Friday, June 14, 2019

Obamas Need for Help Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Obamas Need for Help - Essay ExampleTo superintend the presentation, after the 3 views are presented, a synthesis forget be presented for Obama, since this form is consistent with what he ought to be doing for the United States.From the thoughts of the philosophers, gathering the possible solutions on the part of the professorship shall then be formulated to assume the different procedures of creating the most efficient approaches to meeting the needs of the government and the present American society. Considerably, through this process, the attention indispensable for the different aspects of the government of Obama could be provided which is highly assisted through the idealisms of the most known thinkers of the history of the human civilization.With the Global Crisis in place, the magic question is, How should Obama handle the economic and monetary policies of the United States so that a good number may pursue the full measure of their happiness How can Obama show that his g overnment activity will be much, much different from previous administrations There are the essential questions for the discussion.Everything begins with an idea. For every idea in that exists in the populace of ideas, there exists a counterpart in the world of objects (Plato, Internet). If wealth in the real world is disappearing and more people are losing money each day, might we non consider that the root cause of everything is in the world of ideas How Americans are thinking of poverty and lack. This mentality is damaging since once this evil is born in the world of ideas, it will take form in the world of matter. In our case, evil is the current financial crisis. Taking all these things together, people ought to create money in their mind (Plato, Internet).. By first doing it, it will be possible for the creation of money and prosperity by people mindful to work and trade.Martin Luther on the US EconomyFirst of all, we should acknowledge the hand of God in our current crisis, and it is only just to say that it is the punishment of the Just God to an unjust land (Luther Internet). On the economy, it has been practiced of old to tax the subjects and people in order to fund wars. The root of all these problems is the unjust tax structure, and the unjustified use of credit. This get by of money has rooted in the Institutions of the United States that unless it will repent of her sins, no hope can be offered.John Locke on the US EconomyThe acres should intervene in the crisis. After all, the people has entrusted their will to the government in a social contract. However, it is questionable whether the government should take so drastic things same(p) nationalization of bankrupt companies (STCG Internet). This shall only give undue burden to people because taxpayers money shall be used.Obamas Synthesis of the Three Advices on the EconomyFor Obama, it was indeed the shift of the irresponsibility of some that the United States is in real trouble. The propos als by Locke and Luther are good and pro-people. This should be done, but this will be hard. Only time will tell if this could be implemented, but for a start, cutting costs like pulling out of Iraq is the least that this government could do.For Plato, it seems that he wanted Ron Paul to win. mantic Paul is really right, this cannot be implemented

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