Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How Economic Status And Gender Roles Affect Domestic Violence Term Paper

How Economic Status And Gender Roles Affect Domestic Violence - Term Paper Example Violence and abuse have been impacted by these changes because of the value placed on masculinity and femininity. As the woman rises in her professional career and earns enough for her own economic independence and financial stability for the family, the more the masculinity of men are threatened. This is impacted further by the structural, contextual and symbolic meanings within the marital relationship. The direction of Studies on Domestic Violence The dynamics of socioeconomic structures have been found to impact and influence the relationship of husbands and wives as income, education, and employment are seen as indicators of economic resources. This, though, is not enough reason to lead to an abusive relationship, where the women are the victims. Masculinity is closely associated with economic stability and financial capability to lead a family life. A husband’s traditional role is to provide for his family. Without this capability, the husband is burdened with stress and pressure in finding a job that will make him capable. A man’s capabilities, then, is shown to be linked to being able to earn for their family’s provisions. Because of this incapability, the stress and pressure, husbands tend to direct their frustration and anger on their environment, which incidentally is their families. A psychological theory for this is that men tend to express their frustration as aggression towards easy targets and those that they deem supposedly less powerful than them, their women and children.

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