Monday, February 6, 2017

The Story of Solomon Northup

12 Years a Slave is a British-American guide based on the story by Solomon Northup in 1853. every turn of fate seems to lead Northup into a nightmarish heart of en slavement from bingle poisonous owner to the next. His only(prenominal) comfort was the possibility and hope of universe reunited with his family as a destitute man once again.\nUntil 1841, Solomon Northup had lived in the North; a justify black man with a wife and children. He was am annul and intelligent and robbed of his citizenship when a mountain range of bad luck and malicious people thrust him into slavery. In the film, the disturbing scene of his bit will soften steady the hardest of souls. After his abduction and coercion into slavery, Northup cease up in the thick South. Here, he spends the next dozen years of his bearing arduous to keep hold of his lordliness - and his life.\nOne of the most riveting aspects of the movie is the many variant antagonists and allys he encounters through-out h is journey to freedom. He meets several(prenominal) slaves a spacious the way, who provide a comfort formed by a common draw together of suffering that helps him cope with day-by-day life. However, the most notable characters were the slave owners that had no end to their evil. temporary hookup many of them were vile creatures with no sense of humanity, in that location was one saving grace; William cross (Benedict Cumberbatch). He not only saves Solomons life still adheres to his Christian roots on his plantation.\nBy the twelfth year, it seems there is no hope for Solomon to safety valve the hell that has been unjustly bestowed upon him, only if finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When Solomon runs into Samuel Bass (Brad Pitt) a Canadian abolitionist, he sets the course that changes his life forever. Bass agrees to send a rescue note to Solomons home-town, a deed that leads Solomon to his long awaited rescue. Not more than later, a prominent world from his native New York comes to resign him. After a painful, put off twelve years, he is...

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