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photo 1.1 The fort obtain The nuance of the King Francisco, Bernardo, Marcellus Horatio -All cardinal of them are stand guard at the castle. -They suddenly witness the haunt of the belated King settlement. -After Horatio tries to speak to the shadowiness, it leaves without replying to him. -The four see that critical point would be able to speak with the ghost. Scene 1.2The Castle Court ¬King, pouffe, Laertes crossroads Bernardo, Marcellus, Horatio -Laertes discriminates the King and Queen that he is release Denmark to work on a treaty in France. Laertes exits. -Hamlet strongly expresses his disappointment in his mothers hasty unification to his Uncle. -Hamlet compares his Uncle to his laminitis as Hamlet is to Hercules. -Bernardo, Marcellus, and Horatio stockpile in and tell Hamlet of his fathers ghost. -Hamlet says he will go with them and try to speak to the ghost. -Hamlet say that he suspects the death of his father involved foul pla y. My fathers spirit is up in outgrowth! All is not well. Scene 1.3Poloniuss Chambers Laertes, Ophelia Polonius -Laertes warns Ophelia rough falling in love with Hamlet. -Ophelia tells him she will stay on it in mind, but he can take his scram advice. -Polonius walks in and gives Laertes life lessons before Leartes leaves for france. -Leartes exits. -Polonius tells Ophelia not to fall for Hamlets display of affection. -Ophelia says she will obey. Scene 1.4 The Castle Guard The Ghost of the King Marcellus, Bernardo Hamlet, Horatio -All of them see the Ghost. -Hamlet tries to speak with it. -The Ghost motions for Hamlet to follow him. -Hamlet follows against his booster shots advice. -Horatio and Marcellus follow them also. Scene 1.5The Castle Guard The Ghost of King Hamlet Horatio, Marcellus -The ghost speaks for the first of time. -The ghost tells Hamlet that he did not go past in battle, but rather that his brother (Hamlets Uncle, the K ing) slay him. The ophidian that did stin! g thy fathers life now wears his crown....If you want to desex a full essay, order it on our website:

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