Monday, March 18, 2019

Interview Follow Up or Thank You Letter :: Interview Follow Up Thank You Letters

Kara Kreme1234 Tennis CourtSports, CA 95616(530) manifest 1, 2001Ms. Kristi Krispy, CoordinatorThe Internship and Career CenterUniversity of SomewhereOne Chance AvenueSports, CA 95616Dear Ms. Krispy,Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position of savant adviser this afternoon, Friday, March 1, 2001. It strengthened my interest in the position and reinforced my corporate faith in my ability to excel should I be selected for the position.My experience workings with fellow Somewhere students, organizational skills, and work ethic would benefit students visit the ICY, and would allow me to grow professionally. My position as a Resident advisor in Dasher Hall provides me with outstanding training. As we discussed in todays interview, selection is a very personal issue for most students. As an RA, I am often praised for my ability to work with residents on issues that lead sensitivity. I am fortunate to balance my hale people skills with strong organizational skills.I realize that during the interview I may non have emphasized my administrative abilities as fully as I would have liked. Thanks to my summer job with LK&N, I have prolonged experience meeting deadlines, maintaining records, and generating reports. In fact, the database I am most acquainted(predicate) with is ACCESS, the program used by ICY Student Advisors. I trust that my ability to perform the job will be evident if you verbalise with Resident Director Donna Donalds, my supervisor at Somewhere Housing. To verify my administrative skills I encourage you to contact Megan Megster, Customer Records, LK&N, at (999) 454-5454. Her name is non on the Reference Sheet I left with you at the windup of the interview.In closing, I would like to restate my interest in the Student Advisor position with the Somewhere Internship and Career Center for the 2001-2002 academic year.

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