Thursday, September 26, 2019

Xedit Li Yuan polisy 24 hours services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Xedit Li Yuan polisy 24 hours services - Essay Example When it came to my passion in modeling, height turned to be a limiting factor once again, but this time in the reverse order. I didn’t meet the height requirements for the university level modeling. This couldn’t stop me from achieving my dream towards modeling, as I turned myself into a coach and a team builder. I not only successfully chased my dream but also helped others to do the same by establishing university’s first modeling association. Accomplishments value more when it serves towards ones social commitment. My neighborhood in Tianjin saw agitations from small shop owners as the government had forcefully relocated them as a part of the Olympics despite the long term contracts with their landlords and had spent ample money on shop restructuring which was not compensated. In spite of joining them in the less successful protest, I decided to use my negotiation skills developed in business environments to intervene in the issue. I discussed in detail the problems of the shop keepers which were wide and vivid ranging from location to inventory. Meanwhile, I analyzed the government’s blueprint of the new street and the time schedule for the reconstruction .Resultantly I developed a compensation plan which was approved by the shop keepers as well. This professional approach made room for discussion and finally the plan got approved. The accomplishment resulted from my innovation and I could successfully utilize my business skills into a social stage .This was counted as substantial because it attributed much towards my confidence to strive in changing scenarios of life. Successful accomplishment of my dream to establish Gravity Advisor Inc, a state of the art financial consultancy was a proof of my entrepreneurial skills. I developed the dream as I was curious about venture capital since Chinese companies started to be listed in American stock exchanges. Starting with NET 263 as CFO assistant, I was later

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