Sunday, May 12, 2019

Catering as a Stand-Alone Business Research Proposal

supply as a Stand-Alone task - Research Proposal ExampleIn starting up a business, there is always the withdraw to get to carry out a very(prenominal) comprehensive inquiry on the various industries. Indeed, it is the research that may help in coming up with the best filling from the array of options that may be at stake. Once on settles on a specific industry, they still have to dig thick on the various tricks and crucial steps to making it in the industry. After an analysis of the available avenues for the choice of business, this is an already established, though small, catering company. In carrying out the research, the analysis of the trends in the industry will be taken into consideration. This will come in terms of the positioning of the company within the market, its key rivals and the executable areas that seem of great threat to the company. This will also help in the formulation of the best strategies by the company so that it may raise its market share. The chosen business is in the catering industry.Catering as a process, is defined as the provision of beverages and foragestuffs for events. As a business, it deals with the provision of food function from and at various locations (Jacob 2013, 7). Unlike hotels, catering services are mobile hence, the advantage over hotels in the food industry. The catering process comes in many forms (The Mirror 2011, 9). For the mobile catering, the food is mainly served from vehicles, trucks or carts that are designed for serving food. Catering comes in a full range of events, such as business meetings, exhibitions, conferences, weddings, special events and other social occasions.The caterers, as well as their staff, form a very crucial part of the foodservice industry. The services provided are dependent on the event. These include cooking and delivery of food to s remote location, cooking, food delivery, and service, or a full range of the service.

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