Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Inequality undermines democracy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

In partakeity undermines democracy - Assignment Exampleality provokes a generalized offense that finds can where it can-immigrants, contradictory countries, American elites, government in all forms-and it rewards demagogues while discrediting reformers. I find this to be the key fourth dimension because it encapsulated the ultimate danger that dissimilitude can bring which is anger that begets hatred.The anger that begets hatred wrought by inequality as enunciated in those blames to target where it can is not only in peculiar in the US but also in other countries and culture. In fact, these effects of anger wrought inequality are universal. What will change is the target but it will always find a target to vent that anger and hatred. Notice in countries, societies and cultures where there is so much anger, hatred, animosity, murder and other forms of invasion they have one common denominator which is inequality. Inequality which breeds poverty as Parker explained in his othe r sentence creates a lopsided economy.This inequality that breeds anger and hatred undermines democracy which explains why Parker ended his article with the sentence Inequality undermines democracy. He used the operating word undermining to illustrate that inequality is incompatible with democracy. Democracy, which provides an equal opportunity for all cannot thrive in an environment where equal opportunity cannot be had due to inequality. It cannot also thrive in any country or society where there is so much anger due to inequality because such anger would also target democracy

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