Friday, October 18, 2019

Classroom-based Learning Experience Research Paper

Classroom-based Learning Experience - Research Paper Example e worst classroom-based learning experience has been in the form of my ability to differentiate between what I should have grabbed over a period of time, and what I was unable to do so within this time frame. I believe that when I lost out on the adoption of the technological basis, my classroom-based learning experience deteriorated immensely, which was something that I feel unhappy about (Michael, 2012). I detest the moments when I was unable to showcase my true abilities and skills, which were indeed some of the more strong points that I achieved ever since I took on the Internet technological basis within my folds. The things that made it a good experience included the hard work and conviction as well as the belief of our teachers in the students’ abilities. The things that made it a bad experience comprised my lack of intent to make sure that this process continued for a long period of time as well as my shortcomings in the wake of upgrading myself

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