Saturday, August 10, 2019

Organisational Change Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 8

Organisational Change Management - Essay Example These are the challenges that the organisation face when they do not plan their change program (Flamholtz, and Randle, 2008). Generally it has been noticed that the flawed decisions of the management are responsible for creation of such barriers. However, in case of this study, the change process would be viewed from the perspective of 5D AI method. The AI method comprises of 5D, namely, 1) Define, 2) Discover, 3) Dream, 4) Design, and 5) Deliver. However, before discussing the case study of D2, the basis of AI model has to be understood, so that the readers can understand how this model would be useful in meeting the objectives of the study. The model of AI is based on the hypothesis that the question that is generally asked by someone, focus towards a particular direction (Armenakis, and Harris, 2009). Other methods evaluate and assess the situation and propose solutions on the basis of the deficiency model. Generally it has been noticed that changes and other prerequisites related to changes are seen as a challenge in the deficiency model, while AI model consider it as a deficiency and it takes an alternative approach (Bauer, 2011; Barry, 1997). Through this process change becomes easy and all the members in the organisation gets motivated and also understand the importance of change and value that it might add. Appreciative Inquiry AI approach in change management is different from simple problem solving method. Problem solving begins with the identification of the problem, while this model begins with appreciation, and identifying the best things in the system. Problem solving analysis the cause of the problem, which AI envisions what should have been the cases, which reveals a positive attitude again.... This essay stresses that challenges are faced during unplanned as well as planned change. It is a wrong notion that leaders do not face challenge if they go for plan change in their organisation. Firstly, resistance from employees even before the change process is implemented is a major challenge in both cases. Even in D2 the leaders will face the resistance when they will disclose their decisions to the employees. The leaders in the organisation have a critical role to play in this situation, as they need to prepare the people of D2 UK plant for the change. In case of unplanned change, the leaders do not have a step wise strategy to deliver the change process. To some extent the change decisions of D2 is an example of an unplanned change. This paper makes a conclusion that during the change process leaders will faces complex situations, where they might face hindrance. For example the employees at France or Spain might resist accepting employees from UK plant, and work with them. If the company plans to relocate the employees then they need to be provided the due facilities to those human resource too, which the company should consider in to their relocation cost. Teams in UK plant of D2 can take up responsibility to identify solution for different issues. Employees in the plant can even come up with excellent ideas to revive the plant at UK, rather than relocating, without increasing the cost further. This might drive the management to change their decision of closing the UK plant.

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