Sunday, August 25, 2019

Persuading My parents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Persuading My parents - Essay Example I made my parents believe that they could respect and trust me. The central point in using ethos was to make my parents that I was worth listening to, that I could understand life. I made them understand that I had the same reasoning as they did. Additionally, I used Pathos to persuade to my parent’s emotions. The language I chose to address my parents, and the diction appealed to their emotions to let me have the freedom I felt I deserved. I made them become empathetic of my situation, thus helping them grant me the freedom to do as permitted by my age. I used emotional appeal (pathos) of my parents by appreciating the love and support they had shown me throughout my life. I told them that they were the most important people in my life. I could never have a better care. I added that I thanked God for the wonderful parents He enabled me to have. I said it was my sincere hope and daily wish that I would be able to inch close to the superior support parenting they had shown me to their grandchildren. It is their splendid upbringing that I cited to be the foundation of the strides I had so far made in my life. While appealing to my credibility, ethos, I made them aware that I had just turned 21 years. I did not claim to be too big for their care. I told them that I knew and would always acknowledge the significant role they held in my life. I told them that they would forever be the anchor upon which my life would be secured (The English Club, 2009). I, however, requested that thy grant me a little more freedom than I got at that time. As far as I knew, the seemingly over-protection they were showing me was because of their sincere love for me. I told them I understood that they did not wish that any ugly incident would happen to me. However, at that juncture, I wished to confirm to them that I would not get into much trouble if a little more freedom would be granted by staying away from trouble as much as I have always

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