Friday, May 10, 2019

The Enimga Machine Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Enimga Machine - Scholarship establish ExampleThe paper tells that with the evolution of science and technology the meaning and essence of warfare and combat changed a great deal. War was no more confined to conventional bloodshed and mass killings al maven, in circumstance now it encircled attacks on the ideological and intellectual fronts as strong. whodunit machine was one much(prenominal) figure that was created to outpace the competition in the field of communication and message transmission using state- of-the-art technology. Enigma machine was a consequent of the advancements and inroads made by the scientists and engineers in the field of wireless communications in the early 20th blow. This new mode of communication revolutionized the way traditional communication used to come across place. Now getting the message across to geographic regions was becoming easier and viable for commercial as well as military purposes. Enigma machine was a modern solution to the tedi ous and time consume process of encipherment. Traditionally confidential messages to be transmitted from one office or landmark to other were encrypted between the locations. Cryptography was the putting down of a message in coded form known as encoding or encryption. The process of traditional encipherment also entailed the decryption or decoding of the encrypted message sure by the receiver. The sender and receiver both used the same code book to encode and decipher the message send and received respectively. The encrypted message was always in the form of alphabets or letters that were uncomplete readable by anyone nor interpretable without following a proper and distinct procedure. The information that was hidden chthonian the code was known as plaintext and the coded or encrypted information was referred to as cipher text.2 Need is the mother of invention and it was soon realized that the time consuming process must be replaced by an efficient one to make encipherment fast er and more effective. The evolution in the mechanism started in the early 20th century

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