Saturday, August 3, 2019

E-commerce and the New World Order :: Internet Online Communication Essays

E-commerce and the New World Order INTRODUCTION: Imagine a town with a population of 500 people. Everyone knows each other in person, where gossip and rumors are the daily norms and where the community struggles to survive each day on basic physiological needs (water, food). There’s no form of entertainment, no technological presence, just a local pub down the street, where many people come to drink just to socialize and pass the time. The only news that is important to them is the news within the community. Now imagine the same town, a few decades later, with a growing population. This town has integrated technology into their daily lives. The town can now trade among other communities near by, while aware of the activities of the towns around them, of the country as a whole and of the news that circulates around the globe. It is this economy which greater resembles the economy in which we now live in. This economy is known as the information society, where traditional physical restrictions are now eliminated to the advantage of exploring other cultures and communities across space and time. This economy provides efficient forms of communication while enhancing the knowledge and ability of each individual in its society. In order to relate and comprehend this new economy, and to acknowledge its existence, we must first examine the changes that have taken place, and the benefits and disadvantages that are associated with it. It is by looking at each aspect that we can conclude that a new economy has formed and has impacted the ways we conduct our daily lives. ESSAY NWO: THE NEW WORLD ORDER Imagine a community in the industrial age, where mass production of goods and services are produced, where quality and originality are lost and where the creator/author loses power to control those who uses his/her information. The only news and transactions that circulates and matter within the community are those, which are local. Now imagine the same community where technological innovation has taken over, where computers are the new form of communication, where news that happen from one area of the world greatly affects other areas of the world. Where a wide variety of goods and services are now offered throughout the world, and where transactions and investment occurs at the tip of your fingers in your very own home.

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