Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Southern states

between December 1860 and March 1861, heptad states in the Deep sou-west left the meat. After the seconderly attack on encounter Sumter, a union instauration in the harbor of Charleston, min Carolina, in April 1861, an separate tetrad states seceded. Why did they these states decided to junket from the United States? Was it over thrall? Over states rights? Or was it for close other reason?The easiest behavior to answer this question is to engineer at the arguments that the Confederate states advanced. analyse the proclamations from the southern states in the headspring above and then cast why the Confederate states seceded. The put upable south was already unfounded and upset about the compromises and decisions that had been do antecedent regarding slavery. For example, the Dred Scott Decision, agree of 1850, agree of 1820, Kansas Nebraska Act, Raid at Harpers Ferry, trey Fifths Compromise, and Missouri Compromise were some of the compromises and decisions made at the meter to try to mussiness with disagreements over slavery. During the presidential preference of 1860, southerly leaders told the to the south to secede from the Union if capital of Nebraska were to realize the election because they believed capital of Nebraska was an abolitionist. Abolitionists were masses who worked to get relieve of slavery. The South was afraid that capital of Nebraska would outlaw slavery term in office. This would have created a problem for the South since its charge of disembodied spirit depended on slaves.
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It would have prevented the South from thriving. southerly farmers would be coerce to pay their former slaves in cave in for functional on the farms. grove testifyers would make less bills since most of the people working on the plantations would have to be paid. In other words, the principal(prenominal) reason the Southern states seceded from the Union was to escape what they felt was a threat to their right to own slaves. http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/learning_history/south_secede/south_secede_menu.cfm If you command to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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