Monday, May 6, 2019

Psychology assignment-Work for Pay and Work at Home Essay

Psychology assignment-Work for Pay and Work at Home - Essay Exampleon, feeding child, etc) I am the one who has gotten our son into after trail daycare, and I take the lead when it comes to our son and his schooldays and childcare.Who is responsible for keeping track of social responsibilities and engagements (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) I keep track of all the important dates, the likes of anniversaries and birthdays. John has trouble remembering dates.Do you rely on hired help for any of the star sign chores mentioned (nanny, housekeeper, etc) If we could afford it, Id love to hire a housekeeper, but since we cant, we dont rely on anyone else. As I said, I do most of the chores in the category.What ad justments, if any, did you make regarding these tasks when you became parents I have taken on the caretaker role, so my workload doubled when I became a mother. Not precisely do I feel responsible for the chores, but also when our son was born, I became the primary caregiver f or him.What seems to work best about this arrangement and does it work well This arrangement works only because I keep everything in order. I think if I didnt, the family would fall apart with disorganization and couldnt component part properly.On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 world very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied, how would you rate your level of satisfaction with these arrangements I would rate this arrangement as a 4 because I feel overworked and stressed.What arrangements have you and your partner made for household repairs (plumbing, painting, etc) I do all the household repairs. I can fix just about anything and Im not going to represent a plumber or someone else to do the work when I can do it just as well as they can.What arrangements have you and your partner made for childcare (supervision, feeding child, etc) Our son is school aged, and then goes to a community daycare after school. Jane takes care of all of that kind of thing.If your child is downhearted and unable to attend daycare or school, who

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