Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Project Sponsorship and Leadership Research Paper

Project Sponsorship and Leadership - Research Paper Example Invigilation means the keeping watch over an individual with a sole purpose of preventing him or her from committing a fraud or crime (Singleton, 2010). The difference between interrogation and interviewing is that whereas suspects undergo interrogation witnesses are interviewed in order to gather relevant information. The other difference is that interviewing is done in a friendly environment whereas interrogation is conducted in a tense and uncomfortable environment which compels the suspect to give full truth he or she knows concerning a particular case. In addition interrogation is an art to be learnt but interviewing is not an art. In a fraud documents can be altered through modification, replacement of figure or other characters in order to change the particular script to convey different information. Alteration can also be done by crossing of characters in a voucher or any other document in order to deceive any reader of a particular document (Singleton, 2010). Hiding of assets can be in form of stashing cash in safes within residential homes, it can be in the form of giving extra payments to the creditors, reporting of less income especially on taxes due and buying of items that do not attract much attention. The forensic examiners and the accountant’s cal obtain needed data from the back-up database of particular information in case the hard copy has been destroyed or the soft copy hacked (Singleton, 2010). One of the benefits of strong interviewing and interrogating is that the interviewee and suspect are compelled to give the required facts within a short –span of time. The other advantage is that quality information is given to the interrogator and interviewer. The interviews involving frauds in financial statements and tax returns are handled differently because they involve huge amounts of cash and they are usually of hi-tech nature. Interviews c on be done on phone, through the virtual system especially when the interviewer and

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