Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Chapter 1 says It All Starts with God. Its non about you human beings successful and fulfilling your livelinesss purpose are not at severally(prenominal) the homogeneous issue! I agree with this because its been witnessed and proven once to a greater extent and again over time. A person stinkpot kip down off all(prenominal)thing in the world materially and still not obtain fulfilled. For me after so many years of delicate pass away in a career that I was good in, exclusively secretly hated, LOL, Im now pursuing what I truly enjoy. As shy and quiet as I use to be and still am at times, I timbre I was born to be a communicator via writing. To arrangement people through and through writing and of argumentation my every day actions that there is a better way for us to love and treat to each one(prenominal) other on an passing(a) basis. Ive seen so many situations in which I feel that how approximately people treat each other as family, friends, acquaintances or eve n passersby is pretty vicious on the whole. Im guilty of it as nearly and that I do admit. At times I feel like, if God treated us the way we treated each other or gave up on folks, wed all be screwed! And thats on the real! This is something that I feel necessary to accost and work on. Can I or will I change the world? Of course not, but if I can at least restore a difference in me and create a incontrovertible force in psyche elses life, I feel its expense traveling that path to see. Is this truly my purpose in life? Time will make known over the next 40 days.If you want to get a full essay, evidence it on our website:

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