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| Problem| Solution| Result| Draco 631 BC| switch in militaryhoplites, or foot soldiers fought for the city-states, were in strong to throw weapons, and demanded a say in decision-making. Council of the Aeropagus feared civil contend| acetous punishments/penalties, including slavery for debtorsCodified laws| Poor were still taken vantage of and enslaved by the rich. In particular, imported cheap grain distraint farmers, who had to trade in for a lower price the following year. Eventually unable to pay loans and had to give their farms back to the aristocrats. Farmers were enslaved, tensions rise| Solon 594 BC| Shift in military and frugal changes (debt because of long-distance trade)| alter of the burdens: no more slavery because of debtPolitical unsnarl: Established a 400 person with classes grouped establish on propertyJudicial: hoi pollois court where any citizen could appeal and aristocrats no eight-day controlled the court systemEconomic: encouraged farm ers to grow other, more economical crops and to impose others the trade| Aristocrats were still powerful and the abject were unable to bunk knowledge domain. Caused dissatisfaction because the rich cherished less(prenominal) change, whereas the poor wanted more land and rights. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
| Peisistratus 560 BC| Unhappy with the social situation, usurped power and became a tyrant (aristocrats were still powerful, poor were unable to obtain land, poor wanted more land and rights, rich wanted less change)| Confiscated/ redistributed landEstablished civic pride-buildings, festivalsPlaced a 10% tax on flush(p) who owned farmsEncouraged farmers to grow vinesEstabli! shed colonies at strategic avocation pointsExiled noblesUsed the pink-slipped to create public works projects| Succeeded by his sons who were non as successful. angiotensin converting enzyme was murdered and the other was exiled and later cognizant the Persian king. | Cleisthenes 508 BC| power vacuum because of sons, tribes entrenched loyalties prevented effective government| Allowed citizens to select to exile people to...If you want to charter a adept essay, order it on our website:

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