Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Determining the Properties of an Enzyme - Establish the Most Optimal Environment for a Peroxidase Enzyme

Description: A peroxidase enzyme, which was extracted from a genus Brassica compestris (turnip), is tried under respective(a) conditions in temperature, pH level, and matched inhibitor (hydroxylamine). ABSTRACT: In nightspot to regulate the properties of an enzyme, a peroxidase enzyme was extracted from a brassica compestris (turnip) and tried and true under various temperatures, pH levels, and by a war alike(p) inhibitor (hydroxylamine). The enzyme drill was measured in various ways depending on the action. Temperature effects showed the amount of activity and decided the optimum pH level. The spectrometer showed the absorbance units at 500nm and inflexible the optimum temperature. The temperatures tried where 4ºC (approximately refrigerator temperature), 23ºC (approximately room temperature), 32ºC, and 48ºC. The pH levels tested were; pH3, pH5, pH7, and pH9. The competitive inhibitor used was Hydroxylamine. These tests resulted in the ability to determine the optimal temperature: 32ºC because it ambient to body temperature. The best pH level was found to be pH5. INTRODUCTION An enzyme is a protein that serves as a catalyst, which is a chemical element that changes the regularise of a repartee without being consumed by the answer. The enzyme dramatically speeds up reactions by sullen the activation energy barrier. every(prenominal) enzyme has a unique phase line because the substratums that bond to it be all different conformations. It fits like a lock and key.
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at a time the substrate enters the active site, the enzyme fairly changes shape in erect to lock in the substrate and holds it in place. Enzymes allow organisms to defy by increasing the rate of a chemical reaction. The peroxidase enzyme catalyzes the reaction of the formation of oxygen. Various temperatures and pH levels exit be tested in order to determine the optimal environment for the peroxidase enzyme. HYPOTHESIS: Temperature: If the optimal human body temperature is 36ºC, thus the enzymes optimal... If you want to occur a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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