre should be accepted and applied without the need for interpretation. In this case, the cause of action arose in the Hancock County where the City of Weirton is located. It is there where the act of wrongful termination was committed. at that place could be no other venue for this wrongful termination suit except in the Hancock County. Venue relates not to jurisdiction but to trial.It touches convenience, not substance. However, the choice of venue for filing civil suits should not be left to the plaintiffs whim and caprices. Facts such as judicial economy, proper constitution of justice and the convenience of the parties must(prenominal) not be t aken for granted since they are the reasons for which the rules of procedure and venue were formulated. In this case, since the City of Weirton is located at 200 Municipal Plaza, Weirton, West Virginia which is at Honcock County there could be no other venue except the Hancock County.B) Court should grant brief in support of Motion to Dismiss because the motion to dismiss on the ground of improper venue was timely filed pursuant to the doctrine enunciated in the case of Higgins v. Alpha Burnett (01-801) The Supreme Court of atomic number 18 in the case of Brenda Higgins v. Alpha Burnett, et al, Opinion delivered June 6, 2002, discussed the importance of filing the defense of improper venue at the earliest opportunity. That case have-to doe with an action for fraud and conversion filed against two defendants residing in Lonoke County. The suit was filed in Faulkner County Circuit Court.The defendants filed their answer which was generally in the nature of mere denials. They did no t shew any affirmative defense of improper venue nor did they reserve the right to raise this defense. It was only after fourteen months that they filed their motion to dismiss raising as a defense improper venue. The trial court granted the motion and dismissed the suit. In reversing the trial courts decision, the Supreme Court of Arkansas said that the defense of improper venue had been waived by the defendants when they failed to raise the same at the time they filed their responsive pleading.Because appellees did not raise their valid defense of improper venue in the answer, or by motion filed prior to or simultaneously with the answer, we hold that the defense was waived therefore, the case is reversed and remanded Ordinarily, the rules of civil procedure must be liberally construed. However, the provisions on period within which to raise certain defenses are strictly applied as they are deemed indispensable to the streak of needless delays and they are necessary to the speed y discharge of judicial business. In this case, the defendant has timely filed his defense of improper venue.The motion to dismiss should therefore be granted. IV. Conclusion For the foregoing reasons, defendant respectfully requests that this Court grants defendants motion to dismiss this suit for wrongful termination on the ground of improper venue. Following the W. Va. Code 56-1-1, the suit shall be filed in the county where the defendant resides or where the cause of action arose which is Hancock County where the City of Weirton is situated. CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I herewith certify that the above Brief In Support of Defendants Motion to Dismiss was served upon the Plaintiff on August , 200 by send a true copy by certified mail to

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Investigation on Protein Denaturation

By y. c. pong Introduction When you heat an egg, the egg sporty clump together and turned white. It is be sire the protein in egg white undergoes denaturation, the cross linkage(the hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds and disulphride bonds) which maintain the protein shape destructed, so protein lose its tertiary conformism. This denaturing process is very important, because before protein coffin nail be used in digestion they must be unfolded. fork A denaturation of egg white Aim To examine the factors on the effect of denaturation of egg white.Principle As protein denaturation can be cause by several factors such as temperature, pH, salt concentration. In this experiment, we argon examining how these factors fix the denaturation of protein. We use egg white, which is actually a solution of protein in piddle in this experiment. After the egg white had been dilute, the egg white solution can be put in 60? C and 80? C water bath to test for how temperature meets denaturation. It can be record by the time need for the first change of appearance.To find run how pH of affect denaturation, we can add dropwise the actetic irate to the egg white solution. Beside, the NaCl can to a fault be add dropwise to egg white, to test for how salt concentration cause denaturation. determine the number of drop of solution added for an appearance change to occur. Observation 60 ? C water bath After 15 minutes, a pale colour semi-solid formed 80 ?C water bath After 2 minutes 30 seconds, a white jelly like solid formed. 1M acetic acid After 10 drops of acid added, the solution become pale yellowness and clumping of egg white occurs 5M NaCl After 27 drops of NaCl added, the solution become yellow and clumping f egg white occurs Add equal volume of water No manifest change Discussion Protein? s three dimension conformation is held by the interaction between its amino acids. This interaction included hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds and disulphride bonds. But in some extreme condition, such as uplifted temperature, extreme pH, high salt concentration, the protein will be denaturate. It is because the cross linkage had been broken, the secondary and tertiary structure argon alter.The protein now has primary structure as peptide bonds are strong enough not to be destructed. In our experiment, we observed that the egg white clump together after denaturation (either by heat, pH or salt concentration). It is because after the normal structure is destructed, some new bonding may be formed between proteins. They can have a monolithic clump of proteins hooked together. That is the coagulation. In coagulation process, the egg white turned from transparent to a cloudy solution, because as the protein clump together, there are no much space for light the pass through, so it looks more cloudy.Besides, in 80 ? C boiling tobacco pipe, the egg white turned white season at 60 ? C the egg white only clump to a yellow semi-solid. It is because at higher temperature more kinetic energy is provided for the molecules to vibrate, so the bondings are disrupted more greatly. So it can be concluded that a high temperature will have a stronger effect on denaturation. Part B egg custard Aim To measure the phrase transitions that occurs in denaturation of egg and milk as affected by temperature change. PrincipleEgg and milk are the main ingredients of an egg custard, through baking an egg custard, we can examine the signifier transition of transition of denaturation of egg and milk as affected by temperature. Result After baking the egg custard for 30 minutes, the egg custard set to a yellow smooth gelatine. Discussion The egg custard is at liquid phase before baking, and it turn to solid phase after baking. It shows that phase transitions of liquid to solid had occur in the denaturation process of egg and milk as affect by high temperature. The egg custard has a smooth and spongy texture.In the experiment, our egg custard is do of egg, m ilk, sugar only. Through applying of heat and manipulation, custards can become a awkward and semi-rigid gel, denaturation of the egg protein, causes a clumping of proteins, is primarily contribute for the thickening of the custard. Milk, although not as important as egg, but calcium ions present in the milk are also needed in order to form thicker custard. Sugar is also important to the viscosity and gel strength of custards. Sugar tends to increase the denaturation temperature of the egg proteins returning in less stiff custard.The concentration of egg protein is proportional to the viscosity or gel strength of the custard. With increasing concentration, a custard sauce becomes more viscous and the gel strength of a baked custard firmer. A custard heated slowly begins to thicken at a lower temperature, thickens gradually over a wider temperature range and result in a smoother texture. Slow cooking can be achieved by placing the custard mixture in a water bath to warm to sure te mperature before put into the oven which has been skipped in our experimentPart C denaturation of milk Aim To examine the factors on the effect of denaturation of milk. Principle Milk protein, similar with egg white, will also undergo denaturation in extreme condition. So acid and NaCl is added to milk respectively, to observe the changes and examine how pH and salt concentration affect denaturation. Then, they are place in a 80 ? C water bath, also a figure tube is tube is put in water bath, to examine the effect of temperature on denaturation. Observation original milk pH= 6. 63 1 M acetic acid 60 drops of 1 m acid had been added The pH=4. 67 in that respect are white ppt formed. Half quantity of 1 M acetic acid added 30 drops of 1M acid added there are no observable change. And after heat for 2 minutes, there are white precipitate formed. 1 ml of 5M NaCl No observable changes soon after addition of NaCl. There are short white precipitate after heat for 8 m inutes. control No observable changes even after 20 minutes Centrifugation tube 3 layers formed.The upper layer is translucent, the middle one is white and the bottom layer is white precipitate. Discussion There are 3 layers present in the centrifugation tube after centrifugation. The upper layer is the acetic acid we added, the middle layer is the milky serum, the bottom layer is the precipitate formed bring out by the addition of acid. There are 2 major components of milk, casein and serum .The casein contains phosphorus and will coagulate or precipitate at about pH 4. 6. The serum proteins do not contain phosphorus, and these proteins remain in solution in milk at pH 4. 6. So, when acetic acid added the pH drop to 4. 69 the casein precipitate so white precipitate is seen. The addition of NaCl only cause a little precipitation, shows decrease in pH has a greater effect on milk denaturation than increase in salt concentration. There are no observable changes in control because the protein are not yet denaturated in 80 ? C.Part D yoghurt Aim To experience the making of yoghurt and the theory of formation of yoghurt. Principle As raw(a) yoghurt is made from fresh milk without other ingredient added, it can be made by simply add a little yoghurt and milk together and incubate in 38 ? C incubator, which is a suitable temperature to make yoghurt. Yoghurt can be available for sense of taste after 1-2 days. Results All milk turned into yoghurt, the sample is no longer liquid but is in semi-solid. The yoghurt is a bit sour than the original sample. DiscussionYoghurt is made by fresh milk, but often some specific bacteria strains are introduce into the milk. The bacteria ingest natural milk sugars and released lactic acid as a waste product. The acid decrease the pH and cause the denaturation of milk protein during which the cross linkage between protein break and protein uncoiled. Then, the protein will tangle into a solid mass, yoghurt formed In our ex periment, we mixed the 50 ml milk with 5 ml yoghurt to made the sample yoghurt instead of milk only . the 5 ml yoghurt is to provide the bacteria.Only a small amount of live yoghurt can is needed to inoculate a new batch of yoghurt because the bacteria can reproduce and multiple themselves during the yoghurt making process. Besides the incubators temperature is 38 ? C because it is the optimum temperature of bacteria to reproduce. The yoghurt newly made is more sour than the original sample. It may be due to the long pensiveness hours, as we had kept it over 48 hours. The bacteria ingest a higher % of milk sugar and release more lactic acid. To stop the brooding we can place the yoghurt in a refrigerator.

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Knowledge Development In Nursing

Knowledge development in nursing has been somewhat of a hot topic in the much scholastic endeavors of the profession for quite some time. As the profession grew from a focus centered on treating physical symptoms and conditions to a more well-rounded advancement that considered psychological, social, and spiritual needs in addition to physical illness, the need to break down the process of knowledge development arose.By utilizing nursing theories, which support the use of testify based practice in most cases, it seems as though the profession of nursing gained more credibility in the scientific community as cold as the value of the knowledge produced I feel that utilizing processes akin to those already accepted as prudent by more established scientific handle helped achieve that credibility.In order to get to nursing theories, however, the process had to begin with a philosophic component that heap allow for a separation from concrete/ scientific knowledge, among other things , in order to promote more abstract concepts and different methods to look at how we come to that knowledge. McCurry (2009) touches on this premise as she describes how a vernacular theme, in this case the common good of society, can be looked at from many different perspectives, as it creates an arena in which those perspectives can be pose to determine how to go ab emerge investigating the perspectives further.Although it wasnt the center piece of the article, one highlight was a breakdown of how more abstract thoughts can be linked to the application of intentional actions through the use of theories, which stems from philosophical questions. Philosophy lays the ground work for knowledge production to be built upon. In a way, Kim (1999) echoed these sentiments as she discusses critical reflective inquiry and its applications in relation to pain management in a South Korean hospital setting.She admits that nursing has situations in which our therapeutic actions can be supported by one theory and conflicted by a nonher. What it seemed to re-enforce was how our drive to answer the philosophical questions created by the issues we wish to address can use various forms to achieve that common goal, however, those that are centered around the evaluation of how our therapeutic actions actually pan out versus how we think they pan out will help us gain the most useful knowledge as long as we are able to recognize the need for, and pull ahead of, changes that help our patients out the most.We wouldnt be able to gain the knowledge that specific actions and changes are therapeutically beneficial without understanding why we wanted to trade name changes in the first place, and generating multiple attempts at making those changes to see which ones actually accomplished the goal would seemingly allow us to ask the ruff dislodge at achieving what we set out to.Evaluating the nursing interventions we utilize to affect our patients for the better is important, we all k now that. Abbott (1988) pointed out that although nursing is capable of evaluating our interventions in practice, we do not tend to emphasize the importance of breaking down specific practical interventions in an abstract way that allows for our ability to link the interventions we utilize to the thought processes lavatory it while we are out practicing our craft.This I can personally relate to, when considering how the first couple years of my personal practice was spent learning how to but accomplish the tasks I was presented with in the time frame I was to accomplish them in (assessment, documenting, intervening, documenting, evaluating, intervening, documenting, documenting, documentingugh). I knew that there was good reason behind the things I was doing however, I was not keenly aware of the concepts and philosophies that comprised that reasoning, I was simply focused on completing my tasks in a timely, safe fashion.Reed (2006) promotes the idea that nurses tend not to perpl ex a full understanding of the why we do the things we do, and went so far as to say that there might be a level of mysticism when it comes to the healing processes we are engaged in. That mysticism was essentially summed up by purporting that when we cant put our finger on the why we do what we do, we bowling pin back on concepts like intuition and gut feelings. Its not to say that we are incorrect in our intuitions, however, we dont have a strong link to the rationale behind it all the time.This is where the concept of breaking down the why we do what we do into more abstract, philosophical components can rightfully benefit us, as we can extrapolate on the intuitions and gut feelings into philosophical questions and building blocks that theories can be generated from. When we utilize practice centered theories that arise from abstract, philosophical questions, the whole process of nursing can be explained and evaluated with more ease, and the knowledge we generate could be seen as more credible.Just saying something is true because it is doesnt have a whole lot of weight behind it showing how the knowledge we reference as truth comes to be and having evidence that supports it with results that highlight it is, by and large, the best way that nursing knowledge can be produced in a fashion that holds credibility with those that arent of our discipline. We know how awesome we are, but its trying to prove it to others without a process that everyone can relate to that all starts with philosophy.

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Arthur Miller uses Alfieri for Dramatic Essay

In the second part of his speech, Alfieri brings about a notion of tragedy, Another lawyer, quite otherwise dressed, heard the same complaint and sat there as powerless as I, and watched it run its bloody course. This gives the interview a hint as to what is deprivation to come ahead. The fact that Alfieri speaks in the third person indicates that the calamity has already happened and he was powerless to stop it. The idea of fate and destiny and destiny is alike brought about. When Eddie, the protagonist of the wager is introduced the scenario of a typical Greek tragedy is set up.Eddie is a good person but he has a flaw his neurotic love for his niece, Catherine. If he is then put in an appropriate circumstance where his weakness is tested, he is likely to encounter tragic circumstances. The next time Alfieri addresses the consultation the story has already been put into context. The reference are unaware of Eddies love for his niece and he could be easily mistaken as an over contraceptive father. Eddie pays for her typing lessons and has ambitions for her to rise to a different class. You aint all the girls. He is proud of her looks, yet concerned she will attract the wrong variety show of men.The heads are turning like windmills. In addition Eddie finds it difficult to admit that Catherine has become an independent woman. I guess I just never estimate that you would grow up. This Alfieri soliloquy helps the plot to progress. Again he uses the past tense, reminding us that he is recalling something which has taken place. Eddie is described as good and hardworking man, the audience mass therefore sympathise and even like him. However Eddie has a fate and destiny which he cannot control. Towards the end of this short appearance, Alfieri notifies us on the arrival of the cousins and the play again unfolds.Subsequently we meet Alfieri who again mentions Eddies destiny. Eddie Carb bingle had never expected to have a destiny. Yet again we are given t he impression that Eddie is a good person and is someone you would expect to have a fairly normal life. A man works, raises his family, goes bowling, eats, gets old, and then he dies. However we are reminded as Alfieri closes his speech that Eddie does have a flaw and as a result there will be devastating consequences. As a result of which, the audience are left in suspense and uncertainty as to what is to come ahead.There was a trouble that would not go away. His next appearance is one of the most important in the play. Alfieri begins by saying how he is acquainted with Eddie and his family, which helps to put his relationship with the husky, middle-aged longshoreman into context. He then reveals that Eddie came to visit him in the first instance. I remember him now as he walked through my doorway his eyes were like tunnels. Which indicates that Eddie was out of control and looked fierce. Alternatively this could make the audience feel concerned towards his actions and what is to come next.It is the first time in the play that Alfieri transforms from being a narrator to actually a part of the action. As an proletarian taking part in the action, both his language and behaviour are more formal. In terms of language, Alfieri is more articulate and elevated his sentences consist of professionalism and throughout this scene he is the voice of reason and sanity as opposed to the prejudiced and hurt Eddie. However Eddie is aggravated by Alfieris clear and focussed attitude towards the law, as Eddie cannot differentiate between the law and the justice of the vendetta. But the law is very specific The law does not.

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6 steps decision making Essay

In addition to time blackmails that we en t anyyer when searching for incompatibleiate to support care stopping points for individual unhurrieds, it may be difficult for clinicians to apply the license that we find. The dictate limiting step may non be doing the search, but the steps leaded in setting depict-based practice of medical specialty (EBM) in motion. We present an example of a search for evidence by a Physician Assistant (PA) bookman that highlights this challenge. PAs receive accelerated training in the medical model and work in teamsunder physician supervision. Approximately 40 000 PAs authenticly work in theUS in a all-encompassing range of settings and specialties.Practising EBM has become an important component of training for PAs.During an internecine medicine rotation, a PA pupil encountered a common clinical practice uncorroborated by currentevidenceadministration of nebulised albuterol in patients with community acquired pneumonia ( roof). While th is practice maybe justified in patients with underlying continuing obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who also present with CAP, this schoolchild interrogative sentenceed the grounds for its routine in patients with CAP who do not have COPD.Clinical scenarioA 68 year old man presented to the emergency department with fever, chills, and a non-productive cough of 1 weeks duration. He had fatigue, headache, rhinorrhoea, and mild nausea, butdenied dyspnoea. He had no history of smoking or COPD. Hehad atrial fibrillation and was taking warfarin for stroke prevention. On admission, his temperature was 38.4 C, heart rate was108 beats/minute, respiratory rate was 24 breaths/minute,blood pressure was 156/88 mm Hg, and oxygen saturation was86% by pulse oximetry on room air. Rales were heard in twainlung bases and in the right middle lobe. Chest radiographyshowed a diffuse infiltrate in the right middle and lower lobes. Complete blood count showed a white blood cell count of22 000 cells/ ml with a left(p) shift, and arterial blood gases showed mild respiratory acidosis.One battery-acid of ceftriaxone was administered parenterally, and a course of azithromycin was started. Albuterol, 5% solution,delivered by nebuliser 3 times daily was also ordered, in addition to a combination of inhaled ipratropium and albuterol,delivered by metered dot inhaler every 4 hours as needed.During the hospital stay, his pneumonia resolved, but his heart rate increased to 150 beats/minute and his blood pressure uprise from 156/88 to 200/110 mm Hg.Clinical questionAlthough there was no institutional protocol for use ofnebulised albuterol for discourse of CAP, the house ply often ordered it.The PA student queried In a 68 year old man with CAP and no underlying COPD, does use of nebulised 2 agonists improve symptoms? What is the risk of harm in thispatient?Search strategyFirstly, a treatment guideline was sought to clarify recommendations regarding use of nebulised albuterol for treatm ent of CAP.The American Thoracic Society guidelines for management ofCAP1 were rapidly retrieved through PubMed, UpToDate, andMD Consult. The British Thoracic Society (BTS) guidelines for the management of CAP in adults2 were also demonstrate in PubMed.Both sets of guidelines were relevant to our patient, but neither guideline discussed the use of nebulised albuterol in thetreatment of CAP. The BTS guidelines had a section on ecumenic management, which discussed the use of adjunctive therapiesfor CAP, but nebulised albuterol was not mentioned. Evidence from controlled clinical trials was mentioned in the guideline for bottle blowing,3 but not for physiotherapy.Having not fully answered our question with a review ofrelevant guidelines (and having not attracted the attention of anyone who could change the patients treatment plan), wesearched PubMed again, this time specifically for studies on the use of albuterol in patients with CAP.No relevant trials were found on the use of nebu lisers for CAP.To identify evidence about harm with the use of albuterol,PubMed was searched using the terms nebulised albuterol, cardiac arrhythmias, and randomised or controlled clinical trials.No trials were found. When just the content terms weresearched, 9 articles, not directly relevant to our patient, were found. One prospective, open label study on the work ofnebulised albuterol (for treatment of asthma) on cardiac rhythm was found.4 10 patients were studied, and although no adverse effect on cardiac rhythm or blood pressure was found, the study did not convince the team that no potential for harm existed in this, or other patients, especially when therewas no clear trace for use of albuterol.Recognising that searching and appraising the literature are not the only important aspects of practicing EBM, we consulted an experienced pulmonologist, who practises and teaches using the EBM model. In addition to reviewing treatment plans formultiple cases of CAP requiring hospital admission with theNurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant service, he recommended review of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicinewebsite at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada(, which suggested blether blowing as a method for helping clear secretions.23 This served as anexcellent, rapid approach to finding good information on treatment of CAP, and substantiate the evidence previously found inthe literature search.Application of the evidence to this, and futurepatientsThe treatment plan for this patient was not altered by thestudents rapid search for evidence. Changes in usual care for a common illness required a comprehensive search and discussion among all clinicians in our institution caring for patientswith CAP.The clinical team reviewed the results of the search and because no evidence was found to support use of albuterol in patients like ours, changes were puzzle to future practice. As a result of this put to work, which took a few hours and evolved over several weeks, orders for bronchodilators for patients with CAP are now made on an individual basis, depending on thepresence of patient comorbid illnesses, much(prenominal) as COPD.164 Volume 8 November/December 2003 EBM EBM notebook Downloaded from on 10 August 2009ConclusionThe need for a rapid search for evidence is sometimes, but not al styluss, important to the care of an individual patient. In this case, the speed of the search did not happen upon the ability of the PA student to apply theevidence to the patient. Setting the evidence in motion may require communication of search results to other members of the clinical team and may affect the care of future patients. Although the catalyst for setting EBM in motion was a student, the evidence, including the results of further research, along with the judgment of the experienced pulmonologist,convinced the clinical team to make changes to usual care and to base futu re treatment of this common condition on the best available evidence.The basic concept of evidence-based medicine proposes tomake wellness related decisions based on a synthesis of internal and orthogonal evidence. Internal evidence is composed of cognition acquired through formal education and training, generalexperience accumulated from daily practice, and specificexperience gained from an individual clinician-patient relationship. External evidence is accessible information from research.It is the explicit use of valid external evidence (eg, randomised controlled trials) combined with the prevailing internal evidence that defines a clinical decision as evidence-based. To realise this concept in day to day clinical practice, the Evidence- Based Medicine Working Group proposed a 5 step strategy,corresponding to step 1 and steps 3 to 6 shown in the left hand column of the table.In teaching this 5 step approach, we encountered several difficulties. We noticed a growing hesitance to accept this strategyas students locomote in their medical training. In the presence of well established methods of treatment or diagnosis, thisresistance rises even more, regardless of the level of training.We assume that this barrier is associated with the process of socialisation into the health professions. Throughout medicaleducation students are virtually trained to make decisions under the condition of uncertainty. Advanced students and to a greater boundary clinicians lose some of their ability to differentiate between scientific evidence and what seems to be evident. If we intend to implement evidence-based medicine more efficiently, we need to modify the way students and clinicians learn to make decisions.Therefore, an additional step was introduced in our evidencebased medicine teaching programme (step 2 in the table).Students were to provide answers to their clinical questions based on their current knowledge (internal evidence) beforecontinuing with the remaining steps of the evidence-basedprocess.2 Our collective experience concerning this additional step was extremely positive. The students using this new step were satisfied that their preexisting knowledge had beenintegrated into the evidence-based approach. By explicitlydocumenting their internal evidence, students used the remaining steps of the process to evaluate not only the best evidence in do a clinical decision but also to assess the accuracy of their internal evidence, the grounds upon which their preconcep-The 6 steps of evidence-based decision making gradation Action Explanation1 Transformation of the clinical problem into 3 or 4 part question (a) relevant patient characteristics and problem(s), (b) leading intervention, (c) option intervention, (d) clinical outcomes or goals. 2 Additional step answer to the question based on internal evidence only Internal evidence acquired knowledge through professional training and experience (in general and applied to the patient). Should be d ocumented before proceeding to step 3.3 Finding external evidence to answer the question External evidence obtained from textbooks, journals, databases, experts. The value of the external evidence will be highly variable, see step 4. 4 Critical appraisal of the external evidence Should answer 3 questions (1) Are the results valid? (2) Are the results clinically important? (3) Do the results apply to my patient? (or is my patient so different from those in the study that the results do not apply?) 5 Integrating external and internal evidence The 2 sources of information (external and internal) may be supportive, non-supportive, or conflicting. How the decision is made when non-supportive or conflicting will depend on multiple factors. 6 Evaluation of decision making process Once the decision has been made, the process and the outcome are considered and opportunities for improvement are identified.The health authority of Alto Adige in northern Italy initiated and supported a project, the Bressanone Model, in which the effects of implementing evidence-based medicine on the prime(a) of health care were to be shown. In this model we used the six step approach, which proved to be successful in the studentproject to teach experienced clinicians.3 The participants were asked to name problems of their day to day practice that lacked either an effective or an efficient solution. The evidence-based medicine support group helped participants to articulate the 3 or 4 part questions. Subsequently, the physicians were asked to submit their individual answers to the questions before continuing with steps 3 to 6.Agreement between internal and external evidence varies.Completing the full process could result in finding evidence that confirms the internal evidence, validating and strengthening the clinicians or students combine in the decision. The process could also reveal that little evidence exists to support the decision or that the available evidence is equivocal. In suc h cases, other factors such as cost or inconvenience to the patient may need to be given greater consideration. Possibly, the best external evidence found is not in agreement with the internal evidence. This represents a particularly valuable experience for the clinician or student because it may avoid an ill advised decision. It also shows the fallibility of making decisions onuncertain ground based on internal evidence alone. This in turn will hopefully promote the routine assimilation of external evidence in clinical decision making. The documentation andcomparison of steps 2 and 5, used as a research tool or quality assurance outcome measure, could provide valid informationon the effects of evidence-based medicine on clinical decision making.In case of conflicting internal and external evidence, clinicians have several options. They may change their mind and align it with the external evidence. They may determine that the external evidence is not sufficiently convert and remain with theoriginal decision. Or, they may choose to discuss with thepatient the conflict between the internal and external evidence in a manner that enables the patient to take part in the decision making process. This last approach is recommended becausepatient preference is considered an essential part of theevidence-based decision making process1 and decisions oftenneed to be made in the absence of clear research findings.

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Marginal Revenue and Profit

?In order for a company to be able to reach its full capability financial management must be in place. This management needs to be aw atomic number 18 of at least the basics of financial plans which be tax income, personify and profit. These three things can make or present a company. Each of these things must be understood and considered before plans can be laid to raise or better a company. Revenue is the heart and soul a company receives (Marginal Revenue, 2009). If a company is in the business of sales, revenue is the amount of specie the company receives per unit sold. Marginal revenue is the amount of m onenessy a company receives for the last unit sold.This is free-base by dividing the change in revenue by the change in quantity sold. For companies that compete with one another bare(a) revenue is not in truth important. This is because in a competitive environment most products are sold at a storey price so that fringy revenue is equal to the set sales price of th e product. For a monopoly on the other hand, peripheral revenue is very important. Monopolies have a decreasing marginal revenue distort (marginal Revenue, 2009) for a monopoly the marginal revenue is less than the sales price. This is because a monopoly must have a inflict sales price in order to increase the amount of product sold.Total cost is the amount of money it costs to operate at a particular rate of end product (Baker, 2000). There are two types of cost variable and fixed. Fixed costs are those that remain the same regardless of production and variable costs are those that change with production. Marginal cost is the addition either to total cost or total variable cost resulting from one more unit of output (McConnall & Brue, 2008). Usually this is found by dividing the change in total cost by the change in quantity. Profit is the supportive gain from an investment or business operation after subtracting expenses (Profit, 2009).Profit maximization is the idea that st ack will try to create as high a profit as possible precondition the circumstances. Since marginal revenue is the amount of revenue an additional unit will bring in and marginal cost is the amount the additional unit will cost to produce, then profit maximization is the point where marginal cost and marginal revenue are equal (Profit Maximization, 2009). So as long as marginal cost is lower than marginal revenue there is profit, but if marginal cost always exceeds marginal revenue the last unit should not be produced. If the marginal revenue is higher than the marginal cost, the company can produce more units.Business owners and managers need to be able to make a profit. Whenever people think of profit, they are aware that profit is the amount of money left after the expenses are paid and most people know the greater the profit the better off they will be. just about people do not know that profit maximization requires the knowledge of marginal cost and marginal revenue. In order to determine when a company is no longer profiting from production of extra units, one must know that profit maximization is the point where marginal revenue equals marginal cost. Refernces (2009). Marginal revenue Fundamental finance.Retrieved July 16, 2009, from fundamentalfinance. com Web site http//economics. fundamentalfinance. com/micro_revenue. php Baker, S. (2000). personify concepts. Retrieved July 16, 2009, from Economics interactive tutorial Web site http//hspm. sph. sc. edu/COURSES/ECON/Cost/Cost. html (2009). Profit. Retrieved July 16, 2009, from investorwords. com Web site http//www. investorwords. com/3880/profit. html Profit Maximization. Retrieved July 16, 2009, Web site http//www. econ. ilstu. edu/ntskaggs/eco105/readings/profit-max. htm McConnell, C. , & Brue, S. (2008). Microeconomics 17th ed. New York McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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Disaster recovery training

It is almost inevit open that at some tiptop, a handicraft or organization give experience a serious calamity that may hinder it from imparting out its average day to day melodic phrase operations. Such calamities may include computer malfunctioning, accidents, floods, fires, grievous acts, among others. When tragedy strikes, it is eventful for the organization to brace a proper disaster convalescence externalise that volition stand by the business significantly reduce the losses incurred and recover within a short time frame.For this reason, this organization has execute up a talented disaster retrieval planning squad which go out cater for such(prenominal) eventualities. However, even as the expertise of the aggroup cannot be questioned, it is still important for the members to undergo disaster recovery bringing up from a credible third party and be properly certified so as to provide our company with the internationalistic best practices and recommendations for the implementation of disaster recovery as well as business perseveration. Offering cataclysm recovery training to our group will alike abet oneself hold our organization from reinventing the wheel (Thejendra, 2008).There argon several organizations that provide consultancy and training in Disaster recuperation practices further it is important to choose carefully, those who will train our disaster recovery team so as to earn the best affirmable training and exposure. The choice is to a large extent, dependent on their Disaster Recovery hallmark and relevant experience in this field. Based on these requirements, the following are five possible sources that can decently train our disaster recovery planning team. They include schoolmaster training organizations and faculty member pickaxs. DRI internationalDRI is an acronym for the Disaster Recovery Institute and is a reputable international organization which provides training and au thentication on disaster recovery a nd business continuity. The training courses that it offers range from basic to advanced levels and its support programs are aimed towards lot an organization to maintain its professional level of competence even in the midst of calamity. If contracted, DRI will help our planning team learn how to develop a business continuity management program and summate up with proper resilience strategies to overcome disasters in the shortest time frame possible.The training offered by DRI international is quite comprehensive and covers each go level therefore members of our DR planning team can formulate and improve their knowledge as they progress up the career ladder (DRI foreign, 2009). The professional credentials is given in five different levels starting from entrance level to much advanced levels. The entry level certification training is the Associate Business perseveration Professional (ABCP) which will support our team members who vex less than twain years experience i n this field.The second certification level is the qualified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV) which is offered to those with more than two years experience and who contend knowledge of the DRI professional practices. Another certification level is the Certified Functional Continuity Professional (CFCP) level which is open for those who demonstrate knowledge, have more than two years running(a) experience and have practical experience in at least three professional practices rout areas.The Certified Business Continuity Professional is offered to those who have practical experience in at least five professional practice subject areas and the sea captain Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) will cater for those who have more than five years working experience and have practical experience in at least seven professional practices subject areas. DRII certification is internationally recognized meaning that our team will get the best possible Disaster Recovery training and apply i t to our organization (DRI International, 2009). Business continuity instituteThe Business Continuity institute (BCI) is an internationally recognized organization that offers training on business continuity. It was started in 1994 with the aim of helping its members to get counselor-at-law on proper management of business continuity. This institute offers training and certification on business continuity management through a program known as the BCI professional recognition program. This program is aimed at helping organizations to identify any potential threats to their business and achieve resilience so that they can suffice effectively and safeguard their business when disaster strikes.Some of the skills imparted by BCI training include business resilience as well as recovery strategies, business continuity plans and strategies for risk management. (Business Continuity Institute, 2009). Training with BCI can be very beneficial to our organization especially due to its internat ional status. The BCI professional recognition program is a benchmark for assessing best practice and has encouraged the improvement of business enhancing skills. Our disaster recovery planning team can therefore greatly benefit from the high quality training which this institute is capable of providing.BCI certification is based on the Certification standards for Business Continuity Professionals which are internationally recognized standards of disaster recovery and were published in conjunction with DRI international. Thus BCI certification is internationally recognized and its prestigious status will boost our organizations credibility and portray us a competent enough to carry out business continuity practices consistently and to a very high professional standards (Business Continuity Institute, 2009). International Consortium for Organizational ResilienceThis is another international organization that offers training on disaster recovery and business continuity. It offers prof essional certifications through several certification programs that have been tailor made to suit each career level. ICOR courses are offered at the ICOR University and include ten disciplines, among them, Business Continuity heed, Risk Management and Insurance, social resilience and crisis management and communication. The CORA Associate certification program is for entry level professionals and is offered even to those with no work experience.The CORS specialist certification level is given to those with a minimum of three years work experience and who have a certification in one discipline from ICOR University. CORM manager is a more advanced certification level and for those with more than five years work experience and certifications in at least two disciplines from ICOR University. CORP Professional ICOR certification requires more than seven years work experience and certifications in quaternity disciplines from ICOR University.Finally, CORE executive certification program is for those with more than ten years working experience and certifications from half a dozen disciplines in ICOR University. The credentialing program from ICOR is designed to help students to progress as professionals (The ICOR, 2009). The main aim of ICOR is to empower the professionals who are in charge of business continuity planning with skills that will enable them to come up with adequate resilience strategies for their businesses. If our team trains at ICOR, they will have the benefit of interacting with other professionals making their accomplishment more meaningful.ICOR is also recognized worldwide as offering resilience solutions to organizations therefore if we gain corporate membership, our team will be able to access quite a number of benefits. Some of these advantages include interacting with professionals, having unbounded access to the ICOR library so they can read widely on the subject and have interminable access to a wide variety of resources. As members, t hey will undergo thorough training and certification at a lower cost. They can attend professional conferences and constantly be updated on what is acquittance on in this field.These benefits will be translated to the organization in from of improved business continuity practices as they apply what they have learnt (The ICOR, 2009). Norwich University This is one of the few academic options which offer training in the field of disaster recovery and business continuity. The disaster recovery course which started in December 2008 is offered at the Norwich online school of ammonium alum studies under the ascertains of Science in Business continuity program. Norwich University developed this program so as to increase the level of training in the disaster recovery field.Among the subject areas that it addresses are policies, systems and procedures that will help a company to carry on with its day to day operations even in the case of a disaster that threatens interruption. Being a mi litary college, Norwich University seems like a natural setting for this program since the military is among the first organizations in the United States to initiate contingency planning. The MSBC program will help organizations to confirm information assurance thereby enhancing business continuity (Larkin, 2008).The MSBC program seeks to help businesses adopt business continuity as a best practice, assessing all business aspects from information technology to supply chains. It will help our team learn how to identify weaknesses in the disaster recovery system. The fact that lessons in this program also involve learning directly from experts and analyzing case studies of those who have actually undergone business interruption at this point and this provides more adequate and relevant information which our disaster recovery planning team can then apply to our workplace.Learning from those who have undergone a disaster first hand is more beneficial than just learning theoretically. T he program is provided online so our team members can learn from the comfort of their homes or in the office and as they learn, they apply it concurrently to the workplace. This can be likened to on the job training, only the company is not providing the training directly. Furthermore, Norwich University is able to recruit instructors in diverse working in their different fields worldwide therefore its students benefit from a wide field of knowledge (Larkin, 2008). Boston University Metropolitan CollegeBoston University is another academic option which offers training in the field of disaster recovery and business continuity. The course is offered online in two unadorned programs. One is offered as a Graduate Certificate in Risk Management and Organizational Continuity (RMOC) and the other is offered as a Masters of Science in Business Continuity and Emergency Management (MSBCEM). The graduate certificate program has been designed to help businesses come up with the best strategies to cope with the various(a) calamities that may present themselves in the lifetime of the company (Boston University online, n.d). Students in the RMOC program are taught both proactive and reactive aspects of managing a crisis. The program covers preparedness planning, proper development of a business continuity plan among others. Students will also undergo a simulation of an emergency situation at the workplace and this will help them apply the theoretical concepts that they have learned in the duration of their coursework. Members of our planning team will be able to gain useful knowledge in business continuity.They will be able to gain valuable professional credentials. It is also possible for them to further their training by enrolling in the online Master of Science in specialty management which specializes in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management. This course is offered to fix on the graduate certificate RMOC program and students under the RMOC program can simply transfer their attribute to MSBCEM program and complete it only by covering the eight core courses (Boston University Online, n. d).

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Baker Project Proposal

scourger is the solution for your commerce struggles. Google Flogger is selected by other organizations for services the company lacks in, which it could be in grocerying. The aspiration of using Google Flogger is to be national expose by marketing the store and products. The idea of non testing the market, a stateside fishing outfitters corporation like this one will not survive or chant compete against aBrand Name fishing outfitters corporations. In the battle of commerce many companies will bribe a risk and to compete for consumer dollars. Our main goal is to build a customer relationship for market research and/or gives a demo about how your product is unique. By using Google Flogger we cigarette allow and Increase collaboration between employees, partners, customers, and suppliers through your products. Eventually this may lead to an Increase In sales, growth, and revenue. headache Needs/CaseOur web specialist Is working on a solution to help senior(a) management on this e - business transformation. The business Is starting to develop a data based assimilation which means business can track data and use data to make business decisions. Business Objectives The business objectives for this project are to Increase profitability, customer service, efficiency and growth In business operation. By utilizing the objectives, the business may build strong culture and typically employee experience greater engagement.

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Divorce Impact on Children

divorce wad be an emotional and stressful concomitant in any persons life. For a tike the thought of not having both parents near can be overwhelming. In this essay we entrust look at the impact of divorcement on three sub throngs of shaverren, preschool, school aged and adolescent squirtren. Each group displays emotions and how they handle the change in the family dynamics in very specific ways based on their ability level. Parent can fork out positive experiences for these baby birdren compound in a family separation in many different ways to economic aid in a healthy transition with the least amount of stress and conflict.Both parents can give a hand in putting the children in these situations first by working together however in not so perfect conditions. Working together to ensure the best outcome for the children affect takes time, effort and determination. Divorce Impact on Children Divorce rates are currently at an altogether time high. Divorce impacts pre-sch ool children, school-aged and adolescent children with very personal and sometimes, permanent consequences. All children react to the emotional stressors of family divorce and separation.Although divorce impacts everyone involved, children are impacted in different ways based on their level of maturity date as well as their understanding of emotions and their use of coping skills. Divorce and the Pre-school Child Young child are vulnerable to the effects of divorce and separation, especially children young than 5 years old. The reasoning piece of tail the vulnerability at this age is a combination of the interruption of the attachment relationships they have formed and the childs limited cognitive ability to understand what divorce is.Preschool children have many reactions toward divorce to let in facial expressioning responsible, holding in anger, or whitethorn become aggressive and angry toward the parent he/she confronts with (Amato, 1994). Some behaviors are normal during th e stupefyning of the separation or divorce but should not populate more than six months. Behaviors lasting longer may indicate a more serious fuss or even developmental setbacks. When a preschooler feels insecure virtually the relationships with his/her parent they run the endangerment of some serious regression in development.Children in this age group will benefit from long contact with each parent (Stahl, 2007). During this chunk of time with each parent provides them with the time needed to work a routine at each house and to get settled in. It is important for parents to understand that the child should not be witness to any direct conflict. Stahl (2007) indicates that it is important to devise a parenting plan that will maximize the strengths of each parent. Developing a parenting plan will assist with income tax returns to be resolved such as child custody and visitations.Mediation is on tap(predicate) to assist with co-parenting issues. Divorce and the school aged child When children reach school age their cognitive abilities increase and they begin to understand what divorce is. They increase mixer relationships other than those established with his/her parents. Socialization and being identified as a part of a group are important to the school aged child. As they skills such as academics they also learn how to begin expressing their senses. Children in this age group may feel overwhelmed by the family conflict.Amato (1994) indicates that possible reactions include feeling deceived and a sense of loss, rejected by the parent that left, has trouble sleeping, or worries about the future. Complications in school may show up as well to include behavior problems and academic concerns. Parent should work leaden to provide a parenting plan that will affect the school aged child in a positive way. Reassure them that everything will be alright, just different from what they are use to. Answering questions about the changes that are getting ready t o take place can help the child ease into the issue of custody and visitation.Using books to help them talk about feelings work well with children of all ages. Parent should cue the child that he/she is not responsible for the divorce and that both parents still love them. They should also economize an eye out for signs of depression and fear displayed by the child. This will aid parents in spotting a problem early on in order to seek professional help if depression is protract or intense. Divorce and the adolescent Adolescents understand divorce but they do not accept the smart changes in the family dynamics.They are prone to responding to their parents divorce with a debasee depression, suicidal ideation, and sometimes cerise acting out episodes (Eleoff, 2003). Although adolescents have a more complex level of thinking they tend to emphasis on the moral issues of divorce and will often judge their parents decisions and actions. Behrman & Quinn (2004) provides some feelings th at adolescents may display feelings of abandonment, feel the obligation to take on more adult responsibilities in the family, they may withdraw from friends and favorite activities or act out such as using bad language and being rebellious.Parent should incessantly maintain lines of communication and reassure the child that both parents love them. They should try to continue to be involved in their lives by honoring special family activities. Whenever possible, parent should keep up with childrens progress at school and other activities such as sporting event. The adolescent should be told who will be go to special occasions, especially if you plan to bring a new romantic interest. By doing this can cut down on unnecessary conflict and behaviors from the adolescent.Adolescents should be allowed room to have a say in the parenting plan when possible, and reasonable. Many children will have a preference as to which house they would like to live at and have visitations to the other h ouse on weekends with the other parent. This can help discourage revolt by the adolescent when they feel that the parents are listening to them. Conclusion Divorce is tuff on everyone involved. Parents essential reassure children involved that they are not the reason for the divorce and the mommy and daddy still loves them. Divorce can have a major impact on the well being and development of children and adolescents. younger children display an array of symptoms and feelings from holding anger inside to feeling rejected by the parent who left. Adolescents can hold feelings of anger and fell obligated to take on more adult responsibilities. Although all these feeling are important for parents to address it is also important to recognize major concerns and not be hangdog to seek professional help from a therapist or other mental health professional. In all the issues of divorce, just remember that parents do not have to do it alone counselors and mediators are available to help make sense of it all.

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For Reasons Unknown

They atomic number 18 framed within the situation. However, the problem of Vladimir and estrange in Waiting for God begins with their world and themselves. In f perform, it is the root system Of the p ballad as well. They buttocks non realize the world nor can they realize themselves-?a characteristic of the typical ridiculousness as defined by Albert Campus in The Myth of Sisyphus. Like Campus in The Myth of Sisyphus, Go and Did do not know whether God exists or not. Their world without certainty promises scarce despair. They find a human beings without moral restraint, so the universe is meaningless.The characters in the mentioned plays of Becket, Waiting for God and Act Without haggling l, ar condemned to croak within the fixed framework of futility and impossible labor. In The Myth of Sisyphus Campus find oneselfs I see many flock die beca practice they judge that life is not worth living. See others paradoxically getting killed for the ideas or illusions that relent them a reason for living (what is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason for dying). 1 Actually, Vladimir and Go deport no reason to live nor have they any reason to institutionalize self-destruction.They have a world which cannot be related with their idea of the past. They are driven by a wishful longing for the past that is unexplainable through the present. As Did says the good of losing heart now, thats what say. We should have thought of it a million years ago, in the nineties. 2 Moreover, they have a present that is inexplicable through their idealism. Sagos boot, Didos hat, the manoeuvre, the place, the day, friendly and Bozo, the boy (or boys) and at last, God-? every(prenominal)thing is incomprehensible to them. As a matter of fact, they are captured in the frame of their situation.Hence, for abatement themselves, the iris problem to Go and Did is the lack of roundabout and strong direct, that is, the devices and tools of committing self-destructio n are absent here. Secondly, they cannot yield each other. If one hangs oneself successfully, whereas the other cannot, the other will remain lonely. So, they mar their plan of committing suicide. Thinking and talking of suicide, even trying it, may be a vision to them. It may be a government agency to pass the time. In fact, never do Vladimir and Estrange in Waiting for God think of suicide in a realistic context-?though suicide might have been an escape from the ennui Of life.Throughout the lay Vladimir and Estrange invent many devices to prove their existence and to pass the time. Taking off boots, Vladimir problem with his hat, their driving to commit suicide, their waiting for God-?all gives way to passing their time. It is an interesting fact that Vladimir and Estrange never assay for other devices and processes for committing suicide. Maybe, a knife, a pistol, and starvation could suffice their purpose. Even, when they observe Lucky driven by rope, they lug all near it. They might have taken the rope forcibly for hanging themselves.In the second act it is easier for them to snatch it cause Bozo is blind and both of the twain are helpless here. Moreover, they forget about when the devices are before them. In reality, they are not serious about killing themselves. They are whole thinking of it, as many poets thought about and loved to die in imagination, but never committed suicide. felo-de-se for them, therefore, is just another diversion of fantasy. It is a strong consolation it helps them to forget the tedium of everyday life where nothing can be done at all.They find it impossible for the two to kill themselves. They first realize that the tho tree in their world, a weeping Lillo, will not support Vladimir weight on the noose and therefore will not break his neck. The second day, Vladimir and Estrange cannot hang themselves because they do not have the requisite piece of rope. By the second day, however, they have disregarded that they can not hang themselves from the only available tree, and therefore their complaints about the lack of a suitable piece of rope are unnecessary.They observe a world that is devoid of the tools required for committing suicide. Accordingly they come, again and again, to the actualization of nothing-to-be-done. Suicide might have been n end to this meaningless lopsided life. They contemplate about hanging themselves on the tree. Suicide can be thought of the ultimate conclusion to a meaningless life. Campus claims that suicide is an tackle to escape from the consciousness of absurdity. But ultimately Campus proposes man to live. They do not commit suicide physically, save they surrender to the captured situation.Whatever they do is to give the impression that they exist. But this sort of existence only calls for pity. Hanging from the tree would have proved that they have the guts at least to do something. This ontological problem is, no doubt, the main issue of the play. They are indec isive whether to go on this nothing-to-be-done life or to commit suicide. They are tired of living (Estrange says Im tired breathing. 3), yet they come to the realization that To be dead is not enough. 4 They have no doubt that they are living beings. But they need a meaning to exist.So their realization will never let them commit suicide, sooner they will be waiting for God until he comes. Again, their view of life is not to resign from life but to resume it. Vladimir, at the very inauguration of he play, clarifies it All my life Ive tried to put it Nothing to be done from me, saying, Vladimir, be reasonable, you havent yet tried everything. And I resumed the struggle. 5 After some time Go comments that Did always waits till the last moment. The big steer in their world has nothing to do with their life. They are hopeful in the depth of their minds of a shining future.So, Did says in the end of the first act, Tomorrow everything will be better That is why they notice that the tr ee has sprouted leaves in the second act. Whether one says that in the two acts in the play nothing appends niminy-piminy or everything happens twice, Vladimir and Estrange are sentenced on the stage (symbolic of the life itself). They cannot escape it. They are riding habituated to such absurd life-?to talk, to eat, to wait and to live an meaningless life. Campus rightly puts it We get into the habit of living before acquiring the habit of thinking. 7 In this way all the character hopes to carry on living.Moreover, suicide itself may be considered as a vigorous aspect of life. When Go reminds Did of their plan of hanging, Did tells him that it them an erection. Suicide is considered in sexual edge here. Though suicide as a sexual term may seem to be funny, it is, in fact, their view of life. They never consider suicide as the annihilation of life rather their thought of suicide strengthens their bond and increases their yearning to live, as sexuality begets new life. In the mime play, Act without Words l, the only character is captured in the dust, symbolic of the uncomfortable life.In the beginning the man is seen trying to escape from this captured life, but he never can-?he is repeatedly thrown in the dust whenever he tries to escape. Gradually he becomes hopeless to flee, and surrenders himself to the taxation. In this play we find several steps. The entire action of the play takes place in a desert under the scorching sun, suggested by dazzling light. The unnamed man is directed by a whistle to move right or left. He can never escape the unbearable sun, though he is given a tree for shade. When he becomes intolerably thirsty he is shown piddle.But whenever he wants to charm it, it is lifted up somehow. He is forced to go without food and drink. The play seems a behaviorism investigate within the framework of the Greek classical myth of Tantalus, who stood in a pool of water which receded every mime he bent to drink it, and stood under a fruit tree which raised its branches every time he reached for food. The mythical Tantalus was punished for his own act. Whereas Godsons existence remains uncertain, in Act Without Words there is a God-like force, represented by a sharp whistle which will not abide the man to leave.The play is a parable of resignation from life a condition one reaches only after a series of disappointments. The man has learned hardship that there is nothing he can depend on in life other than himself, even to commit suicide. Interestingly he cannot commit suicide also. Unlike Vladimir and Estrange, he has all the tools to kill himself-?tree, rope and noose, and box to stand on it. in so far he cannot commit suicide because whenever he needs the tools they somehow become unreachable.As a result, he has to knuckle under to the situation without any effort to live or die. In this dumb show the man is not allowed to commit suicide, yet he is not allowed to be living. He is only granted inertia. AY last he is se en to lose hope to quench his thirst with water in the carafe. He remains defeated, having opted out Of the struggle. We observe here a man in frustrated efforts. The man in Act Without Words I possesses only two natural tools, mind and hands, which distinguish him from other animals, he tries to survive, to secure some water in the desert.The mind works, at least in part he learns small cube on large he invents, or is given inventions scissors, cubes, rope he reacts and tries to end his life. But when he learns to use his tools effectively, they are confiscated the scissors, when he reasons that in addition to cutting his fingernails, he might cut his throat the blocks and rope, when he discovers that they might make a gallows. However, the mans effort to commit suicide s not a vision, rather he tries to escape a life that seems to be a nightmare. Yet he is seized in no-exit situation.

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Critically evaluate english's law's approach to the issue of marriages Outline

Critically evaluate englishs laws approach to the issue of matings between persons of the aforesaid(prenominal) devolve on - Outline moralship in UK, civil union and registered partnership between same sex couple was effectiveized chthonian the polished Partnership Act of 2004 ( a).The number of same sex couples has been constantly increasing. Since same sex couples argon legally allowed to enter into elegant Partnership agreement, the number of same sex couples registered under Civil Partnerships reached up to 6,281 couples (3,227 gay couples and 3,054 lesbian couples) (Office for National Statistics).Although Civil Partnership in UK provides same sex couples with almost the same privilege and rights of marriage, there are still some differences between Civil Partnerships and marriage. Specifically in Civil Partnerships, the concept of adultery was removed as a ground for Civil Partnership dissolution (Barker Barker). This is current since adultery in the legal definition can take place only to heterosexual couples (Bindmans Civil Partnership). In the case of marriage, adultery is a major offense which is legally acknowledged as a ground for marriage dissolution (ibid).Unlike in marriage, the ground of non-consummation for nullity is not applicable in Civil Partnership making Civil Partnership as good as a legal status instead of a family relationship (Barker Cretney). For this reason, Civil Partnership can be used by friends for tax haven purposes.Since Civil Partnerships is still not recognized by the UK government as marriage, a lot of opposing parties argue that Civil Partnership violates the Equality Act 2010 and some Articles of the European gathering on Human Rights (Bamforth Government Equalities Office). The case of Wilkinson v Kitzinger 20061 is a good example wherein the same sex couples are fighting for the idea that same sex couples should not be excluded in the institution of marriage because of public discrimination p articularly in workplace (Bell). Although Wilkinson and Kitzinger were legally married in Canada, their married was considered deflower in UK because of the

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Case Study of Gucci Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Case subject of Gucci - Essay ExampleMost soils products of Gucci group of companies suffered a drop in sales in the evoke of the 2008 economic crisis except the two strong brands whose sales developmentd even in the most uttermost(a) of bunch. Due to the circumstances involving the general drop in sales volume and the traditional beliefs and sales concepts, it is historic that Gucci explores the best foodstuffing model or mix to employ so as to revamp the market. unmatchable of the popular marketing strategy/model is the Ansoff Growth marketing mix. This describes the growth of a business in its attempt to market in the buff or regular products in a new market or previously living market. It therefore brings together growth in the market and growth or increase in brand of an organization. Ansoff can be achieved through various strategies such as market penetration, market development, product development and product diversification (Pickton & Broderick 2005). Market pene tration involves the marketing of the products or the specific brand in existing market with an aim of increasing the market proportion for the product which can be achieved through the 7 Ps of marketing. ... wear whose sales have dropped since they are neither producing new brands nor investing in a new market notwithstanding trying to retain their market voice amid a crisis. Under the Ansoff mix, marketing development is besides a strategy which involves seeking new markets for an existing product. The methods used can include exploiting new geographical markets through exporting or setting up of outlets where they originally did not exist. The company can also adopt a new distribution alley which willing ensure the product penetrates into the markets it did not attract. In this case, other methods such as differential price can be used to attract consumers of different economic or social status (Mao and Krishnan 2006). Since Gucci world power have limited their market in te rms of size of it, the company should consider increasing the market size for the product whose sales volume is on the decline so as to ensure a balance. Ansoff also includes product development where a company undertakes to introduce a new product into the market and will require new competencies and modified products. Gucci is more concerned about its products which are on the decline but could choose to restructure their brands so as to produce more acceptable brands into the market and therefore evacuate declining sales. Apart from all this strategies under Ansoff, the company may also opt for market diversification. This is a marketing strategy of exploiting totally new markets without prior experience or knowledge of the market. It is a risk approximate which might result into unprecedented losses if not carefully approached but should be taken if circumstances demand. In the middle of the economic crisis, Gucci should not take this approach since it might result into more losses, particularly the costs involved in promotion so as