Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cell bio lab report Essay

mappingDuring this experiment we compared the hem agglutination reply of chair pinch A ascendant at 2 mg/ml in Con A buffer with the hemagglutination reaction of your own purified Con A render that you diluted previously at 2 mg/ml in Con A buffer. The purpose of this lab was to determine the strength of the reaction by per kinding serial dilutions on both the Con A sample and the view Con A sample, and determine through observations whether or not addition of brain sugar or mannose pull up stakes inhibit this reaction. I hypothesize that the Con A + galactose solutions will bring on partial derivative agglutination and partial no agglutination, and the Con A + mannose solutions will have all no agglutination.Results wrangles A and B had fractional agglutination and half no agglutination, while track C had all no agglutination. Row D had half agglutination and half partial agglutination, while row E had 4 columns with agglutination and 8 columns with no agglutination. R ow F had complete agglutination throughout. Con A reaction plate (Row/Column) replyA1-A6 (Control)Agglutination/ checkA7-A12 (Control)No Agglutination/not subdueB1-B6 (Con A + galactose)Agglutination/inhibitedB7-B12 (Con A + galactose)No Agglutination/not inhibitedC1-C12 (Con A + mannose)No Agglutination/not inhibitedD1-D5 (Sample)Agglutination/inhibitedD6-D12 (Sample)Partial agglutination/inhibitedE1-E4 (Con A + galactose)Agglutination/inhibitedE5-E12 (Con A + galactose)No Agglutination/not inhibitedF1-F12 (Con A + mannose)No agglutination/not inhibitedG1-G12 ((-)Control)Partial agglutination/inhibitedH1-H12 (RBCs)Partial agglutination/inhibitedDiscussionMy hypothesis was proven correct, the Con A + galactose solutions did have partial agglutination and partial no agglutination, and the Con A + mannose solutions did have all no agglutination. This means that in the Con A + galactose solutions the ones that had agglutination the red cells aggregated with the lectin and sediment in the form of a uniform layer that covered the whole bottom of the puff up including the slopes, and in the Con A + mannose solutions the ones that failed to have agglutination take steer covered only part of the bottom. We found through this experiment that the control Con A sample and the Con A sample had real similar strengths of reaction.ConclusionIn this experiment through serial dilutions on a 96 well plate we determined the strength of the for each one reaction on both the Con A sample and the control sample. We found through our experiment that the addition of galactose or mannose will partially inhibit or inhibit the reaction between our Con A sample and control Con A sample.

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