Thursday, October 10, 2019

Evolution of Gender Essay

The evolution of gender issues ever since man can remember, when most societies used to regard women as inferior to men. It is no secret that from the first century up to the 21st century women roles have changed with time although the change is minimal. In not long time ago, women were regarded by customary law as people who used to take up their roles as wives and matters subserviently and any deviation that a woman showed from these roles was unheard off and was considered an outcast in the society. After the world wars, education, politics, warfare, business and other form of violence were territories of men, a few women joined men in these venture. The society looked these women with amazement and wonder. Early the 1950’s and 60’s change started hitting the world especially in the Chinese environment where women became advocates of women empowerment. (Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana,2004). In the 1970’s and 80’s women started taking their roles seriously enabling them to evolve very fast. Women confronted men’s duties with a lot of courage and men started accepting the fact that women wanted to carry out the roles. Although some men gave women cruel attention but they have persevered and gone ahead with the quest for change in the roles. Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy (Tuana Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana,2004). The question about women regarded as wives and mothers who are incapable of bringing any change in the society have been brushed aside by many countries giving women top most jobs in the country. England and Pakistan have shown the way which shows that today in England and Pakistan women are almost equal to men in terms of respect and all aspects. Women are now free to take up riles which were previously considered a dominance by men. But one thing remains clear that total equality will not be achieved since it is not easy to kill the illusion that women are inferior to men (KateChopin. org. ,2008) Matters such as education, politics, warfare, business, and almost anything non-domestic were the territories of men where only a few and daring women ever ventured. However, as times changed more and more women became advocates of women empowerment. In relation to this, the writer wishes to state that the purpose of this paper is to present a work regarded as one of the pioneers in feminist literature. Women evolution is not only a core element of development in the world today but also a strong indication of strong families. Women empowerment puts wealth in the hands of women which enables these women to be able to succeed in ensuring their families are successive. The development of women in the societies is proving to be failing in some countries with backward leadership such as Zimbabwe and development will remain lagged behind. Statistics show an upward trend for change of roles of women in the society at a whole. Although change is not such effective it is felt. Statistics demonstrate that in Europe, Africa, Asia, America actually there is evolution in the way women are viewed. Although in some rural areas there are alarming number of domestic violence instances reported and they relate to ability or the demand for women to be empowered. In the late 1800 significant events occurred which changed the roles of women in the society. One of such event was first international women’s conference which was held in France in 1892 which highlighted the achievements of women and their rights. Since then women have achieved much in trying to change their lives. In the story of Silk Road of china relating to women capability of growth there has been change of women roles especially entry into the business world although some are being used into the business circles as objects. (,2008 and Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana,2004) Works Cited Chopin, Kate. â€Å"The Story of an Hour. † www. pbs. org Public Broadcasting Service. 14 Jun 2008 . Haslanger, Sally, and Nancy Tuana. â€Å"Topics in Feminism. † plato. stanford. edu 15 March 2004. Stanford University. 14 Jun 2008 . KateChopin. org, â€Å"Kate Chopin â€Å"The Story of an Hour†. † www. katechopin. org. 2008. Kate Chopin International Society. 14 Jun 2008 .

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