Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ready to Die Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ready to Die - Essay Example I believe it is crucial for the living to use part of their health time and energy in preparing for death. There are various ways to prepare for death as exemplified by Nicholson and Freeman in the movie ‘Bucket List’ (Knox, 2007). One of the ways to prepare for oneself death is thinking about it. We should have brief moments possibly in a day and reflect on what can happen if death occurs. I do not mean we dwell on death but to appreciate the reality about it and live fully while knowing it will happen. People can embrace life after realizing they have limited time in the world. Nicholson and Freeman opted to enjoy life after accepting that the death is a reality. They believed that it was awaiting them, and as a result, stopped staying in the hospital beds with agony. I also think we should make a ‘bucket list’ as one way of preparing for our death. ‘Bucket list’ involves having a list of things we want to do, life experiences we want to achieve, and places we want to go. Nicholson and Freeman realized this very late; they had a long ‘bucket list’ despite having much wealth and less time (Knox, 2007). As evidenced by Nicholas and Freeman, we do not carry with us material possession and hence we should utilize the resources we have in meeting our objectives. We should not allow death to scare and bar us from enjoying life, instead, we are supposed to use it as a wake-up call to maximize our limited time in the world. In addition, people should write their last statement and will instead of fearing to think about death that may result from our cultural beliefs. The last statement and will are used to designate what will happen to our properties and guardianship of our children. Many properties get lost when one dies without leaving a documented will. Lack of a documented will may also lead to occurrence of conflicts among the left relatives. For

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