Monday, September 23, 2019

American History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

American History - Assignment Example Foreigners had to obey the rules; otherwise they were banned from ports. At the same time this situation created disagreements between the mother country and colonies of West Indies and North America. English men simply perceived colonies as a commodity, a valuable resource for their own prosperity and the colonists wished to pursue their own economic interests. 3. Why did England and France go to war with each other in the late 1600's and late 1700's? Sequence of wars between England and France represented their struggle for control over the American colonies. American territories gave vast economic benefits for the mother country: trade and farming was mounting there. Therefore England and France were interested in expanding their presence on American soil. All but one war (so called French and Indian War) started on the European territory and then moved to colonies. 4. Why were the Mid-Atlantic colonies so appealing to new colonists? Why did many colonists move to those colonies? The colonies of Mid-Atlantic were famous for its diversity, multiculturalism and significant economic growth. Therefore this pluralistic society attracted many new colonists; people saw more opportunities to earn money there. Immigrants from Ireland were looking for freer trade opportunities, less rent expenses and religious freedom.

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