Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Galapagos Island in Ecuador Essay Example for Free

The Galapagos Island in Ecuador Essay Nineteen breathtaking islands stunningly situated in the Pacific Ocean comprise the Galapagos Islands. Aside from the wonderful corporeal attributes of the island, it is also well-known for its â€Å"showcase of evolution. † The island houses different species of sea animals, which were believed to have evolved due to the volcanic activities affecting marine life. In fact, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was based on his observations in the Galapagos Island. (UNESCO, 2007) Unique creatures living in the island including land iguanas, giant tortoises, seal colonies, cormorants, bats, rats, and such presents the importance of supporting advocacies to protect and preserve this world heritage site. These animals, also including penguins and other kinds of birds who frequent the island coexist for a balanced marine ecosystem. (The Galapagos Island) Overall, the island boasts of over 1,600 species of various insects, over 800 species of shells, 200 starfishes, 120 crabs, and many more worthy of efforts and support for their conservation and sustained existence. (Explore Galapagos) Animal seclusion in the island was identified to cause nonchalant behavior of animal life in the area. (The Galapagos Island) Imbalance in the existing animal life community in the island is said to be caused by human interference. Human practices that threat the harmony in the Galapagos Island dates for more than two decades ago when explorers hunted animals in the area for personal provisions. Aside from this, people who inhabit the island alter the physical environment affecting the balance in the island’s ecosystem. For instance, some foreign plants set in the area have been identified to damage the life of native plants in the island. To protect the area from further damage brought about by human actions and practices, majority of the area in the Galapagos was transformed into a National Park. Ongoing scientific investigation to sustain preservation is also conducted in the area by the Charles Darwin Station. (Galapagos Conservation) Although the government of Ecuador and other international organizations such as UNESCO are working very hard to continue the protection and preservation of the island, conditions that threaten the unspoiled nature of the Galapagos still exist. Therefore, continuous and intensified support is needed to prevent the destruction of this immaculate heritage site. Primarily, what should be worked on is the growing economy and population in the area, increasing the presence of insidious species of plant and animal life, as well as man-made products that disturb the balanced and harmonious community in the island. Funding and efficient management skills should be a primary concern of everyone involved. To air the call for protection and preservation of the Galapagos, efforts should also be made to educate all people in order to determine the significance of the diverse community existing within the Galapagos and look out for ways on how the advocacy can be supported by all means possible. References Explore Galapagos. (2008). Retrieved October 1, 2008, from Galapagos Conservation Trust.Website: http://www. gct. org/intro. html Galapagos Conservation. (2008). Retrieved October 1, 2008, from Big Five Tours Expedition. Website: http://www. galapagos. com/conservation. php The Galapagos Island. (2006). Retrieved October 1, 2008, from interKnowledge Corp. Website: http://www. geographia. com/ecuador/galislands. htm UNESCO. (2007). Galapagos Island. Retrieved October 1, 2008, from UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Website: http://whc. unesco. org/en/list/1

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