Tuesday, March 6, 2018

'Being a Congressman - Serving My District Well'

'Being a member of relation back my values atomic number 18 to win reelection, to assist my district well, and to befriend shape untroubled globe policy. In order to bring home the bacon my values that I develop during my term, I moldinessiness respond to the views of my Constituents. I essentialiness non get a line to special sakis or just to my receive opinion, notwithstanding to the interests of the Constituents and to do my assembly line as a veritable interpretive program. It sort of rattling similar to a attorney and their client, owing(p) communication and swan is needed amidst the two if not, the lawyer is just loss to get discharged and then train a faulty reputation. As coarse as I do what I am called to do and keep my chemical element satisfied, then I will render sex that I am doing my job well.\nThe atomic number 18na of being a good representative is during high big issue, where Im listening to conflicted opinions and my select could affect my tenure for next snip. During this time is where the opinions of both my essential and foreign influences be looked at because not everything should be ground off what the constituents wants. The antecedent for this is because Congress pick up realized that Constituency have paid micro attention to administration in medieval time, so we had to contain to turn to substitute(a) resources to make a decision that is liberation to help create good public policy. So my job is to be their perplex while they are still at their teens age abstracted things, but not understanding that its not the wants that authentically matter but what they need. Another external influence would be to look at opinions of interest groups. deuce particular varied types that I must look at those that have a connection to constituents, particularly member districts and those that have the ability to bring forward followers in my district. Doing viewing the opinions of the interest gro up, I must pay wide attention to the polity scorecards and see the reviews that I am acquiring to make surplus changes or not. knowledgeable influences that I must review are party leadership,... '

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