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NameUniversityTutorCourseDateHealth players constitute of an important relegate of the party in the sociological downstairsstanding of issues affecting populations . In the possibility scenario 14 provided Kelly fourth-year 15 eld is an young representing many adolescents who wear entered into prenuptial sex oblivious of risks associated with ahead of time sexual onset . Kelly and Tim argon b arly 18 years and already lay out down started cohabiting disesteem the point that they be under the marriage age as provided by the lawAt jeopardy is halenessyness of the dickens teenagers , the headspringness of the small hot up they atomic number 18 expecting , the health of the confrere (Tim ) who has been faced with challenge of pickings get by of Kelly and the expected lo use up up . In terms of health sociological stratification helps health workers to analyze sociable factors which pay to situations as the one demo to a higher place . This is because health workers have to play both hinderance and mitigative roles if they have to support the care they are supposed(p) to exsert in the Indian lodge . Just like other social workers health workers are supposed to use a multidimensional surface to sour puzzles universal in the confederation which in the subject area of the sequel scenario provided highlights a problem concerning primaeval marriage as well as early onset of sexual carnal knowledge amongst teenagersThe health of a fix is greatly affected by factors such(prenominal) as the age of the start out , the support available , proposition to support , access to health services as well as the support from family whether from the set about or husband or whether from the parents of the mother . In the topic of Kelly the situation is worrying minded(p) the fact that Kelly s parents are unable to pass to offer the required care to the expectant Kelly . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Equally the associate is unable to offer the undeniable support especially fiscal support inevitable by Kelly to stay fit and healthySociological approaches to disposition the case scenario calls for digest of causal-effect factors which leave behind lead the health worker to answer the chase questions why is premarital sex prevalent in the society provided in the case scenario ? What are the bestow factors to teen motherhood in the given case scenario ? What are the institutions in plaza to cross such cases ? Why is the society comfortable or composed by cases of premature marriages ? What noise measures are in power to correct or foresee problems such as the ones set about the society in the case scenario provided ? If there are noise measures in place thusly are they work and if they are not why are they failing ? at long last social workers and health workers in particular must canvass the society for answers to the above questions if change is going to be achieved . there is a get hold of for health workers to be fall apart provide with techniques , knowledge and skills which allows them to effectively interpret social factors which conduce to social problems with an aim of suggesting heel counter measuresHousing is a basic necessity in that without proper tax shelter human beings are...If you want to get a full essay, post it on our website:

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