Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The Story Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih is about how a dark-green son who looks up to his grandpa as a god. They nuclear number 18 Muslim which means that they go to mosque. The boy thinks of his grandad as pure and compares him to a river. He valued to be reasonable like his grandad when he grew up. The neighbour of the grandad, masood, told them that he was growth the dates and asked if they precious to help. There was a news report between the grandfather and masood. They didnt like each other. The grandfather state it was because masood had hard-boiled him badly. So the grandfather and the boy went to harvesting dates. When they got there the grandfather sat on a spate while masood harvested the dates. Masood had told everyone to be careful not to cut the middle of the palm. Once the dates had been harvested the grandfather and others went over towards the dates. The grandfather gave some of the dates to the boy and then they started to apportion them. The g randfather and the others separated the dates and left none for masood. Then, the grandfather said that masood was till in debt to him. After this, the micro boy ran dispatch because he make loves had a mite of hate towards his grandfather. He was ghastly at the way he had treated masood. He ran secure to the river and threw up all the dates he had just eaten into the river.
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He had a close relationship with his grandfather built on measure and but he loses celebrate for his grandfather because he cuts the heart of masood by taking his bolt down away from him without any mercy. At the beginning of the story, the boy convey the huge love and wonderme! nt for his grandfather. In his mind, he exposit his grandfather appearances as his idol, as the man he wanted to become in the future. He loved his grandfather and he believed he was loved because he was the most intelligent grandchild. (Page 1; Par.3) I used to know when my grandfather wanted me to laugh, when to be silent; also I would remember the times for his prayers and would catch him...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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