Friday, August 23, 2019

Principles Of American Bible Society Research Paper

Principles Of American Bible Society - Research Paper Example The virtues are not values like honesty or loyalty that one recites in grade school. These virtues mentioned in Galatians are the hallmarks of maturity that one should seek when looking for a spiritual mentor. For one, the aforementioned virtues are not deliberately adopted by a person to become his personal virtue since it is the Spirit that implants these virtues within a person. Looking at the background of these verses, these virtues were listed to serves as concrete examples that contrasts the acts of the flesh such as â€Å"envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings† (Gal.5:21). It is also significant to state that â€Å"the flesh lusteth against the Spirit† (v.17). which explains that since people are made of flesh, it is natural for humans to lust for vices like wine, gossip, money, or illicit sex. But, when a person has spiritually matured, he has struggled over this vices and starts exhibiting the virtues mentioned. What makes these virtues grow? Walking in faith with God makes these virtues thrive within ourselves. Therefore, when one is a matured Christian he or she manifests the virtues in his way of life. It is conclusive to say then that a Christian who has attained spiritual maturity will reflect these virtues in his daily affairs whether it be at work, or at leisure time. Among the virtues that were listed as fruits of the Spirit, I chose love, joy, and peace. I consider them as hallmarks of maturity since they are the basic foundation of all virtues yet they are the hardest to cultivate when one does not walk in God’s word. The first virtue is love which is known as â€Å"agape† in Greek. This love2 is as â€Å"agape† refers to brotherly love that should exhibit mercy and benevolence.

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