Friday, October 18, 2019

Managing and Leading Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Managing and Leading Change - Essay Example There are a lot of Machiavelli’s perception on organizational change that is not acceptable to other philosophers such as Plamenatz and Wolker (1992).1 Personally, I do not agree to Machiavelli when he stated that â€Å"people are inherently unchanging and essentially similar† because of the fact that people are often likely to follow the rule of domino effect. Let me give you an example of my personal analysis. When a manager practice good leadership, it is more likely that he could convince his subordinates to support him/her in the implementation of change within the organization. On the other hand, a manager who does not have the qualities of a good leader is more likely to fail when it comes to motivating and convincing the rest of the employees to participate in the manager’s plan. In other words, it only takes a manager with good leadership skill to change the employees’ mentally with regards to organizational change. Machiavelli stated that â€Å"fraud and force are two of the most necessary components of effective government.†2 I do not agree that fraud and the practice of authoritative power is always the best solution when it comes to implementing organizational change. Fraud alone is considered as an unethical business practice. On the other hand, the practice of authoritative power is not always the best solution when it comes to implementing change since it will only cause more employees to disrespect and will remain disloyal to the manager. According to Dessler (2001), leaders with a competent leadership skill are individuals who are capable of inspiring another person who often times have the â€Å"drive to achieve their goals; the desire to lead; self-confidence; cognitive ability; honesty and integrity; as well as having sufficient knowledge in doing business.†3 Machiavelli’s approach to organizational

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