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The Scarlet Letter 10 :: essays research papers

Among many morals which press upon us from the poor ministers miserable experience, we put only this into a sentence Be true Be true Be true Show freely to the world, if not your worst, yet some trait whereby the worst may be inferred(Ch.24 236) Hawthorne expresses the purpose of writing this novel in that short sentence. He creates characters who have sin and disguise these sins for their own salvation. Slowly these sins evolve the characters, it strengthens Hester, humanizes Dimmesdale, and turns Chillingworth into a demon. The yarn is Hawthornes depiction of the effects of sin on the hearts and minds of humanity during the prude society by dint of the characters Hester, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth.Hesters sin is that her passion and love were of more importance to her than the Puritan moral code, but she learns the error of her ways and slowly regains the adoration of the community. For instance, What we did had a consecration of its own. We felt it so We said so to each oth er Hast thou disregarded it?(Ch.17 179). Hester fully acknowledges her guilt and displays it with pride to the world. This was obvious by the way she displays the scarlet letter with elaborate designs showing that she is proud. Furthermore, she does not want to live a bread and butter of lies anymore when she states forgive me In all things else, I have striven to be true Truth was the one virtue which I might have held fast, and did hold fast, through all extremity save when thy good--the life--they fame--were put in question Then I consented a deception. But a lie is never good, even though death threaten the other side(Ch.17 177). Hester learns from her sin, and grows strong, a direct result from her punishment. The scarlet letter A was as if a blessing to Hester changing her into an honest soul with good virtues. Fittingly, she chooses to preventive in Boston with Pearl although Hawthorne admits, &8230that this woman should still call that place her home, where, and where on ly, she must needs be the type of shame(Ch.5 73). She is trying to stay and face her consequences instead of running in the other direction. Most people would leave a town where they are looked upon as trash the scum of society. Finally, the colonists get on to think of the scarlet letter as &8230the cross on a nuns bosom(Ch.

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