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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Defining the Difference

Almost every organization, be it a corporation, non-profit or government strives to be much effective and more efficient. Organizations practically exercise important strategic and operational decisions based on how different alternatives bequeath increase or decrease susceptibility or effectiveness. But more organizations and managers struggle to understand the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and often get wrapped around the axle debating semantics rather than actually evaluating the alternatives at hand.These concepts atomic number 18 often used interchangeably and with little consistency, and in some cases improvements to efficiency or effectiveness tail appear to be interdependent. For example, an organization that is desire to invest in its call center would likely face alternatives that would resign both increased efficiency and effectiveness improvements.Implementing an automated call dissemination system can reduce resolution time and book set out staffing levels in the call center, delivering against the efficiency criteria. Alternatively, providing call center operators better acuteness into client profiles can promote cross selling and allow agents to get wind and satisfy unmet customer needs. This alternative addresses the effectiveness criteria. Projects typically favor iodine criteria or the other, but they argon not always mutually exclusive.Investments can occasionally deliver on both the efficiency and effectiveness criteria, these (rare) barfs allow an organization to do more with less. An example of this type of project is a transaction system that provides better customer analytics and increases productivity. However, in those cases where a project is touted as impacting both criteria it is important to ask critical questions to ensure outcomes are not being confused.For example, if an organization invests in automated sales describe solution expecting an increase in efficiency and effectiveness, the solutio n may plain replace a manual process with an automated one, improving scarce efficiency. If the solution does not provide additional data or shrewdness it is not likely to drive revenue growth, or effectiveness. More invariable application of these definitions should help align expectations around outcomes of your most important decisions. For more information contactTed Schneider Principal, SwitchPoint LLC emailprotected Brian Leslie Principal, SwitchPoint LLC emailprotected Increases Efficiency Improves Effectiveness Definition Allows organizations to do the equal amount of work with fewer resourcesAllows organizations to generate higher revenues, independent of resources requiredExamples automation of manual processes Organizational restructuring / outsourcing Expansion of online presence Increased insight into customer behavior / preferences

Process of Education Essay

I convey the reason why the sue of Education is do tough to stumble is because spate dont honesty issue what pedagogy is. Like, what is education, what does education mean, what does being educated mean, how far can an education acquit you in life, are at that place different types of educations, etc. I thank the minute everyone understands what it means to be educated or what education is. It wint be hard for anyone to apprehend the act upon of Education.If someone doesnt understand the educational Process how are they going to attain the info they receive from it. To fully examine in the information you receive from the Educational Process you first of all have to know what education is? That could be another(prenominal) reason why people struggle with attaining the information from the Educational Process. Indeed, it is a lot to take in just now the more you know the fall apart off you pass on be and will understand it better.Education is the sour of receiving o r giving systematic instruction, esp. in a school or university. Knowing what education means will help a mortal exceed life expectations. The more you know the better off youll be. pot should not only attain the knowledge to help them get by in life they should let their education take them further.Some people would rather just know what they need to know but if they in truth sit back and think what if I expanded what I knew and knowledgeable something else other than what I already know? How much easier it would be for them to attain knowledge and hold on to it. The Process of Education can be a start for some people to learn how to further their education.The Process of Education can best be describing as learning helpes that will not only help you excel in your field of studies but also in your everyday life. It is a process that is i turnly concerned in the material to be learned that is best stimulus to learning. The first object of any act of learning, over and beyond th e pleasure it whitethorn give, is that it should serve us in the future. Learning should not only take us somewhere, it should allow us later to go further more easily.I found that learning asubject involves three to the highest degree simultaneous processes. First, there is acquisition of new information often information that runs counter to or is a replacement for what the person has previously known. A second aspect of learning may be called transformation the process of manipulating knowledge to identify it fit new tasks. Transformation comprises the ways we deal with information in order to go beyond it.A leash aspect of learning is evaluation checking whether the way we have manipulated information is decent to the task. Not knowing the three processes to learning a subject may cause a change in a person drumhead to not command to learn the Process of Education and will make that person less interested in the Educational Process.It is very uncorrectable to attain t he Process of Education but the minute its soundless the easier it will be to learn everything that is needed to learn. There will be a lot of people who would have wished they had understood the Educational Process and took their education to the limits. With an education in more than one study theres no telling how far you can go, skies the limits. The more you know about the Process of Education the more youre going to want to know and let soak in.

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Management Information Systems 12th Edition

1. What are reasons crumb Collection work in your program depository library (Pl. put on attach number) 1. Book Acquisition/ Collection Development 6. 1. 1. Quick response from suppliers pic 6. 1. 2. To go on bullion and sentence of library pic 6. 1. 3. To reduce procedure and workflow to loll around books pic 4. To achieve great efficiency pic 5. To force back much discount pic 4% says yes for the quack response from the supplier and 64% says that it is save the time and money of the library and 71% says that it is also reduce the workflow of the ranges books to the library and get more discount for the purchases the book for the library and 86% says the achieve greater efficiency for the book acquisition or collection development. 1. Books Processing link Function 6. 2. 1.To get books in Ready-To-Shelf position pic 6. 2. 2. To reduce time in book impact problems pic 6. 2. 3. TO revolve about on mettle services/ hunt(Core heart and soul LIS grooming is need to understand the service/function) of library pic 4. overlook of round with library pic 5. pretermit of time with subroutine library faculty pic 6. To allow users to get book issued from library within smorgasbord span of time picBook processing link function means To get books in Ready-To-Shelf position is 57% yes and other says no, To reduce time in book processing tasks is 64% says yes , TO concentrate on bosom services/function(Core means LIS education is required to understand the service/function) of library is says 43% yes and other 57% says no, overlook of lag with library is 43% yes and, overleap of time with Library mental faculty is says 79% yes, To allow users to get book issued from library within sort span of time is says 71% yes and remain no. 2. Books arrangement and forethought 6. 3. 1. Lack of Library ply pic 6. 3. 2.Concentration on core services/ function of library pic Book arrangement and maintenance have to problems one is entwine of library roun d and other is concentration on core services79% library rung says that the library lag is required more for the arrangement and 79% says no for the concentrate on the core services of the library. In the library the staff is not available for the arrangement of books and other core services . 3. Book Preservation and Conservation 6. 4. 1. No expertise with library staff in preservation and conservation tasks pic 6. 4. 2. Rare materials needed special concern to support pic 6. 4. 3.Photocopying, digitization, binding, deacidification etc are carryed technical bloods pic The book Preservation and Conservation is consider 79% yes for No expertise with library staff in preservation and conservation tasks, 71% yes Rare materials needed special care to preserve and 71% no for Photocopying, digitization, binding, deacidification etc are considered technical jobs. 4. Circulation 6. 5. 1. Lack of library staff to performed this task pic 6. 5. 2. To fountain library for late hours pic 6. 5. 3. To concentrate on core services/function pic Circulation is most important function of the library it is says that 71. 9% says yes for the lack of the staff perform the task of the circulation, 71% no for the run library for the long period of the time means late time and 50% for the concentrate the core services of the library. 5. Classification/Re- miscellanea 6. 6. 1. Reclassification from one classification system to another pic 6. 6. 2. To complete the second-stringer pic 6. 6. 3. For completing the classification task within stipulated time pic 4. Lack of staff pic 5. Lack of time pic 6. Cateloguing /Re-cataloguing 6. 7. 1. For completing of backlog pic 6. 7. 2. For completing the cataloging within stipulated time pic 6. 7. 3.For cataloging of foreign language materials pic 4. Lack of staff pic 5. Lack of time pic 6. Reducing cost in cataloging pic 7. fortnightly subscription 6. 8. 1. Lack of time with library staff pic 6. 8. 2. To reduce burden on periodical subs cription and follow-ups tasks pic 6. 8. 3. To concentrate on core services/functions pic 8. Reference/e-reference go 6. 9. 1. due to change magnitude of inquiries from users of library pic 6. 9. 2. Due to opening Distance education centres pic 6. 9. 3. TO increase number of working hours (late evening and early morning) pic 4. Lack of professional staff in library pic 5.Due to increasing research projects in set up pic 6. 10. Indexing 1. Lack of staff to perform the task pic 2. To complete backlog of periodical articles indexing within stipulated time pic 3. TO uses precedent terminology speckle indexing of periodical articles. pic 4. TO concentrate on core services/functions of library pic 10. deracination Service 1. Lack of translator in library pic 2. Due to increasing demand of translation among library user pic 3. Lack of translating consummate and subjects familiarity in library staff pic 4. Translation job is non-library activity and it should be performed by transl ator pic 11. Photocopying 1. Due to increasing price of photocopier machine pic 2. To reduce burden of maintenance pic 3. To reduce luck of technology that suffers obsolete pic 4. Lack of quality if it performed in-house by library staff pic 5. To reduce operational and capital cost pic 12. Stock verification 1. It is labourious and non-routine (once a year)job. pic 2. Library does not want to use its staff in this job pic 3. TO avoid burden of staff recruitment for this job pic 13. Computer scope related functions 1. Lack of skill or noesis of computing functions pic 2.Lack of computers, equipments, packets and computer hardware in library pic 3. To concentrate on core areas of library pic 4. Lack of staff pic 14. Automation 1. Lack of expertise on this area in library staff pic 2. Lack of time pic 3. Lack of library staff pic 4. Lack of resources, equipments and technology in library pic 5. Concentration on core services/functions of library pic 6. Increasing efficiency in lib rary staff pic 15. Digitization 1. To get good qualities in digitized work pic 2. Lack of intimacy/expertise in digitization work pic 3. To complete digitization in stipulate time pic 4. To complete the backlog pic 5. Lack of knowledge of standard of digitization pic 6. Lack of computer software, Hardware and other equipments with library pic 7. To concentrate on core services/functions of library pic 16. Retrospective Conversion of Records 1. To convert the selective information (backlog) from one system to another (e. g. Libsys to KOHA) pic 2. Lack of manpower pic 3. Lack of knowledge of concern software/system pic 4. Lack time with library staff to convert data form one system to another pic 17. OPAC/ eject Coding/RFID 1. To resolve trouble shooting in library software pic . Barcoding, labeling etc are laborious jobs pic 3. Library staff has not enough knowledge to maintain RFID pic 4. To make stock verification (automatic) process fast pic 18. Webpage conniving/Library Portal Creation 1. Lack of knowledge in webpage invention with library staff pic 2. To give professional touch to the library ingress pic 3. To concentrate on core service services/functions of library pic 19. info Server/Data Storage 1. To reduce risk of the software, hardware that become obsolescence pic 2. Lack of skilled or expert persons in Library pic 3.To fetch benefits of resources, investment and expertise of agency pic 20. Digital Archival Management/institutional Repository 1. Lack of knowledge of software among library staff pic 2. Lack of time to create digital library pic 3. To reduce risk of media, hardware, software become obsolescence pic 4. Lack of knowledge of international standards to create metadata pic 21. Entire Library/Library Management 1. To reduce responsibility of administration works pic 2. To concentrate on core services/functions of library pic 3. To reduce burden of employee related issues pic

American Reformers 1815-1860

Walters presented a wide scale berth of the Statesn history during the mid-nineteenth century (1815-1860) the major changes that occurred in the Statesn fiat, the issues of equating and slavery, and several(prenominal) g all overnmental insights on American politics and governance. Walters book did not l unrivalled(prenominal) present the history of the United States from 1815-1860, he also explicated some of the causes of much(prenominal) events, usually in very analytical terms. Walters book is primarily divided into four general subjects.They are as follows 1) the evolution of family structures in America, 2) the befriend Great Awakening, 3) issues of race and slavery from the presidency of Monroe to Buchanan, and 4) the nonmodern square away Movements. Each of these issues carried with it some friendly and political links with the American domestic and foreign policies, which in a speck of prism, became the footstool of the rise of America as an scotch power. With the granting of independence via the Treaty of Paris with Great Britain, America became a young nation imbibed with so many dreams.The strive for economic prosperity drove American merchants to the High Seas in search for profit. American policies such as those implemented by Alexander Hamilton were transforming America into a capitalist country, with a protruding desire to dominate the universe of discourse of handicraft and commerce. Behind all these economic drama was the evolution of family structures in America. The true American family at that time was generally the mirror image of a typical British family. However, such a typical American family belonged to the fastness class the middle and lower classes did not exhibit such structure.The irregular Great Awakening (Walters 21-37) With Americas expansion to the West with the atomic number 57 Purchase (Napoleon exchange the Mississippi region to the US organization to finance his wars with the British Empire) and the def eat of the Indians in the Indian war, religious missionaries began to invade the newly acquired territories. These missionaries were not the typical Spanish friars they were men armed with the power of the gospel singing to transform the savage society of the Indians. They were men whom, according to tales, divinity revealed His word.The label of Joseph Smith, Thomas Campbell, and Nathaniel William Taylor were admired by the Indians and the American settlers of the West. This is clapperclawed the piece Great Awakening. The Second Great Awakening was a religious revival of American society in the early 19th century. It was a revival because America at that time experienced social ills, ranging from depravation and frequent foreign wars (like the fight of 1812 when the nations capital was burned by the British). The landowners or the alleged(prenominal) aristocrats refuse to sell their land to the government for the simple reason that it indwellingly belonged to them.The gover nment was experiencing deficits on trade the result of Hamiltons economic policies. Government offices were specify under the control of the ruling party government offices were at their disposal. It was corruption par excellence. With the opening of the West to American conquest, settlers began to experience the social ills that pervaded in the former thirteen colonies. The neglect of authorities, or more accurately its overlook of, the raging poverty and epidemic in the settlements, Indian attacks, and lack of spiritism among the settlers provided the atmosphere for this Second Great Awakening.People like Joseph Smith sought to pull in a society based on the conventions of equality, respect for endorsement, and dependence to Gods power. They rejected the increasing upsurge of capitalism in the settlements, the assault of foreign labor (like the Japanese), and the increasing power of the government. They also taught that man was otiose in the face of a powerful God, unless becomes meaningful and chief(prenominal) once the Divine Presence was imbibed in his/her spirituality. Reason was nothing but an expression of the Divine will, of which the human nature must follow.Hence, not only the settlers who became inspired by this evangelization process but also the Indians. They accepted the call of these missionaries, and established their own way of expressing the will of God. It was reported that several Indian tribes in the West showed excitement of the Second Coming of Christ to the world through the Ghost dance. In a sense, it was a way of relieving themselves from the social ills they were experiencing. Race and Slavery from the Presidency of Monroe to Buchanan (Walters 77-100)Race and slavery in America was never seriously questioned in America before the time of Abraham Lincoln as president, although some serious minded politicians had in mind the antiquity of such form of relationship. Some politicians and presidents alike thought that slavery was a natural form of relationship, called forth by the necessity of protection and mutual dependence. merely here, Americans faced the crisis or debate of whether slavery was a perversion of the principle of equality. Nevertheless, this debate was not rooted from some theoretical propositions it was based on the relative value and history of slavery in America.When the English came to America, they sold African slaves to the settlers. These slaves provided the settlers with cheap labor and sustainable form of labor governance which can augment the demand production for certain products. In ascribable time, slavery became not an uncommon thing in America in fact, it was seen as natural and necessity. However when the population of the slaves was increasing annually, several politicians questioned whether it was necessary to grant citizenship in the future to these slaves. It was the start of the Slavery Debate.In the South, slavery was incessantly regarded as a commodity. Slaves worked for many hours in the like factories of aristocrats and businessmen. They were also used as an auxiliary for beasts of burden, taking on many jobs at one time, while enjoying little leisure time. American Family Structures (Walters 100-111) While the family structure of the stop number class rested on the principle of patriarchy that is, family authority belongs solely to the manlike head of the family, the peasant class of the countryside experienced greater divergence in terms of family structures.Peasants usually depend on social interlinks betwixt blood relatives the majority of whom were also located in the countryside. Although, it was still patriarchal, authority was dispersed from time to time, in lieu of the unexpected needs of the family (sometimes, the male brother of the wife exercised authority in the absence of the economise). In the South, owners of cotton factories made a slow progress in achieving what American political theorists call the true meaning of equality. The wife was an appendage of the husband hence, the husband was expected to be followed by his children, typical of a Roman family. Antebellum Reform Movements (113-216) The Antebellum Reform Movements was in general connected to the Second Great Awakening. Its aim was to transform American society as to what the set up fathers envisioned. Politically, America should be governed by corruptless politicians who place public gain over personal ones. Economically, American society should be self-sustaining and aim for economic equality of opportunity.Socially, every man should be regarded as capable of miserable to the social ladder because this was an expression of equality. Nevertheless, women should be given honests and freedoms like the right to suffrage (as advocated by Susan B. Anthony) and the right to education. The propinquity or more accurately the propensity of achieving these goals rested on the capability of Americans to work in an purlieu of friendly compe tition and hard work. Work Cited Walters, Ronald G. American Reformers 1815-1860. NY Hill and Wang, 1978.

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Interview questions for capital market & NSE Essay

What is capital market placeplace?Capital grocery store is a market of securities. Where a guild and presidential term raise long term funds. it is a market where m singley invested more them superstar year. In this we include the bloodline market and bond market Definition of DebtAn amount of capital borrowed by one party from another. Many corporations/individuals use debt as a method for reservation large purchases that they could not afford under normal circumstances. A debt organisation gives the borrowing party permission to borrow money under the chequer that it is to be paid back at a later date, unremarkably with interest.Definition of Primary MarketA market that issues new securities on an exchange. Companies, governments and other groups obtain financing through debt or equity base securities. Primary markets ar facilitated by underwriting groups, which consist of enthronisation banks that will denounce a beginning price range for a given protective cover ing and then oversee its sale directly to investorsDefinition of Secondary MarketA market where investors purchase securities or assets from other investors, kind of than from issuing companies themselves. The national exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ ar secondary markets.Secondary markets exist for other securities as well, such as when funds, investment banks, or entities such as Fannie Mae purchase mortgages from issuing lenders. In any secondary market trade, the cash proceeds go to an investor rather than to the underlying company/entity directly.What do you close by Equity investment?Answer An equity investment generally signifys to the buying and holding ofshares of line on a linage market by individuals and firms in prognostication of income from dividends and capital gains, as the value of the computer memory rises. It may also refer to the acquisition of equity (ownership) participation in a private (unlisted) company or a startup comp any What do you ungenerous by stock-taking market or equity market?Answer A stock market or equity market is a unexclusive entity (a loose ne bothrk of scotch transactions, not a physical quickness or discrete entity) for the trading of company stock (shares) and derivatives at an agree price these are securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately. What do you mean by money market?Answer The money market is a component of the financial markets for assets involved in short-term borrowing and lending with original maturities of one year or shorter time frames.What do you mean by stock exchange?Answer A stock exchange is an entity that provides serve for stock brokers and traders to trade stocks, bonds, and other securities. Stock exchanges also provide facilities for issue and redemption of securities and other financial instruments, and capital events including the payment of income and dividends. Securities traded on a stock exchange include sh ares issued by companies, unit trusts, derivatives, pooled investment products and bonds. What do you mean by Financial regulation?Answer Financial regulation is a form of regulation or supervision, which subjects financial institutions to certain requirements, restrictions and guidelines, aiming to maintain the integrity of the financial agreement. This may be handled by either a government or non-government organization What are the Aims of financial regulation?Answer Aims of regulationThe aims of financial regulators are usually* To enforce applicable laws* To prevent cases of market manipulation, such as insider trading * To ensure competence of providers of financial services * To protect clients, and investigate complaints* To maintain confidence in the financial system* To reduce violations under lawsList some financial regulatory administration* Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)* National Credit Union presidency (NCUA)* Financial Services Authority (FSA), Unite d KingdomWhat do you mean by NSE?Answer The National Stock Exchange was incorporated in 1992 by Industrial Development Bank of India, Industrial Credit and coronation Corporation of India, Industrial Finance Corporation of India, all Insurance Corporations, selected commercialized banks and others. Trading at NSE can be classified under two broad categories (a) Wholesale debt market and(b) Capital market.What are the advantages of NSE? (National Stock Exchange)NSE has several(prenominal) advantages over the traditional trading exchanges. They are as follows * NSE brings an integrated stock market trading network across the nation. * Investors can trade at the same price from anywhere in the country since inter-market operations are streamlined coupled with the countrywide access to the securities. * Delays in communication, late payments and the malpractices prevailing in the traditional trading mechanism can be done away with greater operational efficiency and informational trans parency in the stock market operations, with the support of total computerized network. Why India needs economic planning?One of the major objective of planning in India is to profit the rate of economic development, implying that increasing the rate of capital formation by raising the levels of income, saving and investment. However, increasing the rate of capital formation in India is beset with a number of difficulties. People are meagreness ridden. Their potentiality to save is extremely low due to low levels of income and high appetency to consume. Therefor, the rate of investment is low which leads to capital deficiencyand low productivity. dispirited productivity means low income and the toxicant circle continues. Thus, to break this vicious economic circle, planning is inevitable for India. What are general objectives of Indian proviso?The long-term general objectives of Indian Planning are as follows * increase National Income* Reducing inequalities in the distribut ion of income and wealth * Elimination of poverty* Providing additional employment and* Alleviating bottlenecks in the areas of agricultural production, manufacturing capacity for producers goods and balance of payments.*

Advantages of buying a casket now

Death is perhaps the more or less feargond topics of all that slew stool talk about. Its non that by avoiding it we go out thus not die, but close people are superstitious about it and turn over that by avoiding discussing it then they are driving themselves away from it as possible.The numeral goes beyond discussing closing and includes preparing for it. Human culture in most societies has it that devastation is an issue best left to some supreme unknown powers and forces, and all behavior or actions that contravenes this acts in inviting death.Rimpoche (2001) states that the best way to prepare for death in our life quantify is by living life and practicing the vices of life such(prenominal) as patience, love and compassion. It is therefore indispensable to ignore death and chooseing readiness for its occurrence is as important as living life.Considering preparing for death as building a solid foundation for your death, planning for death nowadays is oneness of the m ost important investments one kindle accord himself. one of the major steps towards this preparation is buying a shut in today. buy a shut in today has a bus of advantages that can be antedate if this simple decision is left for another day. Buying a coffin involves making choices that depend most on ones tastes and preferences on such factors as the caskets color, design and other own(prenominal) factors. One of the advantages of buying a casket now is to avoid the outlive minute purchase which is usually influenced by grieving.Most decisions about funeral purchases are stain by people when grieving. This affects their choice and in the end what is picked up may not be the ideal casket one would want to be buried in. Further more, purchasing a casket during the grieving point is hindered by time constraints and inadequate variety to choose from.Another factor to consider is that funeral service providers make things expensive just when they know you need them the most a nd you have very little in terms of choice and options.This can be avoided if the purchase is do well before that time comes and that time is now. This is an issue of saving money and is therefore an advantage worth considering. scrimping money on the casket can also be achieved by making the choice to purchase the casket now.This is because the purchase will be able to be done from a store of your choice and discounting be discussed. It will also be a big relief to family members or friends who would have to take up the task of finding a casket for you. Every somebody knows their choice and preference and being able to reckon this is usually given high respect.Having somebody else pick out your casket may be a big task to him, not cunning whether you will be truly happy with the casket or not. Buying the casket yourself today will help in avoiding this situation and at the same time allow one to pick a casket of their choice.The choice for ones casket is can be done today and t he advantages of doing so today are much more than those of postponing the task. Prices for most commodities never go down but keep on tone ending up instead. Buying a casket of your choice today can help avoid future expectations in price increases of caskets. It is also an best(predicate) consideration when one wants to make all the preparations concerning their after life.People always make preparations for all events in their lives and so preparing for their death is not a opposite matter. It is just a phase of life, just like wedding is, and the advantages one derives from buying their wedding gowns way before the wedding day comes are more or less similar to the advantages one would reap from buying their casket today, way before their burial day arrives.People need to puddle these benefits and change their casket purchasing habits and plans to save on a lot of costs that would be unavoidable if done otherwise.The place one will lie after their death is as important as the shaft they lie today, and just as much as a person loves a certain bed, that it the same way one should love the casket they will lie in. Loving the casket begins with buying it now, for that will agree you will use a casket of your choice, not an imposed one.Reference.Rimpoche, G., (2001). adept life, good death. New York, U.S.A Riverhead Books.

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Do You Have a Well-Designed Organization? Essay

Do You Have a Well-Designed Organization? What atomic number 18 the main ideas of the article that you find important (insightful, relevant, practical) in managing people in organizations, and why? When I saw the topic of this article, I was attracted by it. Because when I worked in Sung-Yi Motor Corporation, a dealer social club selling Mitsubishi motors in Taiwan, I sometimes feel my company is non a well- numbered organization. Because I do non have the standards or right criteria to evaluate my partnership I preserve not definite that my corporation is a not well-designed organization.I am so exciting that I have the method and standards to evaluate it. The first sentence of this article for most companies, organization design is neither a science nor an art its an oxymoron. I analogous this sentence very much. Because when I proposed the re organize project, I bumped into this kind of challenge. When my company set the branches in mainland China, we needed to support an d control these branched. The first route we adopted is just add the responsibilities on my group, the result was that we can not support and control them effectively.We faced the difficulty and we need to adjust our structure to improve the situation. This article provides nine tests to evaluate the structure of organization. The nine tests can be categorized to two kinds of standards four of them called fit tests are utilise to evaluate an existing structure, and the others called good design tests are used to take a crap a new one. These tests help a company inspects its outside and at bottom situations. By the result of these texts, an organization can change its original not proper structure to a better one. Next paragraph I will use these tests to evaluate my previous company.

Pancras Churchyard in London Essay

Frankenstein was make verbally by bloody shame Shelly. We can tell by bloody shame Shellys back ground, were she has incorporated some of her fond experiences in to her novel. Mary was the fille of an anarchist father (William Godwin) and a feminist acquire (Mary Wollstonecraft). In directlys terms this could be thought as a screwball upbringing. Mary grew up in an environment that suggested she needed to oral sex the way society was being run. Marys mother died decennary days after giving birth to her, an act that Marys father was never quick to forgive in fact he blamed Mary for his wifes death and this often laboured Mary to attempt to take her place.This was often in the form of school term on literary discussions and meeting her fathers estranged guests. At the age of 17 Mary would often write at her mothers grave side at St Pancras Churchyard in capital of the United Kingdom where the couple had married. Mary includes her fascination with death into Frankenstein. An example is, in chapter 24 pages 217 master says as night approached, I found myself at the charm to the cemetery. His random wonderings have led him to be with his dead family, where he feels completely and maybe wants to join them.It was through Marys fascination with the cemetery that she met her soon to be husband, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelly. He followed her there upon her fathers cultivation and declared his love for her it was to become their meeting place. In the novel Mary uses the cemeteries a few ages, when Victor goes to the cemetery to collect dead bodies to create his lusus naturae. There are clearly some important dates in the manners of Mary Shelly that no doubt influence the subject matter of the novel.In 1805 there was the Napoleonic Wars lasting until 1815 causing great hardship and social upheaval. In 1811 Britain witnessed similar unrest and feelings of revolution. In 1814 Mary elopes with shelly and travels into France and Switzerland, this could have given over her the ideas in chapter 9 where the scenery is mountainous and beautiful. Also in the novel, the monster goes exploring in Switzerland. In 1816 Mary and Shelly go to Switzerland and this is where the Novel is begun.Suicides of Fanny Imlay, Mary Wollstonecrafts daughter by a previous liaison, as well as Percy Shelleys wife Harriet allowing Mary and Percy to marry. This could be linked to when Victor is wondering weather to commit suicide in chapter 9 by jumping into the silent lake. Mary Shelly was somewhat of a celebrity of her time and was friends with all of the famous writers and poets, and a lot of those people influenced and helped her in the piece of writing of Frankenstein. Not only was Mary Shelly influenced by the poets around her but by classic Greek mythology and in particular the tale of Prometheus.

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Language, Gender, and Slang

If the feminist critique of linguistic communication is correct, and much of spoken communication glistens and embodies masculine and mannish experience (Cameron 1998, 9), then it should go as no surprise that arse around, which is one(a) particular mode of language, should reflect the same masculine and male experience. However, it seems that little quantitative research had been make on bait directly until relatively recently. The offset printing guide was Kutner and brogans research (1974), just over 30 years ago. The goal of this study is to test my peers knowledge of bait, and how aw be they are of its usage. One of the common ideas about slang is that slang words budge fast, from generation to a nonher the other is that slang is non mainstream. But where it exercises to sexual practice and slang, slang words have proven rather stable and common, take down the vulgar slang being a virgin or a whore has had meaning since time immemorial.But first, I will d efine slang and give a little bit of background about its study since the 1970s. What is slang? Slang refers to worlds and dialects that are not personad in mainstream culture. As such, it can be the marker of a subculture, or of areas of discourse or ideas that are taboo in mainstream thinking. A subset of slang are what we comm but take to be slang, namely vulgar, sexualized, or derogatory language. For the purposes of this paper, we will concentre on slang that has a particularly gendered aspect that is, words that are intentiond to narrow male and female genders in slang language. These slang words include, but are not limited to Chick, bitch, babe, and guy, dude, and stud. The fact that these slang words are common where it comes to talking about the relationships between the sexes, on topics such as sexual attraction and gender relations (activities and relationships).According to Flexher (1975), who produced the first dictionary of slang, the use of slang and the creati on of new slang is near exclusively the purview of males (xii). Wo custody tend to use the language that is invented for them by males. This whitethorn account for the disbalance of terms in a gendered distribution there are more slang terms to designate female or feminine behaviors, and more of these terms are banish, and much more negative than its male/masculine counterpart for example, compare bitch and asshole. First off, you would almost neer call a man a bitch unless you were trying to change him, but you can call women assholes without masculinizing them. Second, bitch has a more negative charge than asshole, which might even carry a positive charge. These are just rough informal observations that may or may not holdup under the scrutiny of a quantitative study.Males may use slang more because they are more at home in all of language, and so this violation of language norms becomes possible. There is a champion in which the use of slang is a daring thing to do, and do ing venturesome things is consistent with masculine patterns of behavior and development. Young women tend to want to contain by the rule, be these rules linguistic or otherwise. That they are already not wholly at home in language means that they already risk not communicating, which does not afford them the room to play with language in the daring way that slang demands. In this same vein, the use of profane language is more expected and praised of boys and men than it is of girls and women.These ideas, which could be summarized as the general thesis that gender slang is the domain of males is one that has come to be evidenced and accepted by many scholars, women, men, feminist and not, since the 1970s. For example, one study quoted in the text (Stanley, 1977) found that whereas there were 220 ways to designate woman in English slang, there were only 22 equal ways to designate men. More interesting is that both men and women component part the use of these same terms there ar e not devil set of slang terms, each appropriate for each gender, but only one that is determined and reflect mens experience. This has lead some feminists to argue that women need to develop and independent lexicon (see Irigaray in the Cameron, 1998). And while this diversity is completely obvious once you start to think about it and enquire language and slang use, it seems to be rather transparent to the everyday language user or at least, this is what this project has set out to test.BibliographyCameron, Deborah. (1998) The feminist Critique of lyric. New York, Klerk, V. (1992). How taboo are taboo words for girls? Language in Society, 21, 277-289.Eckert and McConnell-Ginet. (2003) Language and Gender. New York Cambridge University Press.Flexner, S. B. (1975). Preface to the dictionary of American slang. In H. Wentworth & S. B. Flexner (Eds.), Dictionary of American slang. New York Thomas Y. Crowell.Kutner, N. G., & Brogan, D. (1974). An investigation of sex-re lated slang mental lexicon and sex-role orientation among male and female university students. J of Marr and the Family, 36, 474-484.Risch, B. (1987). Womens derogatory terms for men Thats right, dirty words. Language in Society, 16, 353-358.

Courseware Authoring Essay

Courseware authoring is when one develops reckoner-based learning materials. In order for computer-based learning to be effective, the programs need to be designed and authored successfully.thither are many courseware authoring tools available in the market today. Depending on the industry, the tools change from simulations to software that creates simple presentations. The essential elements that need to be included in successful courseware authoring are all the components of different learning styles and learning strategies. tally to Mr. Alfred Low, an educational technologist, there are four courseware authoring strategies that one can gain to create superior learning environments (Low, 2002) The Socratic Approach develops a oppugn approach that engages students in a dialogue and enables students to see their own mistakes and misconceptions. Simulations/Games uses the computer to develop simulation models of an imaginary world designed for pedagogical purposes. The Computer-As- Pupil learners piss knowledge and develop problem-solving skills as they interact with the computer. The Intelligent Assistant aims to add support as the learner interacts with the program and monitors the students progress. at that place is no single courseware authoring strategy that will address every instructional problem. Therefore a needs analysis must be performed to find oneself the desired final outcome of any instructional materials.Courseware authoring is simply conception computer-based learning tools. There are many authoring tools and strategies to ensure the most discharge success in the learning environment.

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Progressive Era Dbq

Charlie Shinske During the Progressive Era, pres reliable from labor, suffrage, and conservation move custodyts profoundly changed the line of products of American history. Many of the reformers ideas clashed with the male-dominated, capitalist economic structure present at the turn of the century. Some of the int demolitioned reforms opposed the current system, still the aim of social unrest necessitated change. Businessmen and activists alike initiated the reforms during the Progressive Era.Government, due to the blueprint of calming the common man and quieting the seemingly more and more free-spoken layclass, supported them from the year 1900 to 1920, Progressive Era reformers were successful in bringing about reform to the United States. Socially, America was gaining strength, with women such as Jane Addams, a womens rights activist, entering the progressive fight. The percent of eligible voters who cast ballots in Presidential elections were at a somewhat steady rate from 1904 to 1916, ranging from 59-65%, but in the 1920 election, only 49% of eligible voters actually cast ballots. document J) Although some may argue that the percent decrease was due to virtually Americans non liking any of the elected Presidential candidates, and therefore not voting this is untrue because this was the first election in which women could vote, which threw of the ratio of voters and non-voters. In addition, all four candidates running for the title of President, Debs, Roosevelt, Wilson, and Taft, were all progressives, and wanted to inhibit the number of trusts. This gave all voters, men or women, some incentive to vote.In the end of the election, Woodrow Wilson won, but not with the majority. During Wilsons presidency, some women spoke out saying that Wilson was oppressing them, and compared themselves to mass being oppressed by Kaiser that were living Germany. (Document H) many female rights activists see the government as putting them down that is why the pa ssing of the nineteenth amendment caused such an uproar, women agreed and were excited with their new found power, but men were not happy (mostly because women promoted prohibition).During this thirty year period in American history our country made major strides in working conditions, chaste values, and where we stood in the worlds commerce. We now had a wealthy middle class that could sort of fend for themselves and we were working on making sure that the food we ate and the water we drank was healthy enough for us to drink. The U. S. was starting signal to boom, then came the depression.

Pelican Stores Chapter 2 Case Study Statistics

Analysis of Data Pelican Stores bailiwick garment With the given data, it is feasible to find numerous comparisons and correlations in the in spite of appearance the metrical composition given. The most relevant data to the given case refers to the type of client (whether or not the guest used the promotional coupon) as surface as the number of purchases made using the various forms of payment mentioned within the data table.As the Case Problem introduction stated, there were 100 gross sales included in the data set, using four diverse orders of payment, to measure the use and productivity of the promotional coupon. Pelican Stores sent out a promotional coupon to boost sales and gain a hot customer base, relying on the assumption that the promotional coupon will draw in those people. The key notes of the data to note that pertain to the productivity of the coupon is the face Of Customer column.The data given is either regular or promotional. The regular customers are tho se who did NOT receive the promotional coupon, and are untrue to be already returning customers. The promotional customers are assumed to be new customers, because the only people who received the promotional coupon were new customers who had shopped at other National Clothing stores, but not at the Pelican brand stores. Another notable part of the data in this subsection is the Method of Payment bar graph.Note that the Proprietary plank payment method indicates purchases made by customers of other National Clothing stores (the Proprietary Card is a charge card only available through National Clothing). Figure 1 Shows the distribution of sales between the four different payment methods Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Proprietary Car Figure 2 Shows the distribution of customer type between the two options Regular (returning Pelican Stores customers) and Promotional (those who received the promotional coupon)

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Reading Books Is Better Than Watching TV Essay

Books had existed on this planet thousands of years in the lead TV was. They argon both valuable and have their own advantage. However, good deal tend to favor books more. Books are always the number one quality for learning and researching, especi eithery if you are studying a subject. Even though it takes time and a trade of effort to read and research a particular topic. Books are the original databases that are always trustworthy. Even innovative computer databases such as Wikipedia do not have all the required study you needed, but if they did they can sometime be preposterous info.Furthermore, if you have a book, you could read it and re-read it all over again until you fully understand the book. However, advanced technology such as the televisions do not enabled you to do such things. Secondly, books are compact and you can take them anywhere you go. Reading books on transport is a good way to usage up time and to relax. Scientist had found out that training books a ctually benefactor you to reduce stress and you will learn faster. Reading books actually does a better job than computer games when it comes to relaxing our minds. With the appearance of e-book nowadays, the advantages of book are expanding further.Nothing is more convenience than carrying hundreds of book in a movable tablet. Reading books is good, but televisions are making it easier for us to foregather information by hearing. Nowadays, there is no need to read the newspapers since it takes a lot efforts and time. Instead of reading the whole newspaper, which could take a whole day, ceremonial TV only takes half an hour. Same information, but quicker. In conclusion, reading book is better than watching TV because it can help you regain information longer. On the other hand, watching TV helps us to gather information faster than reading a book.

Burberry history Essay

Barberry was founded in 1856 originally focusing on producing ripe functional outwear. over the age Barberry has adapted to changing elans and tastes to suit the consumers wants and needs. additionally the extension of their product portfolio, for example their perfume and accessories range, Is a response to disceptation from leading brands such as Ralph Lauren and others.Barberry set out to create a luxury, premium brand image, however in recent years in Britain especially, the public perception of Barberry products gather in been labeled as chap odd fellow because of their distinctive tartan pattern on clothe. In September 201 2 the high brand luxury wearable company Barberry issued a bring in warning taking El ban off Buyers market evaluate expirationing with a sh are fall of 19%. We are currently In an economic recession which has resulted In less consumer confidence and a trend of trim expense habits.However the types of consumers that purchase brands like Barberr y would usually non be effected by the economic recession. They are likely to name a great deal much expendable income and secure well- paid Jobs. Retail analyst Joana Satyrs stated that The global economic crawls Is dragging on and the longer It drags on the less confident even wealthier Individuals become. Meaning that even those with more(prenominal) disposable Income to spend on luxury goods such as Barberry, are less confident which Is a major factor resulting In trim down spending habits.If consumers are spending less the company is likely to result in profit losses. If the problem deteriorates it female genitalia result in closure of stores and making staff redundant adding to the already high unemployment figures Barberry s a luxury brand is not immune from the economic instability which has seen weaker gross gross revenue not only in the UK but globally. From researching Buyers administer lessening we can see that the 2012 London Olympics has played a major f actor in profit loss.The types of customers buying Barberry products are likely to live in high-priced locations such as London Barberry state that the London Olympics pulled tourists away from obtain and pushed them more towards visiting the Olympic park and stadium and spending their notes on souvenirs. However due to the economic recession and the trend of reduce pending habits, Buyers luxury high priced goods were Increasingly likely to see reduced sales. Although wealthier Individuals are likely to be unaffected by the economic recession, the Auks high unemployment rate has made Buyers customer base even more restricted than before.In contrast to Buyers view that the Olympics contributed to their profit loss, we believe that the Olympics helped the Auks unemployment rate hugely giving more individuals and potential customers more disposable income. However now that the Olympics are over, it can shift focus onto spending more on brands such as Barberry. In comparison turn away priced stores such as Tops and H & M are receiving higher(prenominal) likely to buy from stores that have fashionable styles and a wider variety of clothing at much lower prices.BBC business news (twitter) stated that UK retail sales rise as shoppers buy winter clothing and that sales volumes were up 0. 6% in the last month. Individuals are much more likely to spend EYE OHIO on a finishing rather than an IEEE one especially during the economic recession. Taking the above into account, at that place are a number of ways in which Barberry could rectify their economic position in the retail market. While Barberry are not in a state of danger as it stands, if their profit and share prices were to return further they may have to cut their costs.This could see a decrease in quality of their products resulting to a decline in brand commitment and a future reduction in sales. One way Barberry could improve their spotlight is by re-marketing their product range to appeal to a un like target audience, that of the middle and working class. Evidence suggests that lower priced stores (Tops and H&M) have been benefiting as a result of their lower prices. If Barberry were to adjust their position in the market, closer to that of H&M they may wreak the rewards.However, we think that Barberry may tarnish their entire business reputation if they do so. It takes many years to achieve a high brand reputation like that of Barberry and it would be a massive risk to put it all on the line. as well as the lower priced retailers market is dominated by a few great(p) players and is extremely competitive, making it harder for Barberry to establish itself in the lower priced category. We think that Barberry should push back out the storm for the time being. If anything is to be done it should be place more into marketing and branding to appeal to the upper middle-class.Although this would be costly initially, sales should pick up over time improving Buyers share price and profits. Furthermore, in the meantime it would be easy for Barberry to take payoff of the current state of national pride (following the Olympics) and go back to fundamental principle promoting the Brutishness of their brand. Another way in which Barberry can improve their current situation is by taking a similar approach to Versa by entryway a more economical clothing range with gig highway brands such as H&M.For Barberry to differentiate themselves they can instead raise their clothing range with Ezra rather than H&M. Reason being that they types of raiment they offer are very similar in terms of mundanity and quality. This method was very successful with Versa as their line with H&M sold out within 30 minutes. By introducing a more affordable clothing line, Barberry pull up stakes advantage from an increase in sales and profits as demand from consumers will increase. The cheaper they market their new clothing range the more people would want to buy it s they will be purc hasing Barberry clothing for a faction of the cost.

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They Are Made Out of Meat

Theyre Made Out of Meat is a short story by Terry Bisson. It consists entirely of dialogue amongst two characters. The beginning of this dialogue seems to be sooner strange and un rationaliseed the characters ar speaking about plaza and it is difficult to understand what this core group means in this particular context. But gradu exclusivelyy the reader begins to demarcation in, and soon he finds out that they use the word meat to predicate human beings. And these two faunas themselves are aliens, sentient beings that are capable of change of location faster than light and their mission is to meet with human beings, to welcome them and to dress circle contacts with them.The fact that they use such spoken language as Orfolei, Weddilei, C space, G445 regularise proves that they come from a several(predicate) planet (from outer space). The speech of the creatures is rather informal. There are a cumulation of contracted forms, colloquial words and elliptical sentences in the ir conversation (Theyre made out of meat. Thats impossible. theyre like crackpots, A dream to meat ). This fact proves that they do each otherwise(a) well and besides they are absorbed in the topic of their conversation and do not pay much direction to their speech.Judging by the dialogue, it is obvious that one of the creatures is better aware of the personal manner people are organized (Im not enquire you, Im telling you. These creatures are the only sentient melt in the sector and theyre made out of meat. ). And he tries to explain it to the other one who is skeptical and incredulous (Thats impossible. Thats ridiculous. mentation meat Youre asking me to believe in thinking meat ). The situation is really incredible and at first the second creature does not believe in the story, however a bit ulterior accept this theory as true (Omigod.Youre serious then. Theyre made out of meat. Finally, Yes. ). The story represents a critical glance from after-school(prenominal) at man behaviour. The aliens consider human beings to be curious and sure (theyve been trying to get in touch with us for almost a hundred of their years. First it wants to talk to us. Thento explore the universe, contact other sentients, swap ideas and information. The usual. ). Besides people are viewed as inferior creatures (but what do you think is on the radio? Meat sounds.You cognise how when you bang or flap meat it makes a noise? They talk by flapping their meat at each other. It seems harsh, but there is a limit. Do we really want to make contact with meat? ). So, taking into accounts all these points, the aliens decide not to fulfill their initial mission. They come to a conclusion that it is better to ignore meat, erase all the records and check this sector unoccupied. The thing is that they are sure that they know a lot about humans, but in fact they do not know anything.They consider themselves to be much more superior, they feel themselves to be the tendernes s of gravity. But actually, they are biased and hostile towards human beings just because humans are different. The whole story rolls around the concept of meat. First of all the repetition of this word sets the rhythm. Besides the meat is personified and it makes the story funny and humorous. (thinking meat, conscious meat, loving meat, dreaming meat). The fact that these creatures are public lecture like humans also provides humorous effect. (Omigod.Singing meat. This is altogether in like manner much ).At first it may even seem that they are scientists or researchers, who are discussing a recent experiment or baring in the sphere of astronomy. The topic of the story is the relation between different creatures, nationalities and civilizations. The author is mocking these two characters because of their hostile and stereotypical attitude towards other creatures and civilizations and wants to show that it is important to be patient, clarify controversial things and not to be too presumptuous.

Genetically Modified Food and Crops Essay

AbstractSince the 1980s scientists go through been altering restricts, including some of the feed we eat (Fairly & Gaskins, 2000). familialally special forage has everlastingly been a cephalalgia for many people. I find the concerns to be unwarranted because at that place has never been a minus health report due to the fact of consuming GM victualss. Bio engineering science gives us the best thinks for solving the creative activitys nourishment shortage at present and in the future. Genetically change crop plants atomic number 18 now grown on nearly cl cardinal acres in the United States alone, helping farmers to increase yields, subject pesticide spraying, and save topsoil (Conko & Miller, 2011). What argon we actually eating? Looking at ingredients on the back of a product was al near considered out of the unexceptional ten to fifteen long time ago.But now it is one of the most important factors in the decision on whether or not a consumer leave alone buy th e product. In all the research I conducted there was never a proven harmful effect from catching engineering. However, the benefits atomic number 18 scientifically proven which gives genetically special crops the advantage over conventional floriculture. The proposed ideas and research by scientist give tongue to that a lot more crapper be done with GM food other than eating it. globalization of GM crops is becoming app bent as well as GM crop commercialization._Keywords GM Food, GM Crops, Genetically engineered crops, Biotechnology, GM organisms._Genetically modified organisms hindquarters be defined as organisms in which the genetic physical (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. The technology is often called biotechnology and it allows selected individual genes to be transferred from one organism into another(prenominal) (World Health Organization, 2002). For more than twenty years of scientific,humanitarian, and financial success genetic engine ering has been applied to kitchen-gardening. This has been accomplished without injury to a single psyche or damage to the ecosystem.However, activists argon still fighting the use of genetically modified crops (Conko & Miller 2011). Millions of people around the world suffer from malnutrition and with the tincture projected increase of our worlds population in the succeeding(a) cubic decimeter years a change needs to be made. Genetically modified crops increase yield, nutrition and uses few pesticides all without proven negative effects. GM crops and all its benefits make it the gateway for the worlds agriculture success.Genetically modified crops are becoming the building blocks for agriculture advancements. Scientists are continually working to create more benefits for consumers as well as farmers. The main concern of GM foods is negative health risks however, they are actually more adept. GM foods have longer shelf life, contain higher(prenominal) nutritional value and ar e safer to eat. For example, GM corn has lower fungous toxin content then non-GM corn, and farmers typically produce GM crops using fewer pesticides, weedkillers and fertilizers (Tyson, 2001). By drastically reducing the use of chemicals on the plants it provides a major(ip) betterment for the consumers safety and nourishment. Because scientists slightly tweak the DNA of the plants with other genes it is possible that food allergens may end up in GM products. Steve Taylor, a scientists at the University of Nebraska states that, the food-allergy threat is small because foodengineers now avoid using genes from nuts and other common food allergens.The benefits of genetic engineering justify the risk (Fairley & Gaskins 2000). Products from biotechnology are no less(prenominal) safe than handed-downly bred crops. According to Dr. Prakash, genetically improved products are subjected to intensifier testing, while conventional varieties have never been subjected to any much(prenominal) standard for food safety or environmental impact (Prakash, 2000). Every GM food that is currently available on the international market has already passed risk assessments and is not likely to pose a risk for the consumers. No effects have been shown and GM foods will continue to be correct in more and more countries (World Health Organization, 2002). GM crops are never expected to present a health riskand therefore should calm down brass pipicials worldwide in the use of this technology.Another concern of GM technology is the effect it has on the environment. The environmental risks of biotechnology are as well unidentified just like the health trepidations. No scientific license proves that GM crops are harmful to the environment. U.S. officials pointed out that scientists in Europe had been inefficient to find any bear witness of added risk to human health or the environment from any GM crop variety developed to date. In fact, none of the studies by Europe found any scie ntific evidence of added harm to humans or the environment (Paarlberg, 2003).GM engineering will actually help the environment rather than harm it. In the U.S. alone farmers annually administer more than nine hundred seventy million tons of insect and plant killers. Now GM crops have the skill of containing their own insect and plant killing gene which means the farmers can use fewer chemicals (Tyson, 2001). To ensure that the environment is remaining safe, risk assessments are conducted for the GM product as well as the area in which the crop will grow (World Health Organization, 2002). Furthermore, the United NationsEnvironment plan has used funding for developing countries to implement biosafety regulations for GM crops. The UNEP wants these regulations implemented to begin with any crop is planted no matter the cost or delay (Paarlberg, 2003). Since 2011, The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved seventy four disparate GM crops. In separately case the crops data was r eviewed for several years and each concluded that they will have no significant environmental impact (Conko & Miller 2011). These precautionary measures toward genetically modified crops allow the establishment to regulate farming actions and safeguard the environment.The initial reason GM organisms were created was to improve crop production. The GM crops currently on the market are in general aimed at an change magnitude level of crop protection through the macrocosm of resistance against plant diseases caused by insects or viruses or through increased tolerance towards herbicides (Tyson, 2001). Producers are getting a lot more for a lot less which translates to products with lower prices. The improved production ofcrops and technology accounts for the let down costs and have forced tremendous competition in the herbicide and insecticide markets (Prakash, 2000). This also helps traditional farmers because it now allows them to buy these products at a cheaper cost.In fifty yea rs the world population could exceed xi billion people un goodly, the current food show is not expanding at the same rate. Because of this, GM crops need to expand and gain popularity over traditional farming. Global GM crop farming in 1999 covered more or less one hundred million acres (Tyson, 2001). Now, genetically modified crop plants are grown on nearly one hundred fifty million acres in the United States alone (Conko & Miller 2011). These statistics show that GM crop farming is rapidly expanding and the benefits are obvious. Biotechnology and its fur-bearingness give us the best chance to safely solve the food needs of like a shot and the future.Poor farmers in tropical countries face problems such as crop pests, drouth and low soil fertility (Paarlberg, 2003). These are the people who annually struggle to produce enough food for their families. Bugs, drought and disease destroy many acres of farmland every year. as luck would have it scientists are creating GM crops wit h built in resistance to insects and diseases. GM Crops are also being developed that can grow in desert or near salt piddle which allows more area for farming (Fairley & Gaskins, 2011). Because GM crops are now being built in with these resistances farmers wont experience huge financial setbacks caused by pests killing their plants. Since the volume of malnutrition people in the world live in developing countries this opens up the opportunity for them to increase crop yield and provide enough food for everyone. Also, in developing countries people often have to survive off a single staple that own its own doesnt supply sufficient amounts of nutrients.Food scientist hope to solve this problem by creating crops render with vitamins and minerals. According to Tyson, one of the most promising is golden rice, which can chivy our bodies to generate vitamin A. In the developing world, vitamin-A deficiency kills two million children each year (Tyson, 2001). A development through GM fo ods may be able to save two million people which would be a life changing uncovering. Scientists are also trying to perfect provisions vaccines. They are genetically adding vaccines to tomatoes and bananas, since traditionalvaccines are expensive to manufacture and take away specialized storage. Eatable vaccines, will be easier to transport, store, and administer in tercet world countries (Tyson, 2001). Biotechnology holds unlimited potential for areas of the world where poverty and deplorable rude conditions make farming challenging. The U.S. needs to ensure the people of these countries that GM food is safe and will be nothing but beneficial to their people.Genetic engineering is a crucial factor in agricultural productivity and if it continues to safely expand it could help meet the problematic food challenges that have already started. Genetic engineering holds great possibilities that could change the world. obviously peeling back a banana infused with antibiotics could b e the next breakthrough science has to offer. Biotechnology continues to show safety is not an issue. GM farmers are now administering fewer chemicals on their crops. This reduces the amount of air pollution and water contamination in the environment. Genetic modifications were being made since farming started. Farmers always crossed bred the most successful plants year to year and without any concerns from the public.Today, scientist have a better understanding of how genetic modifications work making it safer for the consumers. However, government regulations are still implemented just for precautionary purposes. The United States is fortunate enough to grow numerous varieties of crops and also have the ability to direct the method of how they are grown. Unfortunately, not every country has these advantages. Genetically modified products allow these developing nations to grow crops at a more productive rate. Commercialization of genetically modified agriculture needs to be stric tly monitored to make sure regulations are followed. Over industrialization of farming today is negatively viewed therefore making it essential that a golden mean is set for genetically modified products.BIBLIOGRAPHYFairley, P., & Gaskins, P. (2000). Food Fight. _Scholastic Choices_, _15_(8), 16.CONKO, G., & MILLER, H. I. (2011). The Rush to excoriate Genetically ModifiedCrops. _Policy Review_, (165), 69-82.World Health Orginization. (2002). Retrieved from website http//, P. T. (2001, April 12). _Harvest of fear_. Retrieved from http// hold up/Prakash, C. (2000). Genetically engineered crops can feed the world. Retrieved from http//, R. L. (2003). Reinvigorating genetically modified crops. _Issues in Science and Technology, 19_(3), 86-92. Retrieved from http// 735?accountid=14071

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The Importance of Memory

The importance of retentiveness What will happen if in all kind-hearted lost their retrospect? What if we freightert remember anything anymore? Can our society keep speed? Can we locomote? The answer is simple. We jackpott live without computer warehousing and the modern society will be destroyed. Here Ill beg polish off to you one by one. retrospection plays a big role in our life. It is the processes by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Everything we see, we do, we think, will goes to memory and transform to implicit or overt memory. Which will be presentd in our brain.We could recall it anytime, plain Im using my implicit memory to type this report. Simply, our day-to-day life is formed by memory, without it, were nothing. Why? If we be get under ones skintert begin memory, we provoket see to it. Learning requires memory, if were unable to learn anything, we provoke only follow our basic instincts to live such as eating or having sexual inte rcourse. Well be worse than beasts if we live the homogeneous that. Furthermore, we wint be able to recognize anything. Somebody head that can we still learn from classical conditioning?The answer is no, because we cant save the conditioned stimulus in brain, we dont up to now remember were triggered by stimulus. Therefore, we wint distil by any conditioned stimulus. So if Pavlovs dog dont have memory, the whole theory wont even exist. Without memory, well lost many of our abilities and skills. Such as, languages, recognition. Unless we record everything we saw immediately and save it in a notebook. If human started with no memory, the modern society wont be formed. Memory is an important part of what keeps society together, what shapes our culture, and what shapes us as individuals.We will be unable to develop anything. There wont be revolution, human history cant go further without memory. Therefore, Its disastrous if human dont have memory at all. If we totally without imp licit memory, human simply wont exist. Breathing is an implicit memory. No one taught you to breathe, you just do it when you atomic number 18 born. If we dont have implicit memory, no human will exist unless ape dont have to breath. plainly its impossible that all human lost both his explicit and implicit memory, so the above parts is only a imagination.Lets move on and talk about those people who have memory disorders such as Amnesia and Alzheimers disease. Memory disorders hinders the storage, retention and retrospect of memories. That means their memory system are malfunctioned. The consequences could be very serious. shine that i have Alzheimers disease, If i forget to lock my car, i i may lost it. If i forget to turn off my gas stove, it may cause explosion and Ill die. As you can see, If we have memory disorders, well face many troubles in our life, some are even life-threatening.Throw the with or without away, Im now move on to next point. Which is how memory affect our character and behaviour. Everyone got their own special personality. Memory has a deep influence on our personality, especially the primordial memories like your childhood. The best way to learn how early memories affect personality is to tonus at an example that analyzes someones early memories. Here is one early memories of a middle aged manMy little sister ate all the sweets in the box then when my mother asked her who did it she said that i am the one who ate them.I felt really angry. Its clear that this qat has developed the belief that women are evil and that was perfectly aligned with his undetermined fear of the opposite sex. According to individual psychology all of the persons personality traits, beliefs, behaviour, thoughts and memories can be perfectly aligned to reflect the psychological goals he wants to reach. In the previous example one of the mans goals was to avoid women not to get harmed by them because he believed that they were evil.When we aligned his curre nt psychological problems, his personality traits with his early memories we were able to see the full picture. Furthermore, there are some movies which can gives you more examples and perspectives, i recommend Frailty (2001), comprehensively explained how a spiritual fanatic fathers visions lead to a series of murders by his son. To conclude, the importance of memory cant be measure , a person involve proper memory or he cant live normally and healthily, a society needs people like this to suffer or well back to stone age.

Police Brutality Essay

When one hypothecates of a call for what should condescend to mind is hero. Cops should be a sign of safety, when a cop comes nigh you should feel safe and protected. Although a few years agone it was that itinerary it is no longer true. Now days cops atomic number 18 seen as people you penury to stay away(predicate) from, people argon afraid of them. Cops argon now abusing, assaulting, and bolt downing innocent people, this is called jurisprudence brutality. constabulary brutality base be caused by patrolmans readiness to assume everyone is up to no good, racism, and opinion they rent the agent to do whatever they want, and it results in falsely criminate young adults, death, abuse of power by troubling the lives of others.All everywhere the world people ar get falsely accused and charged with crimes they did non commit, abused, and all the same killed because of constabulary brutality. When police cars drive around in certain neighborhoods and see a bunch of teens standing around or but any persona of people around in groups they automatically start to assume that they be up to no good. In the video I am Sean campana a child said Theres been a muckle of times where people got shot over nonhing. Like one guy wire he got shot just for pulling out a brush. This fork overs that even though the man wasnt doing anything wrong and didnt have anything iniquitous on him the police just assumed that he was up to no good and was going to fire a weapon. Now days you cant even pull out a brush without getting shot by police officers. In my eyes they argon not protecting us they are taking us down.Nationally 83 percent of police are white this is most likely wherefore benighted males are locked up and get pulled over daily. Racism is something that is tranquillise a huge problem in America. White people are always seeing blacks as criminals and anytime there is a crime blacks are the first ones who are blamed. Tonight there is anger he re in New York City as 5 police officers fire 50 rounds into a vehicle last weekend violent death one man, injuring cardinal others. Victims were all black and unarmed. I am Sean Bell. Why was it necessary to scoot 50 rounds into a vehicle? What did they do that was so wrong for police to fire 50 rounds into their vehicle? The men in thevehicle were not armed so why were two of them injured and one killed. legal philosophy see black people and see them all as criminals that petabit to situations like this. If cops werent racist maybe so many black people would not be locked up or killed.When a person becomes a police officer they all a sudden thinks they have all the power in the world and can do anything they want and get away with it. Policemen think that they can do anything in the world, they think they have godlike powers and when they do certain things they will get away with it, and the truth is most of the time they do get away with it just by saying I thought it was the right call. proficient because they think something is up doesnt get together them the right to start guess or arrest someone. Everyday people are getting searched without consent, with no warrant, with no reason whatsoever for their actions other than they wanted to. A portion of policemen will pull citizens over for no reason the biggest reason is to disturb their quota. At the end of the month when they dont have lavish tickets to give to their chief they just start pulling people over for going 2 miles over the speed limit, which is unnecessary. Some of the interactions are wholly situational and unpredictable, driven by each partys immediate constructions of the others motives or actions.Voice may be expressed and altercations may occur when officers show disrespect towards a citizen or when officers refuse to provide reasons for their actions.(Weitzer) Policemen go around and tackle citizens to cuff them when all they had to say was put your hand up. By watching num erous episodes of cops Ive learned that cops dont give anyone any time to follow their instructions. If you dont comply at heart a second they result to force which is completely unnecessary and may injure innocent citizens. Police use unnecessary force forward they even find out what the story is. In my view police really need to tone it down and do their billet the way it is supposed to be done and not hurt or kill innocent people.In conclusion policeman these days do not know how to do their job without injuring, or sidesplitting innocent or even guilty citizens. The job of a policeman is to clean up the streets effectively and with the least amount of casualties possible. The police are not doing their job the way it issupposed to be done. They are being extremely violent, and killing innocent people, they dont give people the chance to do what they want them to do. For the safety of others the police need to change, Cops are now abusing, assaulting, and killing innocent peo ple, this is called police brutality. Police brutality can be caused by policemans ability to assume everyone is up to no good, racism, and thinking they have the power to do whatever they want, and it results in falsely accused young adults, death, abuse of power by troubling the lives of others.SourcesChristina, Lund, et al. Violent wicked Recidivism In Mentally Disordered Offenders A Follow-Up Study Of 1320Years Through Different Sanctions. International Journal Of Law And Psychiatry 36.Special snub on Prisons and Mental Health (n.d.) 250-257. ScienceDirect. Web. 6 Nov. 2013.Media That Matters images I Am Sean Bell. Dir. Stacey Muhammad. Media That Matters Film Festival News. Media That Matters, n.d. Web. 06 Nov. 2013.Goodman, Amy, and Denis Moynihan. October 24, 2013. Democracy Now Democracy Now, 24 Oct. 2013. Web. 06 Nov. 2013.

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Returning to School

move to naturalise after being out(a) of school for 25 years can be a altercate in many ways. At eons, it looks daunting and almost impossible. However, decisions like this ar not made overnight. Neither are steps like this interpreted without some kind of preparation. Over time, there has been practically physical, emotional and academician preparation. Physical preparation for this course was probably the easiest part of preparation.First of all, there has been look for into to which college Is the best fit for the goals hat are desired to be obtained. In addition, several colleagues at work assimilate returned to work and withdraw told of the time that will be necessary to obtain this goal. They possess been an invaluable imaging in telling how to physically Juggle working full time plus going to school. That has been the superlative preparation for the physical demands Watching my colleagues. an different(prenominal) physical demands, such as computer needs, Inter net connections, etc. Walden has been precise good at being forth coming about what is needed for those things. It is cooperative to know how to structure life. Colleagues at work are helpful in knowing the best way to obtain books, sources to look for information, and other physical demands that will arise in this academic journey. To become emotionally pay backd has been much more challenging. I had hoped that I would never ca-ca to return to school. I have obtained specialized trainings, certifications, and other skills with the hopes of not returning to school because It seemed like such a daunting task.However, for the past two to three years. I have started to see that the landscape of nursing is changing. I have realized that to continue to grow professionally and personally I am going to need my bachelors degree. This realization of professional need has helped prepare me emotionally. I have pretermit the past two years looking for into what is required to go back t o school. I have also spent time observing how others who are my peers and who are also In school observing are managing the help. I figured, If they can do It, then so can l. It Is also a challenge to prepare academically. Tidying Is not a difficult task. For me, the hardest struggle has been to write a paper. In todays learning environment, the process is entirely online and majority of the process is about writing. My weakest subject has always been English. I have never used PAP format. Therefore, this thought Is single greatest component that has kept me from returning to school. It Is a great relief to spend time learning about the writing center and the resources they have to offer.I have spent time listening to the webzines and plan to access efferent separate of the writing centers help during my time at Walden. Other colleagues have told me of resources they have used to help them in this area. One day, at the pharmacy, even my chemist and her assistant offered to proof-r ead my papers for me So, I feel like I have more support in these areas than I had at one time. Returning to school is a life altering decision. It takes lots of adjustment and much preparation. I am hoping that the preparation I have made In all ways- Alden university.

Learning Essay

Learning is a complex process that involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills through instruction, which modifies the air of man. (Merriam-Webster, 2008) Moreover, education is the act of obtaining new in gradation by undergoing educational instruction, exercise, and different shipway of gaining facts and tuition. Two types of development characterize the process of acquiring in ground levelation for learners. These deuce types of encyclopedism include cognitive or perceptual tuition and behavioural or stimulus-response learning.These two shall be discussed in the following paragraphs in identify to explicate the concept of learning and the role that science and behaviour round in the process. Behavior plays a significant role in learning. elicit in learning, for instance, given that interest is a style, increases potential to accomplish academic success. Primarily, interest in learning as a behavior motivates plenty to attend programs in educational institution s, which lead to descriptorroom instruction and learning. beguile is one efficient predictor of success in students. (Renningner, et. al. , 1992)There atomic number 18 established theories of learning which support the significant role of behavior in learning. Classical conditioning, authored by Ivan Pavlov, follows the theory of stimulus-response behavior. When applied to learning, the theory suggests that a busy stimulus exercises response. Moreover, the theory explicates how behavior is developed, and in turn how certain behaviors influence learning. Basically, if a person is motivated to learn within the classroom environment, his behavior leans toward learning. This behavior produces desirable learning outcomes from the private. (Staats, et. al. , 1963)The theory of classical conditioning has evolved passim the years, and B. F. Skinner developed the concept of operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is comparable to Pavlovs theory of classical conditioning, such(pre nominal) that both theories suggest behavior as an integral part of learning. However, operant conditioning relies on the utilization of stimulus or external factors in browse to influence the behavior of learners. Positive reinforcements for desirable learning behavior motivates individuals to learn, while negative reinforcements that argon administered for negative learning behavior reduces its occurrence.Reinforcements act as consequences to actions, whether positive or negative, which influences how individuals behave. (Huitt & Hummel, 1997) Behavioral learning may be applied in the classroom through motivation in the form of praises and rewards, and punishment. For instance, in order to kindle the interest of learners to attend school everyday, teachers should give incentives and punishments such as checking the attending every day and giving rewards for learners who have complete attendance.On the other hand, learners who are ever so absent or late, are given rewards such as putting them in detention, extra work in the form of quizzes, assignments, etc. As students learn the value of being present every day because of the rewards, merits, and acknowledgements that they receive every day, they are able to understand wherefore there is a need to attend classes and are able to conciliate the behavior of coming to class regularly. For those who are always absent, thus, receiving demerits and punishments, they learn that in order to avoid being punished and receive rewards instead, they should go to class on time each day.This idea changes the behavior of students who are always absent. The basics of behavioral learning delve into the complex personality of learners and look to understand the motivational techniques and strategies that incite the desire to learn from individuals. Determining these motivational techniques and strategies allows teachers to adjust their instructional techniques within the learning environment in order to adapt to the des ires of learners and manipulate these desires to incite desirable learning outcomes.The secondary impersonal of behavioral learning is to lessen undesirable learning behaviors. Cognitive learning does not simply rely on stimulus and the response of learning in order to acquire necessary information for the learners. The mechanisms inside an individuals brain form the basic concepts underlying cognitive learning. These mechanisms are called cognitive processes. Cognitive processes include the acquisition of knowledge and new information and manipulating these acquired knowledge and information to form concepts and ideas that are meaningful. (Think Quest)For instance, the concept of the color cps is learned by determining all the different colourise that use up up the wheel, such as red, blue, green, orange, violet, etc. If alter are identify by their names and their appearance, the individual also learns to categorize primary colors from secondary colors, and secondary colors fr om tertiary colors, or tertiary colors from neutral, etc. Through this information, the concept of mixing primary colors to form secondary colors, etc. is learned.Cognitive processes that are involved in learning the concept of colors in the color wheel include observation, summary and interpretation. Moreover, cognitive learning relies on the senses, such as hearing, sight, feeling, etc. , reading and comprehension, experience, analysis, observation, among others, in order for individuals to learn. (Think Quest) This is supported by theories authored by Piaget and Vygotsky. The socio-constructivist and socio-cultural theories relate cognition to learning, such that learning takes place through social interaction. Funderstanding, 2001) For instance, problem figure out which entails knowledge and experience is influenced by social interaction with other people. A learners problem solving skills is derived from interpretation of his cultural background, how he sees other people and the world that he lives in. Basically, an individuals schema, which is employ to solve his problems, depends solely on social interaction, his experiences, and how he interprets these experiences.

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Sexist Attitude in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay -- Heart Da

Sexist Attitude in Joseph Conrads titty of DarknessThis paper go away discuss the way Conrads novel Heart of Darkness relies, both thematic aloney and formally, on values that could be called sexist. By sexism I mean the those cultural assumptions that make women be regarded, unjustly, as in different ways humble to men socially, intellectually and morally. Since Heart of Darkness has often been regarded as one(a) of the best and profoundest discussions of morality in English literature, this issue is very important. adept of the most interesting aspects of the book is how the narrative itself is thought of as unfit for women. The narration takes place on a small sailing boat, time lag for the ebb of the Thames to bring it away to the sea, and the listeners to Marlowes floor, of whom the primary narrator is one, atomic number 18 all men. They are, moreover, all comrades, and can be assumed to share certain vestigial values. Some of these values, a blind patriotism for exa mple, are questioned by Marlowes narrative, piece of music others, such as the contemporary attitude towards women are only confirm and reinforced. There are not only very few young-bearing(prenominal) participants in the story. The secondary, although most important narrator Marlowe, at several points defines the story as itself ill-suited for feminine earsGirl What? Did I mention a little girl? Oh, she is out of it - completely. They - the women I mean - are out of it - should be out of it. We must help them to stay in that beautiful world of their give birth least our gets worse. Oh, she had to be out of it. You should keep back heard the disinterred body of Mr. Kurtz saying, My Intended. You would have perceived directly then how completely she was out of it. (Conrad 75)Here, Marlow fores... ...n of action either to become passive, or to deviate from their righteous ways.By analogy, the voyages of Kurtz and Marlowe, and the enterprise of baring of colonization themselves , can be seen as essentially masculine acts. much(prenominal) acts, always perpetrated, it seems, by white men, simply befall, happen to, passive peoples or cultures. As a result, these peoples are turned into the mere receivers of the actions - military, educational, sexual - of others, and are thus, to an extent, feminized. In this way, the racist discourses of Conrads times can be understood as connected to the assumptions by which women were, and still are, subjected to social and cultural oppression.Works CitedConrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. New York Norton, 1988.Achebe, Chinua. An Image of Africa. In Hopes and Impediments Selected Essays. New York Doubleday, 1988.

Child Abuse and Neglect :: Child Abuse Domestic Violence

Child offense has been here as long as the United States of America and throughout the history of the World. Child abuse rotter cause serious harm to its victims. Estimates of the numbers of children who suffer physical abuse or neglect by parents or guardians range from about 1 percent of all children to about 15 percent, and figures are far high if emotional abuse and neglect are included.(2. Quote from Encyclopedia Britannica 2007.) You fit and hear about different cases of child abuse all the sequence in news reports, online, newspapers, film and sometimes by word of babble out in your community. We view these cases as deplorable acts of violence but wherefore do we not we stop this altogether?

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Teaching The Confessions of St. Augustine Essay -- The Confessions of

Teaching The Confessions of St. AugustineABSTRACT Augustines passionate and immensely own(prenominal) broadside of his conversion has enthr eithered readers for centuries. Unfortunately, the passion and personal nature of the typography can stand as a barrier to comprehension, oddly when the text edition is taught at the undergraduate level. Add to this the fact that the pass water has the image of matchless long and substained prayer to God, contains many passages that are tediously introspective, and refers to a prison term and place that are foreign to todays undergraduates, the task of lot students to understand and assess the work is daunting, to say the least. Augustines very passionate and immensely personal account of his conversion has enthralled readers for centuries. Unfortunately, it is also the very passionate and personal nature of the writing that can stand as a barrier to comprehension, especially when the text is taught at the undergraduate level. Add to this the fact that the work has the character of one long, sustained prayer addressed to God, it contains many passages that are tediously introspective, it refers to a time and place that are foreign to todays undergraduates, and the task of helping students to understand and rate the work is, to say the least, daunting.But the Confessions, like all great literary masterpieces, is ultimately accessible, although special effort may pack to be made to make it so for the student. One method of approach shot shot the text that has been very helpful for my students has been to explore the text in term of theme and pattern. It is this method about which I will speak in this paper. I shall speak first base of theme, and return later to pattern.There is no doubt in Augustines m... ...on, and the individuals who at every stage helped him to overcome those obstacles. I have further suggested that one theme that comes readily to the fore when the first eight books of the Confessions a re analyzed in this way is Augustines belief that Gods work is accomplished in our lives through the agency of others. This approach is used with a primarily undergraduate audience in mind, thus many of Augustines to a greater extent subtle psychological and theological teachings from these books are not given emphasis. However, this approach does provide students with a way into the text that is intelligible and manageable. It can single be hoped that in subsequent readings, our students will be able to appreciate some of the other riches that await them therein.BibliographyAugustine. The Confessions of St. Augustine. Trans. John K. Ryan. Garden urban center Image-Doubleday, 1960.

Innocence Is Bliss in OConnors Short Stories Essay -- Literary Analy

Theres is no freedom from the post-lapsarian world. The attributes of this fallen world argon very prominent in OConnors short stories. However, she chooses not to include all of her characters into this nutshell. Instead, she gives her female characters honor and monist ideals. Ironically, OConnor isolates them from the rest and gives them a pitiful image as she goes on to mock their delegacys. The obliviousness and innocence of the characters is effortlessly destroyed in the post-lapsarian world because of their lack of foundation.OConnor centers her stories on the attributes of the post-lapsarian world, which is the world after the Forbidden Fruit was eaten in the Garden of Eden. The situation that these stories were written soon after WWI also obstructed their outcome. The carnage of the struggle exemplifies the malevolent nature of OConnors characters. For instance, in her story The Misfit, a mass slaughter of an entire family occurs. After killing the last family member , The Misfit tells his jock Take her off and throw her where you threw the others, (OConnor 22). The Misfit doesnt bother looking tolerate at the massacre he had just executed. This is a manner of establishing that much(prenominal) cruel and spiteful actions take place only in the unholy of the post-laspsarian world. Likewise, in A Circle in the Fire, three boys take the intimacy of allowing themselves to Mrs. bonks farm with no intentions of leaving. Not only does Mrs. Cope welcome the boys, she is also very hospitable towards them. Yet, the malicious and ill-mannered actions of these boys world power Mrs. Cope feel obliged to them to leave. In response to the insult of beingness asked to leave, they decide to incinerate her farm. OConnor creates these charac... ...ld beyond their homes. The characters learn the hard way that there is no escaping reality, especially since they are parts of it. This enlightening is why their blissfully happy lives have to be termi nated.Works Cited1.OConnor, Flannery. A sizable Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories. New York Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1977. Print.2.Schaum, Melita. Erasing paragon The Lucifer-Trickster Figure in Flannery OConnors Short Fiction. The Southern Literary Journal 33.1. part of English of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2000. Web. 12 July 2010. .3.Sparrow, Stephen. The Innocents of Flannery OConnor. Flannery OConnor Comforts of Home, The Flannery OConnor. N.p., 22 July 2002. Web. 12 Oct. 2010. .