Thursday, November 21, 2019

PRESENTATION and PRESENTATION REPORT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

PRESENTATION and PRESENTATION REPORT - Essay Example onsideration because of its deep-rooted influence in the nation and among its people, which determines not only the personal lives of Chinese, but their business practices as well. Insofar as international staffing is concerned, this implies a great divergence in values between the home and host countries, especially in terms of language and business practices. However, on the other hand, certain cultural values also demands particular personal characteristics from potential managers. An example is the Confucian concept of filial piety, hierarchy and respect for age, which requires managers to be at least over forty in order to gain the respect of Chinese staff and local business partners. The second is China’s competitive labour market. With the surge of foreign firms expanding operations in China during the last decade, the demand for qualified local managers has increased, exceeding supply. Thus, foreign firms looking into hiring host-country nationals must compete with other companies to get the cream of the crop. For companies venturing in China for the first time, attracting qualified local managers will therefore be difficult, while retaining them will be an even greater challenge. Last is the growing number of Western-educated Chinese nationals. Labelled as â€Å"hot commodities† because of their language and cultural attributes and knowledge of Western business practices, they seem to embody the best mix of competency and culture. Given these realities, the company must therefore adopt a polycentric approach to international staffing in China such that host-country nationals must be recruited to manage the subsidiaries in their own country while parent-country nationals occupy positions at corporate headquarters due to their sensitivity to local conditions. In this respect, the following requirements must be kept in mind: Last, because of the need for managers who are both culturally-sensitive to China’s business environment and knowledgeable in

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