Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Analysis of the movie The Help Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Analysis of the movie The Help - Essay Example She uses their experiences in writing a book that highlights the struggles of the civil rights era. The book is from the view of the two house helps. It exposes the racism that they encounter in their daily working life. The book covers the existing relationships between the white employers, and their black house helps. This is especially considering that the black maids raise the children of their white employers. These children tend to have prejudiced attitudes towards their parents when they become adults. The daily interactions between the maids and their white employers reveal the various intercultural communication concepts and behavior between two different races with different cultural backgrounds. Institutional Collectivism is the first concept that is evident in the film. It is an intercultural concept in which the practices or the norms of a particular culture encourage and reward collective action (Jandt 201). Cultures with institutional collectivism have certain characteristics. Such a culture, for example, has its members assuming and believing that they are highly interdependent within the social organization. Group loyalty is highly encouraged even if it is against the pursuit of individual goals. The concept of Institutional Collectivism tends to maximize the interests of the social grouping and the collective as a whole. The concept allows for organizational collaboration and cooperation in achieving collective goals. The concept is seen in the film because they are certain groups advocating for the cooperation and collaboration of social groupings. They advocate for the achievement of social and economic gains of the group. For example, the white women led by Hilly hold regular meetings in which their collective interests are discussed. Moreover, they plan how to accomplish and achieve their interest. This group is known as the Bridge Club. During one of their regular

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