Thursday, May 30, 2019

Where Are You? Essay -- Creative Writing Essays

I ran down the stairs, separate outing to catch my breath. My heart was pumping itself out of place. I leaped to the lowest step and threw myself into the kitchen. I found my sister clutching her ears and bashing her head against the wall. Chris, honey stop it, Im here now, Sshh be quiet, I cried to her trying to make her permit go of her ears in order for her to hear me.NO, GET AWAY she threw me across the room and I smashed myself into the wall. She started to go bright red, shaking so aphonic I could see her from three metres away. Her eye were pouring tears out. I sprinted over to her and hugged her so firmly, it appal me. She then stopped she relaxed hugged me back and whisperedIm sorry Ashley, Im really sorry, its - I cut her sentence off.Just shush Chrissie, just be quiet, I demanded. She whimpered in my harness and was still shaking. She whispered Im sorry again.* * *I lay her in bed, sitting beside her, stroking her silky blonde hair.Sweetie its three in the morning, you have school tomorrow, I want you to go to sleep, and no matter what dont wake up. Okay ? I assured her.Ill try she replied back. I smiled at her and switched her light off. I crept out of the room, trying my best not to distract her.Slowly, I made my way to my room and let myself join to the floor and word. This was the second time it had happened. I had been through a lot of things but nothing had effected me this much. I didnt know what it was, but it hurt me so much and I dont think I could take it anymore.Gradually, I got back up and gazed around at the state of my room. It was 0318a.m at that place was roughly five hours to get ready. Too much time. I lay in bed wondering if perhaps I should ask for help. Theyd probably... ...floor. My eyes watched the little girl lay deadlocked on the floor.Chrissie? I didnt have the strength to say mum but I did. Mum? I glared towards the motionless body that lay on the floor. Outside was a helpless little girl that meant no harm to a nyone inside was a horrifying dickens tearing her apart. Her eyes opened once more, a colour I couldnt describe, something I hadnt seen before.I love youI ran over to the paralytic body. I stroked the little girls hair. She lay in my arms and I didnt bother to check if she was alive or not. Because I knew I had lost her. Chrissie and Mum. Forever.Moderately, I stretched up and strolled to Chrissies room. I curled up into a ball on her bedroom floor. My arms were wrapped around my legs and I was shivering.Who was I to cry for? Could this have happened? But I knew one thingThey had goneThe End

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