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Compare Windows And Linux Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

Comp ar Windows And Linux operate Systems Computer Science EssayAn operate(a) dust is softw be that lets the substance ab substance abuser interface with the calculating machine and likewise manages topic of acts. solely closely number of PCs has built in operate governance inst bothed. Operating remainss created to take control of the operations of applications such as email programs, raillery processors and web browsers. Straight after the computer is switched on the direct dust needs to be wonky into the RAM before any diametrical program give the sack be run. Operating organization is automatically loaded into RAM as soon as the PC turns on which is garner by the boot strap loader which is stored in the PCs ROM chip. all(prenominal) the Operating systems perform basic functions such asManaging re openings These applications coordinate all of the PCs resources which include keyboard, printer, monitor, mouse, storage devices and memory. Operating system ma nages to perform a wedge structure on the computers hard drive where the data can be saved or retrieved. When a particular data is saved, the Operating system saves the data and attaches a name to the data and remembers where the data was saved for any future use. File system is the way the Operating systems organizes the information into files. intimately all the Operating systems use hierarchical file system which organizes the files into folders on a lower floor a tree structure which makes it easy for the user to get the data.Providing a user interface -.Users interact with programs and hardwargon trough user interface. Most of the Operating systems provide the GUI which is in writing(p) user interface where graphic objects or icons are used to represent commonly used features. caterpillar tread applications -These are the programs which load and run applications such as spread sheets and reciprocation processors. Al to the highest degree all the run systems support multit asking where oftentimes than one application can be run at the same time. When a user is requesting the application to be open the run system locates the program and dozens it into the RAM. If much than programs are loaded the operational system must allocate the computer resources.Support for built in utility programs -The direct system uses the utility program to identify problems, repair damaged files, locate missed files and back up data. This makes the easy for the user as the operating system does the hard work by solving the problem where the user just has to wait for the result.Control to the computer hardware -The operating system is in the middle of the programs and the BIOS. Bios controls the hardware, just all programs that need hardware resources has to go with the operating system. Operating system can access the hardware done BIOS.Task 2 B M1Report that comparisons the features and functions of two unalike operating systems by reviewing the features and functions and present a comparison of the two summarising their respective strengths and weaknesses in context.I am going to compare windows and Linux operating systems.IntroductionWindows -It is an operating system software and GUI produced by Microsoft. Microsoft released their first windows operating system in 1985 as an add-on to MS- make in response to the growing popularity of the vivid user interfaces. Windows dominated the Personal computers nigh the world when it came out in the market which overtook macOS which was launched in 1984. By October 2009 windows had roughly 91% of the market allocate of the lymph node operating systems for the use on the internet. The in vogue(p) release client version of windows is windows 7, the latest release horde version is Server 2008R2 and the latest release of mobile operating system is windows phone 7.Linux Linux refers to the family of Unix-like PC Operating system using Linux kernel. Linux can be installed in number of differ ent computers and video game consoles, to mainframes and supercomputers. Linux is the top server operating system, accounting for more than 50% of installations and runs on the fastest top 10 supercomputers in the world. employ Linux in desktops has increased in recent years. The name Linux comes from Linux kernel, created in 1991 by Linux Trovalds.Comparison of the two operating systemsOut of these two operating systems windows is the most famous OS, whereas Linux is the most famous OS that is unaffectionate. The two OS postulate against separately other for user-base in the PC market as nearly as the server market, which are as well as used in schools, line of business offices, intranet and internet servers, homes, government offices, supercomputers, and embedded systems. Windows are top in the personalized computer and desktop markets with approximately 90% of the desktop market share, and accounted for about 66% of all servers sold in the year 2007. In the server market share windows received 36.3% and Linux received 12.7%. By November 2007, Linux OS spoted 85% of the worlds powerful supercomputers where compared to windows 1.4%.Linux and windows are different in the represent, versatility and stability with each looking to get best in their superficial weak areas. Normally, about major areas of superficial weakness usually cited vex included the poor people out-of-box usability of the Linux desktop for the mass-market and vulnerability to malware windows. Both are areas of fast development in both sides. Linux is non a complete operating system when you compare it to Windows operating environment. Linux doesnt have built-in GUI interface. Users are free to use the former windows graphic user interface with Linux where each provides a different look and feel.FunctionsWindows ecstasys much easier user interface called graphic interface conflicting Linux, where it only has one GUI for users to rent from. These particulars in some cases cou ld make the using of the OS much easier as the user can choose what they are comfortable with. One of the advantages of Linux is that it comes from multiple choices of GUIs so that it can religious service provide an easy starting ground for either windows or Mac users. Both windows and Linux allow hardware to successfully communicate with the software in similar way. But however the Linux has some compatibility problems which can cause bother when trying to install hardware drivers. Whereas the being one of the top OS in the world are finding that hardware drivers is a further over.SecurityWindows are more infective to a virus hence Linux as windows is the most attacked OS in the world. And most the viruses arent even congenial with Linux hence making Linux inherently safer.Performance The performance reduces massively in windows simply because windows takes to much power irrelevant Linux which doesnt use much power to work, which means that thither is much more power availa ble to be used for the user of Linux which makes the performance faster.Stability Because of the work all rough the world by the millions of users of Linux which have full and free access to the source regulation where they are trying to make Linux more stable hostile the few 100,000 windows techs with a licence to modify the windows source code. Also the fact that the Linux OS has more consistent fileling system and Linux as well as dont use much processor power to run which automatically makes the Linux OS a more stable OS.Cost You have to pay for all the Windows operating systems unlike the Linux operating systems which are free and full access. You can also download the Linux software for free unlike the windows operating system where you have to pay.Usability -Windows operating systems are one of the easiest operating system to use because of the lack of things you can do with it along with legal problems. Windows is also more spread operating system then Linux so it has the better hand when it comes to personal computing. Linux is also easy but the users arent confident enough so are not willing to use the free Linux OS.Conclusion- After researching about these two operating systems along with the points that i have do I believe that Linux is the better operating system then windows with better benefit, However as far-off as the hardware is concerned windows doesnt have the skill to work on the Power PC processors, unlike Linux. Linux would be one of the growing operating systems in the world which would be the main rivals of windows in the future.Here is a Comparison tableLinuxWindowsPriceMost of the Linux operating systems are free and lower costing then windows.Windows operating systems can be bought around the price of $50 to $150 per each licence copy.EaseLinux has massively improved in their usability but windows are much easier for new computer users.Microsoft have made lots of changes and have made it much more easier to use the operating system, but it palliate might not be the easiest software to use but is definitely easier than Linux.ReliabilityMost of the Linux systems areEspecially reliable and can run for moths and years without having to reboot it.Windows has made some fabulous improvements to their Reliability in their last versions of windows but its still not better than Linux.SoftwareLinux does have number of software, utilities and games available but it cant compare to the large follow of software windows has.Because there are more people using windows around the world there are more software, utilities and games available in windows.Software CostMany of the software, utilities and games are freeware or open source. Most of them are free and some of them cost really less then compared to windows.Windows also has software, utilities and games for free but mass of the programs will cost around $20 to $200.HardwareLinux and hardware manufactures have made great improvements for Linux and will support m ost hardware devices, whoever there are many different companies that still do not offer drivers for their hardware.Windows has much more support from the hardware manufactures for windows hardware devices because of the large amount of windows users.SecurityLinux always has been safe and secure but it can also be attacked but when you compare it to windows Linux is much safer.Although windows has made vast improvements to their security measure but still continues to be venerable to the viruses.SupportLinux has large amounts of care online or books around the world to help any user.Same with windows also has large amount of help to their users with books, documentation guides help centre etc.http// Torvalds, et al.MicrosoftFirst public release19921993PredecessorUnixg 2, Minix g 3MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows 3.xLatest stable versionLinux kernel GNU C Library 2.11Windows 7 (NT 6.1.7600)Latest re lease date20102009Cost/ approachabilityFreeHome Basic (Retail) $99.95, Home Premium (Retail) $119.95, Business (Retail) $299.95, last (Retail) $300.951Preferred licenceGNU GPL, GNU LGPL and other licensesProprietary lay system suitComparison of Linux distributionsWorkstation, Personal computer, Media center, Tablet PC, Embedded systemComputer architectures supportedx86, x86-64, PPC, SPARC, Alpha, othersx86, x86-64, IA-64File systems supportedext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF, NFS, and othersNTFS, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF 3rd-party drivers support ext2, ext3, reiserfst 8, and HFSKernel typeMonolithic with modulesHybridSource lines of code 9 million (Kernel) lines of code for userland applications vary depending on the distribution45 millionGUI disregard is onNoYesPackage vigilanceMSI, custom installersUpdate managementWindows UpdateNative APIsPOSIXWin32, NT APINon-native APIs supported through subsystemsUNIX, Mono, Java, Win16, Win32DOS API, Win16 (only in 32-bit versions ), POSIX, .NET

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