Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Can Technology Replace Teachers Essay Example for Free

Can Technology Replace T severallyers examineTV, computers have fully integrated into urban life in many spheres like education, entertainment, and commerce, and therefore, some mountain consider that the technology such as multimedia teaching would replace teachers in class. I would reckon this does not sound very convincing beca utilise the superiority of the teachers are obvious. The first and most apparent favor that face-to-face conversation is a vital ability for the environment of the social working is clear.Teachers give students educational activity to have a good grasp to work in the team or respect each other. It is possible for one to have a video communication with teacher to achieve that, however, the meaning of often of what we say depends on our body language and tone of voice which can not be communicate by the computers. The interaction between teachers arid students is the core of teaching process. Additionally, it is generally thought that multimedia ever so connects with Internet which is a double-edged sword.The Internet with innumerable news sources about curriculum let us make the paradox of choice. For instance, we downland a mass of materials for TOEFL tests but do not know which one to start. Teachers forge significant roles to guide our study, and they can tell us where we begin with, what we should do, and which reference we should choose, hence their proposal forever and a day make a huge difference especially in a brand new discipline. As a facilitator ,teacher can make us learn efficiency.Whats more, students,with low self-control, also easier to indulge in spoilt or rather faulty information and act on it. Teachers also play significant roles in supervising students. In conclusion, the computer has been widely used in class,it cannot replace the role of teachers who impersonated an essential character reference of modern education. Nevertheless,multimedia teaching facilitates our education like PPT teaching whic h can avoid the chalk dust. Teachers can use this trait to mend and consummate our education.

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