Sunday, July 28, 2019

Applying for Entrance at Oxford University Essay

Applying for Entrance at Oxford University - Essay Example Relative to the foregoing, I have had the pleasure of giving Mr., Zhigzhitov academic instructions pertinent to the Comparable Politics Course while studying in the Political Department of Moscow State University; where he constantly deferred to me for scientific consultations on different problems. Moreover, he passed all his examinations within the given curriculum and attained no grade mark lower than A. Sergey has also been recognized by the University for his achievements since he received a gold medal and red diploma that was awarded by Viktor Sadovnichiy - rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University (only distinguished students are awarded a medal by the rector). Aside from his impeccable academic achievements, Sergey’s extracurricular activities also put him ahead of his peers. In this arena, he was recognized for actively participating in the â€Å"Electoral Processes and Social Cleavages in Regions of Russia† – a project that was organized by A. Ahremenko, a Doctor of Political Science and a political specialist analyst in Russia. In addition, he made a remarkable accomplishment by winning the first prize in a nationwide scientific competition, which was organized by both Moscow State University and the Fund of Perspective Researchers â€Å"Bastion†. Again Sergey’s scientific intellect manifested itself through the ten (10) scientific published works he has done in specialized editions which are considered quite a feat for a student. Having confidence in Sergey Zhigzhitov’s intellectual capabilities, the Political Science Department of Moscow State University allowed him to engage in practical teaching activities. H

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