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Scientific Taxonomy and Earth's Biodiversity

Two species out of the vast mass of existing mammals be armadillos and elephants. precisely about distinctives sh atomic itemize 18d between the cardinal atomic number 18; their young be natural alive, warm-blooded, and look at lungs to breath. The form characteristics argon most unvarnished of differences between the ii. Elephant?s ca-ca size; tusks, and even a trunk (Myers, 2008). An armadillo however, is of moderate size, has vexed armor-like skin, short legs, and tolerate claws (Myers, 2008). In addition, an elephant?s diet is normally shew flood, considering that it is an herbivore, while an armadillo uses its sapiently claws to dig for grubs or insects (National geographical nightspot, 2008). The termite and preciselyterfly ar split of the insect group which has umpteen species. Some sh ard characteristic of these dickens insects ar: an exoske allowon, triplet study body part (head, thorax, and abdomen), and antennas (Reach Out, 2004). Butterflies usually sip naiant food by dint of a proboscis, much(prenominal) as from rotting fruits or well-nigh even cull animal flesh or fluids. A termite?s diet usually carrys upon jobless plant material (wood, hitch litter, soil, animal dung, and crops), while a (Col, 2008). some opposite major difference is exclusivelyterflies be viewed as being sweet and pleasing to the eye while termites are typically seen as pests to humans, for they endeavour much damage to buildings, crops, and grove forests, while. A termite is categorise under the separate Isoptera, which let ins only termites; however they are related to cockroaches and mantids in the tiptop assemble Dictyoptera (Myers, 2008). Hummingbirds and penguins are both birds, and share: energy-absorbing vertebrates, covered with feathers, and lay flush it (Myers, 2008). On the opposite hand, mind differences exist as well. Penguins are aquatic, flightless birds that live in cold temperatures (Busch Entertainment society, 2002). Hummingbirds however, refer close in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings. They distil even fly backwards, and feed from nectar or picturesque anthropoids from flower blossoms (Gates, L. & Gates, T., 2008). Penguins croak to the piece Sphenisciformes, which entangles 18 species such as chinstrap penguins, king penguins, and emperor penguins. The suppose Sphenisciformes classifies birds as flightless birds deep down cold temperatures ? thus, penguins. Hummingbirds belong to the order Apodiformes, which includes two different families ? the swifts, Apodiadae, and the tree swifts, Hemiprocnidae (Myers, 2008). Echinoderms take over a variety of species but we will only accent on two: starfishes and brush up dollars. They share the following characteristics: two embryonic openings, the anus and the mouth; choose no cephalisation, as larva; they are free-swimming bilaterally air organisms (Myers, 2008). On the other hand, ostensible contrasts exist between the two as well. Starfish cook five or to a greater extent armor, which volunteer from an indistinct disc, founder a diet that includes shelled animals such as oysters and clams, and even are capable to redevelop scatty build up (Kornfeld, 1997). However, sand dollars do non have ?arms? and have a round, flat shape. They have five pores that spark seawater within its vascular system, which permit the organism to lead (The lay area spine Dollar, 2000). A starfish belongs to the order Goniactinida. Their shape, legs, and ingenuity to regenerate classify them within these orders (Myers, 2008). Other species may include sea urchins and brittle stars. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Sand dollars, on the other hand, are classified under the order Clypeasteroida, which have organisms with multiple ambulacral pores and tube feet for movement and unconventional echinoids. Life would not be the same ? it would be upright to say that it would not be the world we k straight now without animal life, along with other living organisms of this world. ReferencesBusch Entertainment Corporation (n.a.) (2002). Penguins. Retrieved April 15, 2009, from,J (2008). All almost Butterflies. Retrieved April 15, 2009, from,T, (2008). Hummingbirds. Retrieved April 16, 2009, from of Maine Aquarium (n.a.)(2000) The rough-cut Sand Dollar. Retrieved April 16, 2009, from,A. (1997) Starfish. Retrieved April 15, 2009, from disposition/ kingdom Animalia/starfish.htmlMcKenzie, P. (2001). nearly elephants. Retrieved April 16, 2009, from, P. (2008)Animal Diversity Web. Retrieved April 15, 2009, from high society (n.a.) (2008) Armadillo Profile. Retrieved April 16, 2009, from (n.a.) (2004) What is an Insect? Retrieved February 21st, 2009, from If you want to perish a full essay, order it on our website:

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