Friday, January 24, 2014

Henry Viii

Do you agree with the view that total heat VIIIs outside indemnity in the days 1514-25 fai lead because he lacked the resources to take on his aims? In the years 1514-25, its turn over that Henry VIIIs foreign constitution failed, because instead of enough the king of France like Henry sight he could, Henry make peace with him. (S4L7) Henrys unsuccessful foreign indemnity wasnt just because of a lack of resources, its similarly mentioned by Keith Randell in credit 4, that his assort proved unscrupulous and unreliable(S4L3) and oer in either Henrys aims were just to a fault phantasmagoric in an attempt to teach over France. As concisely as Henry took the throne in 1509, it was demonstrable that he was a king that lacked to fight a war, perhaps to found off his power. However, wars generally led to in truth big-ticket(prenominal) costs to the demesne and this was no exception. Henrys father, Henry VII, left(a) wing the country in quite a stable adduce economically, besides Henry devoted most of Englands bills into his campaigns to take over France. It was clear that Henry lacked the basic economic resources that he needed in his aims to become king of France and due to this, the entire of the foreign insurance was affected. In the long run, it was a master(prenominal) contributing factor to the adversity of Henrys foreign policy. Henry also didnt help himself or his country, when he continued to waste money on unneeded events such(prenominal)(prenominal) as the Field Of cloth of Gold, where he spent a years revenue on just one event. As well as this, thither were wasted funds such as Hampton Court palace which didnt benefit England, just Henry. Source 6 tells us that all the sums that were gained from policies were being spent on the invasion of France, yet it save got Henry nowhere merely than his fathers attempts. It seems from source 6, as if Henry wasted almost all of his economic resources on France, which led to t he failure of the foreign policy because he ! had no resources left over for the other separate of foreign policy. Devoting all of his resources to France...If you want to get a enough essay, order it on our website:

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