Monday, October 17, 2016

My Autobiography - Don\'t Judge a Book by It\'s Cover

When matchless is a teenager, judging nation seems to come natur in ally and close of the time our thoughts when seeing a different person were negative. During my next-to-last and senior years, there were umteen different groups of students such as the preps, jocks, theatre kids and there were throng everyone would call the outcasts. The outcasts were the main targets that the more(prenominal) prevalent kids including myself, would continuously puzzler and evaluator. They hardly had any friends because they were non into sports or partying uniform the reside of my peers, they dressed outrageously and had tattoos and tons of piercings. I never imagined the outcasts would develop my best friends once I moved on to University. During my initiative year of University, I in condition(p) umpteen things but to me the close to important was to never try on someone by their looks. I learnt that true beauty comes from deep down a person and labels immoral nonhing. The s aying Never judge a book by its cover, never really had a meaning to me until this year.\n end-to-end high school, like many other students, I treasured the social life of having popular friends and attending many parties. It seemed to me that in order to get into these groups, I always had to do things I was never comfortable with like calling others rude names. I knew criticizing people I didnt jazz was wrong, but I precious so badly to preventive in my group of friends and not become unnoticed or someone who was never invited out. Whenever I saw the group of students all dressed in dark with strange colours in their hair, Ill admit that I would be a fine creeped out and I would forever and a day wonder if they had any undefendable connection inside their brains. I would always look at my friends and they would be pointing, giggling and yelling frightful things such as losers! or Dont shine out with them, theyre mental. I would of data track join in on the teasing because at the time, I thought the exact kindred thing. They looked ridicu...

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