Saturday, March 16, 2019

Should Science be Boundless? Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Papers

Should Science be Boundless? bet a world with no limits or boundaries. Would life be disorderly and outrageously out of subordination or would volume know how to control themselves? The human race has proved to us several times for a necessity to have rules to live by and guidelines to follow. Each day people ar pressing to go beyond the boundaries, which limit their actions. One of the exceed examples be scientific people who are driven to make discoveries for each one day, month or year. Some scientists are driven with ambition and elbow grease to go beyond the limits. We consume our government to control these scientists. In bloody shame Shellys Frankenstein, we see an example of how a scientist, who was not given any restrictions, created a monster and was fearful of his own invention. In the article Biotech snow playing Ecological Roulette with Mother Natures Designs, Jeremy Rifkin presents reasons why many scientists need to be given boundaries. Even hundreds of yea rs ago people were toying with the ideas of recreating matter. In bloody shame Shellys book Frankenstein she creates a character named Victor Frankenstein. Although the story is fictional, Mary Shelley presents a realistic image of one mans idea to create an inanimate object. Back in the 1800s the story was fictional, and was filled with scientific inquires which seemed at that time, about impossible for a human to accomplish. Today people are fashioning their dreams a reality by having the freedom to experiment and discover whatever they want. The problem scientists could face is being unable to control the results of their discoveries. Just analogous the story of Frankenstein, scientists are driven to discover the what if questions. For example in our society, scientists are driven to d... ...turn, more chemicals sprayed on food, effects the consumer who buys the fruit or vegetables. These are the reasons why our scientists are genetically engineering plant life. We live in a world where scientific discoveries are surfacing each day.We need to accept the discoveries and support the ones which were not successful. Scientists need to be given some sort of restrictions in regards to everything in life, which would be a necessity for an case-by-case to live. Naturally the world of science means a world of specialty and adventures. Our government needs to step in and control the scientists actions. Works CitedRifkin, Jeremy. Biotech Century Playing Ecological Roulette with Mother Nature. The Presence of Others. Ed. Bedford. St. Martins 2000 244-253Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein The Presence of Others. Ed. Bedford. St. Martins 2000 231-235

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