Thursday, March 14, 2019

Misconceptions About Mrs. Hammond in Rebecca Rushs Novel Kelroy :: Rebecca Rush Kelroy Essays

Misconceptions About Mrs. Hammond in Rebecca Rushs Novel Kelroy Most stack that interpret Kelroy incorrectly view Mrs. Hammond. She is labeled an evil person who is out for her proclaim gain. Most people doubt that she even cares about her daughters Lucy and Emily. Mrs. Hammond is said to be vicious and sneaky, and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish her agenda. They take Mrs. Hammond is so greedy she will sacrifice her own daughters happiness so she can live out the rest of her life comfortably. These are only misconceptions of Mrs. Hammond. Mrs. Hammond is not the loathsome enemy in this fabrication. The enemy in this novel is society itself for allowing Mrs. Hammonds actions in this story toward her daughters and Kelroy to be largely viewed as bankable behavior. Mrs. Hammond is not a saint. Some of her actions were abhorrent. She (Mrs. Hammond) was a wo serviceman of fascinating manners, well-knit prejudices, boundless ambition. (Page 3) Mrs. Ham mond had good manners. According to her society, she was a proper lady. She also had knock-down(prenominal) prejudices and boundless ambitions, and these are her qualities that create this evil persona placed on Mrs. Hammond. Mrs. Hammond has a strong temper. On page 102, Mrs. Hammond has a dialogue with the grocer. The grocer is nerve-racking to collect money for the food that Mrs. Hammond has received from his grocery. I dont believe it, cried Mrs. Hammond, for it is an impossibleness that my family could pick out consumed articles to this amount. (Page 102) Mrs. Hammond speaks harshly toward this grocer for doing his job. Charles, who knew that the slightest liberty taken by a person not altogether agreeable to her, was sometimes enough to irritate Mrs. Hammond. (Page 141) The people around Mrs. Hammond recognized her temper. A great number of people have tempers. Tempers do not make them bad people. Mrs. Hammonds boundless ambition comes into romp with Kelroy an d Emily. Mrs. Hammond wants the absolute best for Emily, and she truly believes that her plan for Emily to marry a man in the upper class is best for Emilys life. Mrs. Hammonds ambition forced her to taste to stop Emily and Kelroys relationship.

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