Saturday, March 23, 2019

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The GMO it is always a topical theme, on television, on radio, in newspapers, lots we talk about this topic so debated and even painful contrast. exclusively before expressing their own opinion and their own thinking, we must understand what it way and what be GMOs. The abbreviation GMO is the achromic of terms genetically modified organisms. This atomic number 18 non-human organisms whose genetic material has been altered by genetic engineering techniques. The foremost GMO of the modern era, was obtained from S. N. Cohen and H. Boyer that were able to clone a frog gene. GMOs are call forthd finished biotechnological wait ones. Biotechnology are techniques that exploit the properties of both plant and fleshly cells to produce new varieties of plants or animals. Biotechnology is not an invention of recent decades. only the process of fermentation of the wine, which is achieved by exploiting some bacteria, is a biotechnology process known since ancient times.In the years bet ween 1997 and 2010 the bailiwick of devour cultivated with GMOs had a huge join on, we start moved 4.2 one million million million to 365 million hectares. In fact, 10% of the planets arable land is employ for genetically modified crops. Most of these crops are located in jointure America, but it should be registered, in recent years, a rapid increase in acreage in so-called developing countries. In the regular army in the years 2009/2010, the vast majority of soy (93%), cotton (93%), edible corn (86&) and sugar beet (95%) have been grown with genetically modified varieties. entropy for 2012 published by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) show that in Europe there has been a 13% increase of cultivated area (globally, the increase was 6%).The advantages of these techniques are obvious ... ..., unfavorable ones are in my opinion the most important, as closely related to human health. Me and my family for generations we have the Sounterner who use in cultivating fruits and vegetables. This requires a lot of time, desire and care, but the results are incredible. Throught the summer and throught the winter we do not need to buy either fruit or no vegetables at the supermarket. The thing I same most is that we save a lot of money, and we know for sure what were going to eat. The only products we use against insects are all-natural products, such as wear summer we were invaded by snails. To ensure that they did not eat the plants, we found a remedy take small bowls, fill them with beer and put them near the plants. It was the low time we have used this technique but it worked For this I am absolutely opposed to any production of both plant and animal GMOs.

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