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Report On The Management Theory And Motivation Business Essay

Report On The Management Theory And motif Business set aboutThe process of indigence is defined as that it is initiates and giving guidance to maintained desired goal oriented behavior. demand is an act ca usances to reach our inevitably and desires. In either the most important factors that lead one and only(a)nesss goals is that drive, the drive is c each(prenominal)ed as penury. It is non a single factor it is a combination of factors that helpful to peoples to accomplish their goals.Motivation starts through salubrious-built instruction and leadership guidance. It is an essential faith in wrong of worth of the human being. The validation management must ca-ca an understandable invite of the visualization of the business. The accepting key factors of the business that show a significant impact of the business of the organization and helpful to motivate the separates to achieve their desired objectives in the organizations.In order to achieve the goals motivation p lays a significant role. In fact motivation is one of the best driving factors in organizations the staff motivation played a central role in organizational achievements. In either(prenominal) organization, effective leadership can completely motivate the employees towards achieving the organizational goals. Motivation creates a positive environment to the employees at the take a leak place and make felt them comfortable in their affair and encourage them to do the hypothesise as best as they were do.Motivation is simply the reason for action and it gives purpose and coachion to the behaviors.(By Matthew Russell, 2005)Motivation in organizationsIt is not a matter the size of the company, for every(prenominal) organization hard working employees argon crucial to the success of any business. When people are getting motivated by the management of the organization, people work hard and give easily results to the company. If people loss their motivation, however its show impact on the performance of the job and as well profit of the organization. For every organization employees are big plus to the company. If only employee get motivated in the organizations by satisfying all his accepts indeed only he can do his job effectively.When people felt comfortable at the work place, then only they do their jobs well. Every employee must be cheerful with his job in the current organization.Every organization essentials to be success, but for success the company needs skilled employees in their organization. When an enter in to the organization with full of hopes and desires, if organization failed to provide such facilities and not recognizing individually the employee does not comfortable with work place and he is not perform well his job in the organization. Due to this reason the organizations conduct different motivational programs to motivate the people individually and giving direction and take the responsibility to attend all the employees.Motivation i n organizational perspectiveEvery organization must understand that people are with in the organization and they are their valuable asset than any other. Organizations have begun to recognize that employees are the key players in any business. The success or failure of any business depends on the employees involvement of the organizations. So organizations concentrated to satisfy the employees who they working in their organization.According to the Robert .H. Chapman, who is chief operating officer and chairman of Barry -Wehmiller Group, the effective employee motivation is depend on the leadership of the organization. At every take aim of organizational employee motivation is depends on the leadership of the organization. Leadership must be inspiring people at every take in the organization and direct them towards vision. According to him motivation is key to empower for every organization. Smart companies find that employees are the only true source of competitive advantage in t odays combat-ready business environment. If companies finds that employees are the most valuable assts for the business, then they must be recognize that employee motivation is the most critical factor for success of the business.So the sense of different organizations has turned to develop employee motivation and effective leadership in their organizations.The organizational success is measured by achievements and milestones as well as tactile sensation people lives. Employee satisfaction is important for every organization, and where an employee motivated by individual recognition then he satisfy with his organization as well his job.(Robert .H. Chapman, CEO Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller Group)Motivation is key element in organizationIn every successful organization employee motivation is key factor among all factors. wherefore organizations con positioningred that employee motivation played a central role in organizational success. If an employee get motivated and satisfied wi th all his desires at the work place then only he able to perform well his job in the organization. Motivation is beneficial to both employee and organizational management.Organizations recognize that flexibility in job designing and providing good compensation and extra benefits for his good performance has resulted in increasing the productivity of the organization. So many of the organizations turned to increase the employee motivation in their organizations. They find the benefits of the employee motivation.Direct towards organizational goals The motivation helps to direct the employee towards achieving the organizational goals.Always looks better ways to perform well If an employee gets motivated in the organization, he constantly looks better ways to perform well his job and wants to get recognized by the management.Increase productivity employee motivation is helps to increase the productivity of the organization.Increase creative thinking and innovation All the employees ar e not come forward to express their views and ideas due to fear and lack of recognition, by this motivational programs is helpful increase the creative thinking and innovation of the employees.En big(p) employee responsibility towards his job The employee motivation in the organization is helpful to increase the responsibility towards his job.The following above are the benefit of employee motivation tells that motivation played a central role in the organizational success. So organizations considered that employee motivation is a key element in organizational success. accounting entry to Maslow theory of motivationAccording to Abraham Maslow theory of motivation human beings are motivated by their unsatisfied needs. According to him people do things for certain things. He found that with his theory of motivation, different forms and stages of motives which they will motivate the people at different stages of their lives. According to Maslow when peoples lower level needs are satis fied the higher(prenominal) level needs would be activated. The theory of motivation presents a relationship between these human needs.Maslow described in his theory of motivation the general needs of human being.Psychological needsSafety needsBelonging/social needsEsteem needsSelf actualization needsAccording to Maslow theory of Motivation with the following general needs human beings are getting motivated. The Maslow hierarchy motivation as shown in fig 1.fig 1, Maslow hierarchy motivationPsychological needs according to Maslow psychological needs are the fundamental needs of every human being these are the mandatory needs for every individual. Those areAirWaterFoodSleepAccording to his theory the above primary needs are not satisfied then one surely will not motivate them.Safety needs after satisfying the fundamental needs the people turns their attention to safety and security side in order to avoid the threats of physical and emotional harm. The required safety needs might be f ulfilled. Those areSafety living area health insuranceJob securityFinancial reserveAccording to his theory if a individual felt threatened , he did not went further until that need has been satisfied.Social needs/belonging needs these are first level of higher level needs. If an individual has met lower level/fundamental needs, the higher level needs are awaken. Social needs are related to action with other individuals. That includeFriendshipBelonging to a groupGiving and receiving sexual loveAccording to Maslow human beings wants affection with other individuals.Esteem needsAfter individuals felt that they are belonging to some one, the degrees of importance emerges.these esteem needs are categorized as internal and external motivators.The following are the examples of esteem needs.RecognitionAttentionSocial statusAccomplishmentsSelf-respectMaslow developed his model by adding a layer between self actualization and esteem needs. They are need for aesthetics and knowledge.Self act ualization This is the search of reaching after ones satisfied probability as person.Self actualization people be liable to have motivators which includeTruthJusticeWisdomMeaningAccording to Maslow only a few peoples can reach the level of self actualization.These are the different caseful of needs for human beings. According to Maslow, when their needs satisfied at different levels then only people get motivated.(Maslow, 1943, Theory of Motivation)Criticism of Maslow theoryAccording to crowd together Caan the staff motivation is not expensive all the time. A business guru has claimed that many of the organizations are using low cost methods to motivate the employees of the organization according to James Caan employee motivation can be bolstered by just offer a free flexible time to the employees and give opportunity to them to work from home. He likewise suggests that by giving day offs for good performance and reward for management successful team is beneficial morale to the e mployees.Mr. Caan said that people want not only reward but also recognition in the current working organization. The Hendrick Health System talent director told to those reward and recognition schemes are good way to motivate the employees in the organization.When compare to the above James Cann theory with Maslow Motivational theory, as Maslow never mentioned the cost of the individual needs, its depend on their environment and way of living. According to James Caan is just providing for and flexible time can gets employee motivated, it is in the manner of Maslow theory the free and flexible time is coming under self actualization needs. Employees want wisdom at work place. As James suggested that recognition and reward are the good motivational techniques to motivate the employee at the work place, this is in terms of Maslow theory the recognition and rewards are the esteem needs of the individual.After analyzing both the theories James Cann did not mentioned some moti vational aspects as Maslow described from basic motives.(James Caan Maslow motivational theories)Introduction to hydrogen FordHenry Ford who was world known famous elevator carmobile manufacturer was born on 30 July 1863 in salutary Dearborn, Michigan. Since he was at the age of sixteen he enjoyed tinkering with machines. Later he worked for part time employee in Westinghouse Engine Company. He started the work for learning opportunities at the Michigan Car Company.In the year Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company, proclaiming that I will built a car with expectant multitude rather than a magnificence item for the prosperous. He would achieve his targets by reducing the price and increasing the work in large quantities.Henry Ford was the only person to encounter the revolution in worlds auto mobile industries.(By Marry Bellies)Mass payoffMass production is creating many products in a short period of time by using time reducing methods and techniques. It needs a manufa cturer to producing mare work per hour and to bring down cost of the labor at the end of the product. This will help to sold the product at lower cost.Earlier the extensive approvals of mass production methods that anindividual called craftsmen wasbuild a product from begin to finish. This means that he has to know all aspects of the assembly of the product, as well as the design of the individual parts. Cabinetry craftsmen, for example, will have to be capable to cut and terminate the individual pieces, piece them jointly, attach the hardware and design suchlike attractive set up such asmarquetryor inlaid work the finished piece might require.Mass production started during the period of Industrial Revolution, but it took a long time to move forward with the improvement of theassembly line, a conveyor that moved the product from one workman to another, with each individual adding their forcefulness part to the growing whole.Fig 2, the process of mass productionThe above fig 2, dia gram represents the process of mass production in the organizations.Benefits of mass productionMass production is helpful to flow of economy in several sources. The large add up of production is helps to decrease the cost of the product as well labor cost. The following are some of the benefits of mass production.Decrease customer cost and product costHigher product out put eggshell benefitsThese are two major benefits with mass production in the organizations.Disadvantages of mass productionThe following are the disadvantages of large scale production.Over worked management case-by-case tastes ignoredPersonal elementPossibility of depressionLack of adaptabilitySo the organizations found that large scale production is very difficult to swich on from one business to another.Mass production in relevance of todays businessThe concept of mass production developed by Henry Ford, at the beginning the auto mobiles are built by craftsmen, who they are assembled the finished vehicle parts t hemselves. To make any necessasary adjustments to these finished parts as they went down. While producing large poem of production many improvements are made that optimized with skilled labor only. promptly the engineering science has been mixed bagd as well production techniques and methods were changed. The current production system in the organization is completely changed when compare to the past years. Earlier production cost is too low, so organizations produced large quantity of products and sold them at reasonable price. Now the production cost is too high because no craftsmen are there to produce large number of production, everything made from technology. So its difficult to produce large number of production while using technology is organizations produce more number of products, they have to be sold at higher rates. People were not able to bye at high price its cause for loss to the manufacturer.(Henry Ford case to Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)Information Technology has changed in many ways according to our way of lives and the way we do the business operations. For the past ten years the IT made as a extreme change in our lives. When compared to the past years the computer was used for just as a type writer. During this computational business environment every one should have listen the word Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP is one of the most widely used business soft ware systems in different type of industries and organizations. It is the short form of Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is not just a soft ware it refers to ERP soft ware as well business strategies used for implement in ERP systems.The role of ERP in an EnterpriseEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is modern high end software for organizations. The information system technology has leaded the business globally. The ERP software solution seeks to integrate the processes and organizational operations and information flow in the organization. To i nteract with the resourcefulnesss of the enterprises called men, material, money and machine. Simply the ERP software systems interact with all the data of the organizations into a combined system.At the primary level the ERP software implemented in the manufacturing environment only. Now the system typically divvy up all the functions of the business like manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management, financials, decision support system, human resource and ware house management of the organizations.There are different types of ERP flavors serving with different types of procedures.(Ashwin Raj, 3, organizational involvement of ERPERP involvement in every aspect of the organization as shown in fig 3.Importance of ERP in an organizationERP software systems are developed for organizations that helpful to work in different type of modules. Information technology interacts with the number of factors in one single unit.The follo wing are the most important tools of ERP which are available in todays business.ManufacturingHuman resourceFinanceThe manufacturing, human resource and financial controlling and managing are the critical tools in business operations. This ERP system can helpful to make such operations successfully in the organizations.The use of ERP in organizationsThe implementation of ERP system in the organizations will give many benefits to the enterprise.The following are the ERP utilizes in different organizations for different modules.Management control in operation(p) control andResource planningFor the above benefits and importance of the ERP describes that ERP software systems plays a major role in the modern business.(Premal Vala, project Leader, Semaphore InfoTech pvt ltd).

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